Thursday, August 26, 2010

Complaints Filed

The Leucadia Blog has learned that complaints have been filed with the FPPC and the district attorney over Dalager's scrap metal appliances.

The FPPC might look into it. Don't bet on the DA doing much. The DA is not a crime fighter. She is a politician with strong political connections to the San Diego power structure.

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  1. I know everyone is itching to unseat Dalager but this is pretty stupid.

  2. Why? He pushed the crap out of Maggie.

    If the public is too stupid to focus on the real issue Which is PENSIONS BANKRUPTING OUR CITY AND ALL OF CALIFORNIA, then let them focus on this tid bit.

    Regardless Dalager is responsible for the biggest failure in Encinitas history and creating our huge Pension fiasco. He deserves everything he gets. Selfish Man- Karma baby Karma.

  3. not only did Dalager not declare the gift, but he deliberately failed to disclose the contact before he voted in favor of Gordon. one might be a goof, but two ommissions are not....or if he really is that dumb, WTF, isn't there a basic level of intelligence required of leaders? he is the type that would mistake the red phone for the pizza hut direct line.

  4. Clearly, a fat salary, easy hours and a lifetime of benefits aren't enough in the ways of compensation. To survive you have to take a few cookies from the cookie jar. Life is tough.

  5. JP,
    Dalager took gifts from a citizen, did not declare them and, knowingly, did not disclose these gifts when that same citizen was before council petitioning his case. He did not recuse himself and voted in favor of the petitioner.
    Not right or legal.
    Currently, Dalager has directed Park & Rec to tell citizens that the Planning Commission approved the Hall EIR in a legal document. He knows this is not true, but chooses to attempt to deceive the community.
    Again, not right or legal.

  6. I agree JP. Please explain why you think this is so stupid?


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