Monday, July 19, 2010

Hall Park Skate Park User Meeting Tues July 20


  1. I encourage all skateboards to attend and let the city know what you need and support.

  2. I looks like these extra steps for all but a few people who want their names known is really cutting back the functionally and enjoyment of the blog. Too Bad. I used to be so much better!

    I guess the forces for evil win again.

  3. Yeah, I have a great smartass comment about skateboarders but I cannot make it now because I'm not anonymous anymore.

  4. This is great! Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the meeting tonight due to family care obligations. After checking in on some of Mike McIntyre's previous work, he has a built some amazing skateparks. I would suggest to make model the park after ones like the Berkeley skatepark, the Glendale Verdugo skatepark, and the Yuba City skateparks. I have skated all these parks and they provide a wide variety of terrain to suit all levels of ability ranging from the beginner to the professional. I think variety is key so the terrain is not too difficult yet allows room for growth and challenge as a skateboarder. The terrain at this park could determine the types of skateboarders that come out of Encinitas. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't make it like the Luecadia skatepark as the terrain (if we can call it that) is so limiting. That park is really great for the beginner, but is limits all other skateboarders. Lastly, I'm assuming this will be of concrete construction which is definitely the way to go. Good luck and thanks for listening/reading.

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  6. Mimilling-

    You are anon, as is Peter and Brian.....

    The only one not anon is Teresa.

    Its all anon. The only difference is all the extra key strokes and BS keep interesting and comical comments to a minimum and now the blog is half dead. The change is killing the blog. Maybe that’s the exit strategy.

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