Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hall Park Night Lights

If you are sad that the Hall Park will ruin your fabulous sunset view does that make you an evil NIMBY?
The Cardiffian blog has a detailed rundown of Hall Park stuff, click here.


  1. I can see why Cardiff is fighting this. That's a lot of homes that will lose their ocean views. It sure will change cardiff's community character.
    If all the stuff is true, it sounds like Dalager is blowing off the public again.

  2. Disclaimer: This Cardiffian is not associated with The Cardiffian blog, but is one of many who share the same sentiments.

    The 3-man majority on the council is prepared to approve these lights and shove it down the throats of Cardiffians. It will take three amendments and two modifications to make the lights conform with the General Plan, Local Coastal Plan, Zoning Code, Design Review, and Major Use Permit.

    This is a huge change so Dan Dalager can have his way. And candidate for council Kristin Gaspar wants these lights too. (See comments below on Gaspar thread.) The Rotary Club is prepared to permanently alter a neighborhood and lower property values so its member can have their way too.

    The city has not made the details available of these proposed changes. They are still "in preparation." Why the delay? Chris Hazeltine of Parks and Rec stated that the Planning Commission will hear this in August. That doesn't leave much time to find out how the city is planning to manipulate the process.

  3. Cardiff Residents. You better get busy supporting candidates that will replace Dalager in the November Election. Sorry to say, but that is your only hope. Candidates need money to win. Put your money where your property values is. Contribute big to candidates running against Dalager.

  4. What post are you talking about?

  5. Cardiff residents have already started to work on getting Dalager out. But we will need help from other areas of Encinitas. Outing Dalager would be a good thing.

  6. I live across the freeway from the ballpark on Saxony, and when I walk on our northern easement in thr evening, the lights are blazing until 10pm most nights. This is your future, Cardiff, even those who live on Crest Drive. No more unlimited sunsets in your neighborhood.

  7. meaning. Unless you get lucky, your property will devalue more than 20% in the last year. Expect more next year.

  8. Check out the Coast News Community Commentary this week.

  9. Another nasty thing associated with these lights is the cell phone, wi-fi, and WiMAX that will be built on them. The neighbors will also be exposed to radiation 24 hours 7 days a week.


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