Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cigarrettes and Wimax are Safe

From the inbox:

Tonight was a sad night.  Unanimously, the Council struck against the health, safety, and property values of all residents in Encinitas when they voted for the WiMAX installation at La Costa and 101 and denied the appeal.

If you aren't familiar with WiMAX, it is mainly a microwave internet connect.  Some call it wi-fi on steroids.    It will constantly transmit 24/7.   What will be transmitted?   Videos for one.  Plus, from my understanding , the data from the gas and electric smart meters on every house, apartment, condo, and business.  Water is now or will soon be also smart meter watched.

The appeal presentation was very clear on the public health risks that translated into lower selling prices.   The Council members offered their usual lame excuse that they couldn't do anything.   So, what else is new.

I came home, did a search, and found something that is a shocker.   These WiMAX installations may not fall under the FCC's own Telecommunications Act of 1996.   Additionally, the group installations may fall under CEQA, something the planning staff forgot to mention.
Below is an excerpt from the site:

"Clearwire’s network design in nearly every case dictates that it use three or four microwave antennas to interconnect each of its sites with that many more other sites, yet the applications I have seen submitted to my government clients are usually coming in one at a time. This piecemeal filing approach raises CEQA questions as Clearwire’s method of submitting individual applications masks the fact that each site is part of a much larger and unified project that cannot operate without the multiple sites communicating with each other, and back to the Clearwire Internet access node (called the POP or point of presence).

For those communities that bar microwave antennas for site-to-site or site-to-switch interconnection because they are unnecessary visual elements, consider whether granting microwave dishes to Clearwire (which is a cost-saving issue for them) will interfere with your future ability to bar or limit microwave antennas to wireless telephone companies.

I recommend that the planning desk look for Sprint/Nextel plans with site numbers formatting like CA-XXX-YYYY, where XXX are three letters related to the county or market where the project is to be located, and YYYY is the specific four digit site number. The site number may be followed by a single letter. If these projects come across the desk, consider whether you are dealing with a single site, or (far) more likely a project, and to proceed with due caution. At the least, consider issuing an incomplete letter and requiring Clearwire to come in and disclose all of their project sites and interconnections, and then consider whether your agency wants to evaluate the entire project under CEQA. More and more governments are now taking that cautious approach."

Here is the site:


  1. Dude-

    I feel bad for you. Not only is your home and family going to be bombarded by wimax, your stress level on the subject will sure but promote cancer. Keep up the good fight, but in the end, if it goes in, I would sell my home and move my family to safer ground. Otherwise, you may all end up with cancer from the stress.

  2. The WiMAX isn't a site specific issue. All of Encinitas is under the WiMAX microwaves. Rest assured, that everyone's home and family in Encinitas will be bombarded by WiMAX. There is NO place to move.

  3. It was a disappointing result last night. The Leucadia residents were well prepared and did an excellent appeal. However, FCC rules hamstring the council. Yet the five council members could have voted a moratorium to investigate the newest research on health effects and the very real possibility of losing property value.

    Ultimately this battle will be won on the federal level, but it needs to begin at the local level. Our council missed this opportunity. In the meantime WiMax will soon blanket all of Encinitas, so everyone will be at risk. The risk is real.

  4. Does Midnight Tree Service do cell towers?

  5. MTS would probably cut down the wrong cell tower.


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