Monday, July 12, 2010

Carlbad Force

From reader x:
Seems a woman driving that grey thing this morning attracted the attention of the Carlsbad Police (the white vehicle in the picture is an unmarked cop car). It looked like there was some broken glass so I'm not sure how they got her to stop. Her Fifi dog was in the back of the vehicle wondering what happened to mom (you can see the dog's white head sticking up out of the back kinda in line with the traffic light pole). No sheriffs no where. Encinitas fire truck and ambulance responded.


  1. Hopefully they'll get the right person this time. But the absence of Encinitas Sheriffs is perplexing.

  2. If what the article this morning says is true, looks like Carlsbad got their man, er eh woman. Due to the driver's bad actions this morning, she's now going to lose the next 10 years of her life at the expense of a half million tax payer dollars. (She'll never see Toto alive again either). Seems like the public is penalized more than the perpetrator in cases like this with all the costs incurred. I have no sympathy for anyone endanging lives with their vehicle. Then again, I don't believe everything I read, so I'll reserve judgement.
    Anyone got a King Solomon solution to something like this?


    correction: it was a honda ridgeline


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