Thursday, June 24, 2010

In with the Old Manager

Phil Cotton has agreed to be the interim city manager until a permanent replacement is found for him.  It was a unanimous decision.

The sub-committee will return to the full council (in open session) to discuss salary and the contract, presumably at our next council meeting on July 14.  Cotton will still officially retire on July 6.


  1. Only Maggie voted against letting Phil off the hook for his required 90 day notice of resignation.

  2. OptimistWithAttitudeJune 24, 2010 9:46 AM

    Well what a shock. I would never have guessed that the council would try to delay a controversial hire until after the election. Would anybody like to have a friendly wager on which day AFTER the November 2nd election the city manager post will be filled? Honest to God, can they not just once put the good of the city ahead of their chickensh*t personal politics?

  3. Wait a minute, Phil is retired on July 6 and will get his City pension, and also will be paid to be the interim City Manager? Is this for real??????

  4. Anon957- Yep it's for real and the only one screwed is the Encinitas taxpayer.

    As my retirement approaches(I'm a private business man) I will NOT be staying in Encinitas. Too many citizens that think that Encinitas is the the all to end all of places to live. They over look the corruption at city hall, the back room deals, inflated salaries and pensions. The unpaved streets and lack of sidewalks. Things that make a town or community livable. All for some sunshine and the beach?? Nope when I'm done with Encinitas, I'm done. In the mean time I'll keep voting out the bastards at city hall.

    PS- the deal with Cotton was already set up when he announced his retirement, it just wasn't announced to the public.

  5. I can't believe they're paying him double for quitting. What a scam. 10% unemployment in this state. Somebody can do his job.

  6. Dalager must hate your kidsJune 24, 2010 6:59 PM

    Anyone can do his job. He just raises his hand when the wall of sausage pulls the third string.
    Say yes when the push button numbers two and say no for button no. three. Maybe they should just higher Pinocchio? He would be a lot less expensive.

    Vote out Dalager he must hate your kids, because he's taking all the tax money away from the school funds and taking all their future opportunity all for Government Tick Pensions. He is as corrupt as they come. Pure treason against the kids of Encinitas. Scum!


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