Friday, June 25, 2010

WCA On the Job

West Coast Arborists were out on Leucadia Blvd. Last year they gave the pine trees a buzz cut in the same location. This time they were amputating oak trees. Fortunately, plants are modular organisms and will continue to grow. But they will be without a substantial portion of their canopy. It appears that they had removed 25-40% of the canopies (see video).

The tree trimmers were out without their field manager and told me they were there cutting the trees for the health of the tree and safety. These trees are only about 8-10 feet tall and having worked in and around California oak woodlands for a decade, I'm comfortable saying that their pruning was not necessary to ensure these tree's health.

Encinitas arborists have also been critical of the chain-saw happy West Coast Arborists.

The council was told that city employees inspect all of WCA's work. Turns out there is no written record of the findings of those inspections.

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  1. It's so disappointing to see the continuation of such unprofessional work. It's clear that the oak pictured did not need trimming, and that it is being stressed (if not outright damaged) just because this company wants to make work for itself. The obsessive tinkering with the city landscape is getting ridiculous, and creates a cookie cutter appearance that I find unappealing.

  2. 1. WCA must have someone's permission to do the work. Who? <---That's the important question. Who is authorizing the work?

    2. Pruning at this time of year will have a stunting effect on these trees and in fact affect their vigor negatively.

  3. answer to 1: They have Houlihan, Dalager, Bond, and Stock's permission. Watch the video of council meeting where these guys were given a new no bid contract.

  4. Vvvvvvrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!


    When in doubt?? Cut it out!!!


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