Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer 2010: Not Anonymous

The Leucadia Blog is infamous for it's anonymous comments feature. Maybe 2010 is the year the Leucadia Blog becomes famous for it's comments by people who use their name and stand by what they say.
Let the experiment begin...

*We use the Blogger platform which is owned by Google so you can set up a Google account or use the Open ID option if you already have a Wordpress or AOL account.


  1. It is easy to sign up for a google account or one of the open id accounts.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I like it. Hopefully that will keep the discussion more on topic rather than: "If you think a tree branch falling in NY is dangerous to your kids, you should consider . . ."

  4. Good idea. Although the hack that Jerome and his pals keep busy on this blog will probably create several identities

  5. Great idea. If you aren't willing to post your name your opinion isn't worth much.

  6. we should have chosen a topic...
    i'm fascinated by the junk pile between La Especial and Leucadia Liquor.
    why is that allowed?

  7. I'm been registered for several years, but stopped using it because others hijacked my ID.

  8. Really happy to see you trying this out. Although I admit there are situations where people perhaps should be able to state their thoughts without identifying themselves, on the whole I expect this will lead to a much more beneficial and efficient exchange of ideas.

  9. Very glad to see this.

    You can be effectively anonymous with a screen name.

    But it makes the discussion so much more interesting if you can follow the comments of individuals with pseudonyms rather than having no idea which "Anonymous" is posting over and over.

  10. I look forward to this experiment.

  11. I like it. It will be interesting to see who posts and who leaves. Hopefully more people will post and we can have great discussions about our city.

  12. OK- I will bite. But only to tell you what a stupid idea this idea is for the blog to sign into Google. what the objective? To build Google client list?

    Its all anonymous unless people want to identify their identity. Lets review.

    KC,Teresa,Margarat, Dr. Lorri (if it is the real Lorri Green?) are not anons.

    The rest are.

    this extra step just makes it difficult for people to contribute and add to the discussion.

    For example. I signed in and could tee off on KC or any other person under anon cover. I could change my name at any time and have as many sign in names as I choose. I could have good anon tag and bad anon tag.

    the point is this extra step is just a waste of time and life.

    free posts is what I believe the blog is about. Don't make it more difficult for people to post their comments and views. It cuts down the allure of the blog.

    Don't be a mindless sheep.

    Try and use the brain that god gave you.

    Geeze. Have you ever heard of KISS? Keep it simple stupid.

  13. OK, but only if I get to use my enhanced facebook picture...

  14. i've heard of KISS
    Crazy Crazy Nights rocks!

    Joe, i already had an account because i maintain my portfolio on a blog.
    I agree that signing up to just get a name is dumb.

    If someone is hell-bent on creating 20 IDs to stick it to us on this blog so be it. That person is just sad and should find something more constructive to do.
    I would consider that person a mindless sheep as well.

  15. that saids it all... you like that song. Nothing more tard.

  16. Andrew- you don't have much of a profile shown. Why are you anon?

  17. yeah joe it really does "...SAIDS IT ALL..."

    at no point did i resort to name calling
    which solidifies my point that without something positive to say you really don't have much to say at all

  18. O. U win. I mispelled sumthing.

    I give up. u must be smart.

    Good luck with that sand thing big name. We can't wait to see how ur happiness works out.

  19. Andrew- now that we know I don't care to spell every word correctly. Can you tell us why u are anon?

  20. brilliant idea, i see it has cut down on the meaningless mean posts...SO much better!


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