Thursday, August 26, 2010

CIty Attorney to Investigate His Boss

This morning on 10news, Dalager was quoted as saying the whole thing will be cleared up after City Attorney Glen Sabine investigates.

Problems with that:
Danny is Glen's boss.
Glen issues his legal reviews secretly.
Glen does whatever his bosses tell him to do regardless of the legality.

Danny also said, "We're going to put everything out there: any documents, anything they want to see."

The LB would like a tour of his kitchen.


  1. Here' a letter to the UT sent today -will they publish it ?

    Letter to the Editor,

    As I read your article of 8-25-10 on Encinitas Mayor Dan Dalager buying “scratch and dent” appliances from Aztec Appliances, I was struck by how happy he was to find these “obsolete” items. He commented “Just being able to find something supposedly obsolete, that's the right size and fits when it hasn't been made for some time, I think that's one heck of a score”. Since you published a fragment of the appliance receipt with the serial numbers of the appliances, I Googled those three serial numbers and found pages of sellers willing to sell all these items brand new as well as their parts and instructions. All three of these appliances are easily available. It looks like the rarest thing about this deal is the extra heavy discount given by Aztec Appliance.
    As far as not being able to find a 30 inch oven to fit a 30 inch space, Mayor Dalager must not have done his homework again as this can usually be done with just minor modification and the right oven [size of opening specs are in the installation notes of ovens, many of which are available on line].
    The most telling detail of this transaction seems to be Mayor Dalager's refusal to allow your reporter to view the appliances – just how damaged are they really ?

  2. why is Glenn Sabine investigating this when he declared a conflict of interest when Teresa Barth made her complaint against Dalager....Dalager is getting free legal advice on our dime, he should hire his own attorney

  3. Good job, LB, on the linked articles and I hope all the letters I've heard about today get printed in the UT. That would be great.

  4. Dalager is probably taking a sledgehammer to his appliances right now to retroactively "scratch and dent" them.

  5. Funny thing here is, my kitchen stove is broken and I was going to talk to Matthew Gordon of Aztec Appliance to see if he had any second hand ovens. Then this story broke. I don't really see it guys. There is no there there. And this will all backfire and create sympathy votes for Dan in November.

  6. Looks like the UT will not print my letter - what a surprise. Will they still back Dalager in the election ?


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