Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My so called life,

I just realized I'm 40 years old and watching an Encinitas city
council meeting on television. *sigh*


  1. Reality TV at it's finest. Who could ask for more?

  2. I'm 40 and I am reading a blog about a guy watching an Encinitas city council meeting on television. Feel better?

  3. Be very proud of yourself.

  4. Council WatcherJune 09, 2010 11:20 PM

    OMG. I was there too. Are you saying I have no life?

  5. But just look at all the young people in the audience having fun. Actually, I meant to go to that meeting too, but my afternoon nap went till 10:05pm. You spry whipper-snappers tiff me off sometimes.

  6. Its called taking ownership of your community. The quality of life and property values are directly related.

    Areas with no community involvement like Vista, Oxnard, Vallejo, and Oceanside have ghetto Cities. City with high community involvement like Solana Beach, Del Mar, Mammoth, Laguna Beach and Coronado have nice Cities.

    Encinitas is on the edge. What will we fall to being a nice City or Ghetto.

    One thing for certain, someone needs to watch the actions of council. I sure hope Dr. Lorri and others can get the term limits initiatives passed soon like the County Board of Sups.... 70% passing rate.

    Our career politician Councilmembers are not watching over the Citizens best interests and need to go.

    Vote out all incumbents (maybe not Teresa for one more term) and more importantly adopt term Limits. There are many more qualified citizens to be council members than most of our current puppets.

  7. Funny, when I was watching on my computer last night I anguished not only at the smug blathering of all but Barth (who says one word to every other's 20 words - and her words all mean something), but at the music during the break. It is excruciating. Appropriate to this post I was thinking, how could we as a community expect the young to endure this Wednesday night ritual with this revolting music? I'm 62 and I fought to hang in there. The only thing worse is sitting there in front of these clowns and remaining silent and polite.

  8. ...Not only should we have term limits, two terms, eight years is enough, we should exclude them from the state retirement system. It takes five years for our city council people to vest in the system. You wonder why they don't do anything about the retirement system. They would be effected also. You wonder why they run for reelection? They need that second victory to qualify for their retirement and health insurance for life.

  9. The $2.75 million dollar question was never really answered. The State was made out as the bad guy it was stated they changed their mind at the last minute from approved to denied. The sea wall was the problem, however Surfrider and the near by property owners as well as most locals didn't want the sea wall in the first place. Where was the alternative plan.

  10. "I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts."
    -- Will Rogers

    Nothing in politics really changes!


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