Sunday, June 06, 2010

Leucadia Scuffle Ends in Arrests

Sheriff's deputies chased and captured eight people suspected of beating and stabbing an 18-year-old man early Saturday in Encinitas. Deputies responded at 12:58 a.m. to a report of several men beating a man in the 800 block of Clark Avenue, officials said. At least one of the men was reportedly hitting the victim with a baseball bat. [read more at nctimes]

Here is a comment posted in 2008:
A couple of the worst taggers in Leucadia are living in a nice Habitat for Humanity home provided to their parents with our cities help. If you see ENC T/F and so forth in the area it could be these guys. There has been some effort to get the family to control their boys or they could lose the house, we shall see, it seems the city doesn't want to deal with the issue.

At that time I sent inquiries to the local and national Habitat for Humanity offices. I wanted to know if something was happening in Leucadia and if they have policies and practices that defend against these sorts of issues and if they have something built into the deed that gives Habitat some recourse. I got zero response from Habitat (which is often a sign that something is up).

I asked the Habitat representatives at the general plan festival about the situation. They acknowledged some serious problems, but said it was something I should contact the City of Encinitas about. The City government subsidized that house, according to them. They also said dealing with the situation is in the City's hands.

Kevin C.


  1. Do anything you can to fight against a Habitat for Humanity project in your neighborhood. This house on Clark has documented ENC/ Tortilla Flats gang members living in it. The residents have been arrested dealing drugs, and commmitting other crimes in our community. Neighbors have caught them spray painting their fence etc. A lot of graffiti in our area comes from these kids. One of their sons is the one who was stabbed and beaten.

    Part of the deal for getting a Habitat for Humanity house is you have to agree that there is no criminal,gang, and or drug activity in the house. The police have been to this house a lot.

    People in Leucadia have written the city council, spoken to the city council, etc trying to find out why the don't they evict this family and allow a decent family to move in there. Nothing has been done. Habitat for humanity won't do anything, and the Sheriffs say that it has to be the city to do it.
    Meanwhile the Eden Gardens versus Encinitas Gang rivalry activity has spiked again, partly due to the activity of this family.

    This is only one of many many incidents.

  2. This area, specifically Clark Street has been the center for gang activity since early 1970's. it isn't going to change because you evict one family. The city needs to redevelop the area. Take the houses through immenient domain and put in a soccer field. This will move the gangsters to Oceanside and get the lighted soccer fields closer to the Carlsbad people who will use them. Sounds like a win win for us and Carlsbad.

  3. I have an idea. How about a water park? Freeway access is close. We could compete with Lego Land and drive some sale tax money into the City.

  4. Government should not be in the business of subsidizing gangsters.

  5. @8:16
    LOL - BP, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank, General Motors, Ford, Exxon, Shell, Blue Cross Blue Sheild, Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland, Halliburton, WallMart . . .

    ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha . . .

  6. Speaking of subsidizing gangsters, some dumbass bank which the taxpayers are now subsidizing loaned these guys at least $550,000 with no equity for this little old gangland house that's now a short sale.

  7. So you want to eminent domain an entire neighborhood because of 3 or 4 problem houses? With that logic we better seize all of Village Park too because there has been a long history of flop houses there too. But Village Park drug dealers are white so maybe it's cool.
    Just arrest the offenders so the rest of the neighborhood can live in peace.

  8. Which house is it? 810 Clark? That one has a build date and assessment value that's approximately right for Habitat.

  9. Kicking a family out of their home because 8 men from out of the area came her to beat him up, would be like kicking Nicole Simpson out of Brentwood. I don't know where this punish the victim logic comes from.

  10. Why are Encinitas gangsters always on the losing end of the violence?

    There was Alfredo Cuevas killed in 2006 by Eden Gardens gangsters, then Juan Carlos Balderas shot last year by his own friends while trying to avenge Alex Lopez (who was shot in the face by Carlsbad gangs), and now this.

  11. Encinitas Enviornmental Days was a great success.
    Thanks for all the vendors and folks that gave there time to this community event. And all the organizers that make it happen.

  12. The logic is that the young men in the habitat house are not victims, they are gang bangers who go down to Eden Gardens and were likely involved in the attack down there earlier this year. They go online and taunt the gangsters from E.G. to come up to the "hood" and do something (Go on Youtube and look at the Encinitas Gang Tortilla Flats videos

    and read the comments, you will get the idea).

    They sell drugs to kids in our community and have been arrested down at Moonlight beach selling marijuana. They have been caught tagging walls and fences by their neighbors. They have jumped people on the street and at parties. They have thrown rocks through car windows etc.

    It was no accident that he was out there hanging on the street after midnight, he is no vicitm, he chooses to be a gangbanger. His family has been warned that they could lose the home because of criminal activity, the police have been to that address numerous times.

    If they bought the house fair and square without city assistance then the situation would be different, but that isn't the case.

    They should be given 30 days and their title/deed should be revoked.

    Neighbors are speaking with a lawyer this week to discuss a class action suit against the city and Habitat. If they won't enforce their own rules then what other choice do we have.

  13. encinitas t/f is not kids its a grown men gang thats all over encinitas not just one street and especially not just in this one guys house encinitas usually wins against eg except this time it was 8 on 1

    SOLANA BEACH ---- Detectives were investigating what appeared to be multiple stabbings after at least four people went to the hospital Sunday, authorities said.

    SOLANA BEACH ----Upon arrival of the first two units, deputies found two Hispanic males with major stab wounds inside a residence on Vera St.

  14. enc txf

    ENCINITAS —— Two men at a party were stabbed by an uninvited trio early Sunday during a dispute that left one of the stabbing victims critically wounded, a sheriff's sergeant said.

    A 25-year-old auto detailer was stabbed to death Thursday by a disgruntled ex-employee in the parking lot of an Encinitas car dealership, authorities said.

  15. Its obvious that this one house isn't the start or end of the gang issue in Encinitas, but if it is true that the city helped put this family in that house then something should be done.

    The weird thing about EG vs. Enc. is that if the members in these gangs had grown up in the other 'hood' they would be best friends with the guys they hate and want to kill, by chance of location. These guys should really look around and realize they live in a great place with good schools and opportunity.

  16. 829= You live in a fantasy world. I hope the City get the shit sued out of them for ignoring the problem. Fuck the gang bangers.... clean up that neighborhood, we would all benefit.

  17. It is not just one house. The area has been known as tortilla flats in the gangster world since the 1970s. The county before the city ignored the problem. Now the city has ignored the problem.

    Redevelop the area and move the people out. One house emptied in that area won't help. Until you do that people not living the gang lifestyle won't move into the area. So you just keep perpetuating the lifestyle by selling and/or renting to gangsters.

  18. nonsense. Take care of the problem at hand. No need for redevelopment. As you said, the area was not tortilla flats until the 2nd lazy generation of the ecke feild workers.

    The families are now selling out and soon, they will all be gone to Vista or San Marcos.

    Focus on the problem at hand. Redevelopment causes many, many problems.

  19. To say that the family has to move out because the son is a trouble maker is to eliminate a judge and jury from the situation and call your own shots. Those shots are based upon annonymous comments you read online and not based in fact. If I could solve the 50 year old problems between EG and ENC I would. But then I would have the secret to peace in the middle east as well. You can't fix stupid.

  20. The people who signed the agreement with the city and Habitat have a responsibility to not allow their home to be a base for illegal activity that seriously degrades our community.

  21. The military is the place for violent prone youths, otherwise, they end up in jail on our dime.

  22. Last year we all did a good job of removing political signs out of the medians. I don't like the CRAZY political seasons.
    Pull the signs early in the morning or late at night.

  23. anon7:39- if it walks like a duck and quacks like a's a duck.
    Gang member ducks and their duck families have got to go.


  24. JP,

    You are correct about the RSF criminals. The last one we could identify was Duke Cunningham and he went to jail and lost the house. If you know of any others and if their house was subsidized by the government I'll be the first to call for their ouster.

    This Leucadia family got a government hand out that should instead go to someone who helps our city.

    The family is an American family. It seems that only you are fixated on origin of the family's surname.

  25. 7:57
    That's what the police are for.

  26. "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a's a duck."

    Unless it isn't a duck at all.

  27. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. Unless you are in San Francisco.

  28. Everybody walks like ducks there.

  29. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck.

    Unless you are Fran Drescher

  30. The little ducks at city hall are giving Leucadia the bum's rush again...Wednesday's meeting will decided whether or not to transfer funds for improvments to Beacons Beach guessed it...Moonlight Beach.

    Will the next step be to close Beacons permanently? Will the locals who use the beach finally get involved in SOMEthing?

  31. The nice folks adjacent to Beacon's don't want a sea wall there, as it will exacerbate erosion on their properties.

    It's pretty plain that the city gives two turds about Beacons.

    Some locals want it closed so they can have their own guerilla entrance and have less people on waves.

    Others would rather everyone pee and poop in the ocean than to have restrooms at Becaon's. The idea of our bums being able to clean up there makes them shudder.

    With all these dilemas in the mix, what would you suggest, Marco?

  32. Clean up the parking lot and pedestrian cooridor at Beacons.... it looks ghetto and way bellow swamis, grandview, D Street, or any other streetend park in encinitas.

    Don't even think about pulling more money out of Leucadia projects for Moonlight.

    Some things are not right!!!!

    We don't need a seawall at beacons, only landscaping, parking, and pedestrian improvements. Morons....

  33. 3:11

    You can only put the bandaid of tar on top of that 200ft crack in the parking lot for so long. It's only a matter of time before it's fenced off if it is ignored. The question is are they going to let it cave in first, or fence it first? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how much the concrete walkway has moved since it was poured. Landscaping alone will do nothing about the sheer drop. If anything needs to be done it's a seawall or rip rap at the bottom, then fill dirt to back up the exixting cliff. That's what worked at Swami's when they did that 30 years ago.

  34. nope. A seawall is not needed. wrong son. Its just like just a few years ago, Engineers used to redirect all runoff from developments into pipes and concrete channels. Now they admit, they caused the nightmare called LA and also admit to keep runoff on site and minimize runoff. A one hundred percent about face.

    The same will happen with Seawalls. They cause more harm than good. You will see and time will tell.

  35. Let the cliff fall, fence Beacons off. More waves for us. When the stairs fell at Grandview, it was the best five years of my life. Let nature do what it does.

  36. If your best five years of your life were surfing grandview,crowded or not, DUDE!

  37. Well what can i say... No kooks, no crowds, topless girls on the beach and you were not there either. DUDE!

  38. "When the stairs fell at Grandview, it was the best five years of my life."

    Well good on you.


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