Saturday, July 17, 2010

Council to Consider Wireless

10 News A plan by the city of Encinitas to keep people connected through a wireless network is tearing one community apart.

Michael Schwaebe uses his own radio frequency meter, but an increase in RF levels worries him if three 4-feet-by-13-inch-wide wireless antennas are placed on top of a vacant restaurant roof at the corner of Highway 101 and La Costa Avenue.

"At my home, I need to be able to know that I'm going to be able to live there safely with this tower going in. Tell me what the radiation levels are going to be in my neighborhood," said Schwaebe.

TCN Coast News Group - Local woman fights wireless industry to reduce health risks
“We won by educating the neighborhood and getting a permit to picket at the Morgan Run Golf Club during a celebrity tournament,” she said. “But we were prohibited from discussing health concerns at a public hearing because of Sec. 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which states that local authorities cannot reject a request for wireless facilities based on health concerns if the facilities met the FCC’s regulations concerning radiofrequency (RF) emissions.

“In short, federal law trumps local law.”


  1. I just got a notice from Encinitas Planning and Building about the antennae going up on top of HoJo at Leucadia and I-5. They are also Clearwire/Sprint. Apparently the structure itself is small enough that it does not have to go through environmental review.

    It seems like Sprint will be the carrier of choice in Encinitas. I wonder where Verizon has their towers. They must be everywhere too because I get great service.

  2. The new installation will be WiMAX for the internet. This isn't just the old cell antenna installation. It will be emitting radiation 24/7 as it sends and receives data from any equipment that needs broadband hookup for the internet. Turning off you cell phone doesn't turn off the WiMAX broadcasting radiation.

  3. How do we get AT&T to put up a tower so I can finally use my iphone?

  4. Who put that crappy old brick tower in front of that lovely drum art masterpiece?

  5. OT, Can we get a city council discussion going while the candidate filing deadline is still open?

    Are Kranz and Barth our candidates? I don't know anything about Kranz other than that a lot of commenters here seem to like him. And while Barth's harassment claim was way out of line, I'm inclined to support her as the only opposition to the Stocks-Dalager union-developer block.

    Are there other potential candidates we should encourage? Jerry Sodomka?

    I would love to hear from Kranz, Gaspar, and any others as to what they actually stand for.


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