Wednesday, July 28, 2010

City tears down it's #1 tourist attraction

Photo taken from the North County Times website

So far the summer of 2010 has been bleak. Plagued by relentless overcast skies and cold drizzle day after day there hasn't been much going on down at the beach. We've had a total of 5 days of nice weather this summer. People gave up on coming down to the coast and started heading towards the desert instead.
That was until the great white shark attack guerrilla art installation appeared at the Cardiff surfer statue.
The massive paper mache shark got widespread mainstream news attention and people drove down from all over to check it out. While they were here they visited local restaurants and shops. The shark attack on the "Cardiff Kook" was just the boost the local 101 businesses needed.


  1. Mayor Dalager has no sense of humor. He's whining about the $300-$400 cost of deconstruction. Add four zeros to that, and that's what he wasted on the purchase and renovation of the Mossy facility for a public works yard. That's right: a $3-$4 million cost overrun.

    No wonder he's not laughing at the best expression of artistic freedom yet at the Cardiff statue. He should have left it for the public to enjoy until the end of summer. It was good for tourism.

  2. Read Logan Jenkins, this morning, UT.
    "Hugh Davies, director of the San Diego Museum fo Art , agreed that the "Jaws" envelope is, "just brilliant," something I doubt he'd say about the statue itself."
    It should have had a longer life.

  3. I've had a love-hate relationship with Logan Jenkins and don't subscribe to the U-T. But this week it's turned to the love side. Thanks for the heads up on his column. Jenkins has it right, in spite of the smart alecky tone he never seems able to avoid in his writing.

  4. I have one word to say: PATHETIC.

    Did anyne hear Dan on 94.9FM yesterday at 9:30am? He sounded like an old man, could barely articulate his sentences and must've said, "We don't condone this kind of thing", at least three times, plus he used a slur against gay people that I found totally offensive. Oh, he claimed his son described the Kook as "so gay", and that got a cheap laugh, just as if he used the "n" word, but it was unprofessional and unbecoming of a Mayor, for chrissake. Dan, please, do yourself a faovr and do right by the citizens of Encinitas, and DON'T go toe to toe on the radio any longer. I was there when Dan showed up on Saurday, looked at the staue for about 10 seconds and made a bee line to the nearest TV van. Then he left. Jeeze, I know it's an election year, but do you have to be such a media whore?


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