Monday, July 12, 2010

Spill Baby Spill

Back in June of 2008 I composed this blog post about the dangers of offshore oil drilling. This was before the height of the Sarah Palin mantra "Drill baby drill" during the presidential campaign.
Of course I was called an idiot liberal and was assured that offshore oil drilling was not only safe but patriotic.
As we watch the disaster in the Gulf unfold week after week the burning question is:



  1. to think that you are going to drill for something, that is 1 mile under water, and then another 3 miles under the ocean floor, and think that to do that is safe... PURE AVARICE

    as long as you give the consumer a choice of a 500hp muscle car you will never end the lust for oil.

    (ps. i LOVE 500hp muscle cars but i can also see their ridiculousness)

  2. Oh but cheap oil is so worth the holocaust and the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. The leaders of the US are so smart. As well as any loser driving a Hummer or monster truck.

  3. FYI

    The Hall Special Use Park is NOW being developed with your money. Danny says it will be open in 18 months.
    Our Specific Plan,in process for 18years, is not as important.
    Please excuse the interruption.

  4. No its not.... there is no money beyond the huge pension payments to City Employees. They don't have any money to develop the hall regional sports park.

  5. ummm... residents of...?

    i know it's all one city but stop hijacking posts here for your cardiffian agenda.

    do you care whether they put an oil derrick off your precious cardiff coast? that is the question here.

    or do you want to spat back and forth like a third grader about a park you don't want because it will lower the property value of your awesome house?

  6. It would be nice not to need oil anymore but until solar and wind power are cheap enough we need oil to function. Maybe stop drilling offshore and start onshore. Dodger Stadium I hear is sitting on millions of barrels of oil. There is enough oil shale and natural gas in the western states to last US more than a hundred years. Maybe all liberals could ride the bus, walk or bike. That would leave plenty of oil for the rest of us. Like that is going to happen!
    But I would move if we had a spill like the Gulf here. Sometimes I wonder if San Onofre could leak or be the target of a terror attack. We would be toast immediately.

  7. Maybe us fiscal conservatives could walk, ride a bike or skate board.

    Its ignorant and selfish people that waste natural resources and kill our own mother earth.

    you can see these fools easily by the way they live their lives. First hint- excessive cars and toys. They don't understand the concept of simple peace.

  8. It's simple to turn water into fuel for cars, boats, trains and planes etc. But oil magnates who are in the rut of making billions by doing business the way it's always been done, refuse to endanger their gravy train with the threat of change. Not unlike Nikola Tesla, who discoverd AC current (among many other things still used today). When JP Morgan (no known relation to JP St. Pierre)funded all of Tesla's power plants; then Tesla improved his idea with wireless energy, JP Morgan had his experimental towers in Colorado Springs torn down. "If this works, all we'll be doing is selling antennas" was Morgan's argument. He hated the idea of free energy for everyone.
    Check out these links...

  9. Area Man, Solar and Wind will not replace petroleum unless everyone is driving an electric car. Our electricity now is generated by coal (dirty and cheap), natural gas (clean and abundant) and nuclear (you decide). I am all for solar and wind power, but they won't solve the off-shore drilling/foreign dependence issue.

    I just got a postcard in the mail yesterday regarding the I-5 expansion meetings. Do you think the necessity for more oil for all of the additional cars will be factored into the environmental impact studies? I am guessing no. As long as the impact is in other states or countries it isn't our problem.

  10. Oil isn't just for cars... the keyboard your using, the chair you're sitting in, the clothes you're wearing... are all petroleum based. Naturel Gas is cleaner and abundant. Drill on land. The batteries used in electric cars... or to store wind power need to be recyclable... they're extremely toxic. All forms of energy have risks... what about Hydro... anyways... before getting too extreme I'm trying to be educated. I think if the big oil companies (are there any small ones?) can transition into other energy providing methods and keep the economy going... they would. Just some thoughts.

  11. Last post.

    While your comment is lame,I like your point to succeed from Encinitas. We Do have the highest property tax revenue and hence the most revenue for our new city. We should also include the Encinitas Ranch shopping area.

  12. I think the discussion attached to the UT article... "Tar Balls Wash Up in Oceanside" should be posted. I found it hilarious.


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