Saturday, July 10, 2010

City Council Race Gets Hot

Kristin Gaspar is ready to spice up the City Council.

She said she wants to “bring people together,” adding: “I think we’ve all watched for too long as battle lines have divided our city government.”

She brings a fresh and simple approach to government. Kristin is sure to bring up the Council's television ratings. She has already shown the same interests as Barth and being a conservative she is sure to be a staunch Barth ally on just about everything other than the Hall property community park.


  1. Being a staunch conservative (which hopefully means, I am not a RINO), I can't wait to hear her position on the City's Pensions.

    If she is a staunch conservative, she would launch a strong comment condemning Dalager's 2005 vote to increase all City pensions 40% and position our City for hardship over the next several decades.

    A staunch conservative would attack such an action realizing the huge pensions were a lottery windfall for public employees and council members, but was a blindside knockout to the citizens of Encinitas.

    A staunch conservative that cared about our children and grandchildren’s futures, would realize these huge pensions liabilities prevent public funds to go to other worthy causes and projects like building parks, acquiring open space, and other City Projects. Not to mention the effect of the huge pension obligations on the future education opportunities for our children. The more tax dollars spent on pensions, the less tax dollars available for education.

    What’s Kristin's position on fixing the pension mess and making those responsible take ownership and pay for their mistake?

  2. Wayside Horn or a quiet zone are a great ideas and would pay for themselves in a few years with the higher property tax, sales tax and TOT taxes generated as a result of higher quality of life. A way side horn can be installed much quicker and less expensive. The quiet zones should not be far off.

  3. Wayward horn is a great idea. Does she have any others?

  4. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing. Kristin Gaspar has long ties with the Rotary Club and strong connections with Jerome Stocks, James Bond, and Dan Dalager. She made her debut at City Council by stealing from Teresa Barth the issue of a quiet zone for the rail corridor. Barth has advocated this since her election. The 3-man council majority has refused to put this issue on the agenda. Mayor Dalager controls the agenda, and it now takes 3 votes to agendize an item.

    Now that Pacific Station is nearing completion, Stocks is suddenly in favor of a quiet zone to help his supporter John DeWald and the investors sell the condos there. Everyone should drive down to "E" Street and Vulcan and take a look. The 3 men have now found a shill to help promote a quiet zone and to prevent an embarrassment if they suddenly switch positions. Encinitas needs the quiet zone, but it must extend the full length of the city, not just at "D" and "E" Streets, as a special favor to the developer.

    At this point Gaspar is a one-trick pony. However, it is guaranteed that she will support the 3 men in their financial mismanagement, especially on the Hall property park and public pensions. She will be a strong supporter of public welfare for the sports leagues. Already the city has committed $47 million (bonds and the other expenses) for this black hole of a park, but she won't hesitate to spend $10-$20 million more, while our streets deteriorate.

    Is she in favor of open government, a sunshine ordinance, full compliance with the Brown Act, and a forensic audit of the city's books? If not, she's a bad candidate and will only continue the status quo with the 3-man majority.

  5. I agree with Cardiffian 100%

  6. I live in Cardiff and have done so for 24 years. Two blocks from the Chesterfield crossing. I like the sounds of the trains and it is one of the reasons I chose to live where I do. Changing the sounds of the train seems a little like, oh, putting up lights. I am opposed to the lights even though they won't really affect me.

    The general plan has to be changed to allow lights and that's not what people bought into. So I understand the opposition.

    But the train sounds also make up the character in this community. The train was here long before many of us were. If you want to keep the community character the same leave the trains alone and defeat the lights.

    If the sounds of the train bother you find an alternative solution, earplugs or move.

    No Lights no Wayside Horns!


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