Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Radiant Leucadia

Dear Neighbors... 

The City of Encinitas approved the Sprint/Crearwire application to install Wimax antennas at the Cabo Grill. The notice of decision is included as an attachment.  In their decision, the planning department said there was no scientific proof of property devaluation near cell towers.

Twenty five (25) letters were submitted to the planning department, and five (5) of us attended the administrative meeting May 24 to present our case against the installation of more antennas.  When people like us know that wireless radiation has biological effects, that there is a health concern associated with the cell towers, then we would want to have our home be out of range of the cell tower. We believe other informed people would have the same behavior. We have found a scientific study that demonstrates a 20% devaluation near towers, and are searching for more. 

The appeal hearing has been set for Wednesday July 21. We will need help for this meeting in the form of presenters and ten (10) or more 3 minute time slot donations for the presenters. The information to be presented is outlined in the appeal attachment. In addition, letters are needed from the residents of the gated community of Sea Bluff to the south, from the two small gated home areas just east of Vulcan and La Costa, and from the Vulcan property owners across the street from Cabo ( devaluation is more the closer to the cell antenna).

This appeal meeting has got to be "The Buck Stops Here" type of meeting. There are applications pending for three (3)  additional wireless facilities to be located at the Coast Highway/La Costa/Vulcan intersections.

We plan a neighborhood meeting to review the issues and align the resources for the appeal. Please tell us how you would like to participate and assist here. We estimate the appeal and related paper costs to be about $400, and would be grateful for any contribution to this work. 

Please contact us for questions and for more information on the issues.

Michael Schwaebe BSME, PE  mjschwaebe@gmail.com
215 Andrew
Encinitas  92024
760 753 7752

Ron Ranson   rranson@ucsd.edu


  1. Where are the existing cell towers in Leucadia/Encinitas?

    Can they put them in business parks or on greenhouses east of the freeway and still get coverage down to the beach?

  2. There are a bunch on top of Howard Johnsons and they want to put up more. I believe that the company is Sprint/Clearwire, so I guess that those won't be good enough to cover the beach too.

    There is also one in the fake water tower at Encinitas Ranch, though I don't know which company owns that one.

  3. If only Encinitas residents cared about their city beyond only their house and three houses around them.

    You are screwed buddy. Like Morgan, you need to sell your property for 20% less and keep your kids from getting brain cancer.

    As inspired by WC post, People rather have phone coverage at the beach than enjoy the magnificence of the ocean. Shame. Not my way but the way of Encinitans. Shame.

  4. PS- Our Council members are tools. Never vote for an incumbent. They rather your tax money go to pensions verses education or city park projects. shame but it the way of our City. I have an idea. Lets pay our City Manager double ( like $400,000 a year) for such a fine job of protecting our City Employee pensions.

    Great job Council.

    Once again, us tax payers and our kids get screwed.

  5. I can't wait to see the Leucadia Funky roadblock go up on this. No way I'd want a cell tower near my house.

  6. I wish... the city has bill boards and every other ugly thing in Leucadia. Another cell tower....yawn...

    Leucadians will smoke another bong and go to sleep as the tower creates brain tumors in their kids.

  7. There are:
    * Two gargantuan towers disguised on top of Leucadia Plaza
    * More cloaked across Leucadia Blvd from the 7-11 on top of that mysterious business, as if to be a windoweless second story
    * One or two near the little cottage and Colors salon's old location
    * Three at Tomika restaurant disguised as flag poles (but you can barely ever see the flags)
    * Three more atop flag poles at Cottonwood Creek park - if I'm not mistaken.
    * More stealthy ones showing someone made a lame attempt to match the building, but instead crowd out narrow cathedral windows on the south side of the La Paloma building.
    * One as a tree on La Costa Ave near the fwy
    * God knows how many of the 14 billboards we still have on 101 double as cell towers. And if they all are, I wonder how may people leasing the billboards out, know that the company double dipping on their space? Just sayin...

    Those are just the ones off the top of my head I know about. I fought the one next to fineline design, as the residential apartments on the second floor ARE within 50 feet of the towers that the lawyer put on his building. (That lawyer used to be an Encinitas City manager btw). Our Specific Plan clearly says no towers within 50 ft or residents. Lawyers for Clear Channel and the like are numerous and concerned when at PC meetings re placements of their cell towers. One time a good PC guy named Adam (Birnbaum?)mentioned there might be a health risk with the proximity of the proposed towers. You should have seen the lawyers use that against him! They jumped on him like raptors, as though they would sue him if that was the reason he would deny the project. It's a huge business, and they seem to almost have as much eminent domain as the railroad does. I think property owners that allow towers to go up get something like from $1200 a month to $2000 - if not more now.

    I'm a cell phone user. And it's a drag to have calls drop dead when you're doing business. But it's also a drag when the big boys run rough shod over Specific Plan rules as well as when they take it upon themselves to poorly redesign buildings in the process. Not to mention plant grime catching plastic trees and sport feigned patriotism with their top heavy flag poles.

    When the Specific Plan has guidelines for these towers that are not being followed by the Planning Commission (i.e. keeping them at least 50 feet away from residential dwellings for potential health issues), it's at least time to adopt term limits for the PC.

  8. Geeze Fred-

    you should know commission don't mean shit in Encinitas. We should adopt term limits for Council positions. that would improve things.

  9. Joe, The Specific Plan does not allow cell towers within 50 feet of where you sleep. But go look at the pregnant chimneys that the PC approved on top of 732 N. Coast Hwy 101 next to apartments. I don't know who came up with 50' as a "safe" distance from mega EMFs, but obviously that means nothing to cell tower companies and many PC members. When the PC has take it upon themselves to place cell towers within 50' of citizens sleeping, they have more power than the Specific Plan does. That ain't right.

  10. It's so typical of our city to approve this in an administrative hearing with no open public discussion. There will be now with the appeal, but that isn't done free.

    This new installation will be WiMax, not WiFi. It's often called WiFi on steroids because it covers a much wider area. That's means it is broadcast at higher power, which makes it even more problematic.

    Wide spread usage of smart phones is driving this. Watch out! These will be going in all over the city. We'll all need aluminum hats.

  11. see joe... this is working...
    i can see that all your posts are TOTAL downers

    do you use a cell phone joe?
    do you put it to your head?
    stop telling people their kids are gonna get cancer.
    it's like saying that if you drive a car you WILL die in a fiery wreck.

    yes... we know that the council are tools, but for some reason encinitans keep electing them. maybe you could get out and spread the word instead of continually repeating it here.

    i like the term "smoke another bong"
    it sounds like it was lifted straight outta reefer madness... "Are you on the POT?"

  12. How cute a tard with an oh so impressive name giving me shit. Read my words, tard. Sometimes the truth is not a fun as keeping your head in the sand and being a cheerleader for the wrong direction. I'll take truth and harsh words over selling out our kids future any day. Since you like my phrases so much go bong out brother. Its your right.

  13. Liberals have got to be the funniest people on earth. They use cell phones but hate cell phone towers!
    They want bigger government and more services but want the rest of us to pay for it.
    They don't stop at stop signs, speed when possible, cross the RR tracks illegally, but want the fireworks stopped.
    They ride surfboards that are highly toxic to manufacture but claim to be environmentalists.
    They hate plastic bags but use them and TONS of other plastic.
    They buy a Prius but refuse to acknowledge that Toyota is one of the biggest polluters on the planet and Japan kills thousands of whales and dolphins each year.
    They cruise up to Beacons on an old bike and think they are eco-friendly.
    They purposely look for the cheapest product regardless of whether it is made here or China.
    Don't forget China and Southeast Asia are overfishing the world's oceans.
    But all this does not matter to them if they conveniently block it out of their thoughts.
    This country cannot survive with these kind of people voting.
    God help us, but not the liberals god.

  14. Wow do you feel better working man.... that was a mouthful.

    I think I get it. You hate liberals....

    Whats funny is half the people driving small cars including priuses are super conservative.

    Please don't tell me you think Bush and republicans are conservative. Do you?

    they are just as bad as Obama and both are Republicrats selling out the kids future. The just get the county in debt and give it to the defense industry and banker buddies.

    I hate fiscal liberals and RINOs that believe in free rides.... I could care less about personal habits that don't effect me or my family.

  15. I'd like it if AT&T put up a tower in leucadia so I could finally talk on my iPhone.

  16. that says it all.
    ATT sucks!


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