Sunday, August 08, 2010

DATA on Cal Water

Cal res levels

Click to enlarge. Hat tip C.M.

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  1. What is left out of this presentation is the fact that Encinitas has local water sources not included in the published measurements; also unstated or unquestioned in the face of the residential water restrictions is this question; What do people believe happens to the water in SDWD's annual allotment that is not used?

    Two of the things that happen to water unused by Encinitas businesses and residents?

    It runs into the ocean, or evaporates.

    This is not a call for overuse, but I thought Bill Arballo's comment about SDWD in the Friday edition of The Coast News about this subject was spot on; consciously admitting that not switching back to Level 1 from Level 2 is about curbing unrestricted development and growth in the mind of the water board; not reducing the amount of stress on the 'fragile' watershed.

    The pension-fat water board decision-makers deciding not to return to Level 1 is about changing the culture; whether it contributes financially to non-bureaucrats losing their homes or businesses is immaterial when the decision-makers income is guaranteed by the State.

    Encinitas is built-out; punishing those who could benefit from either a better water rate or a little more water to prove an intellectual point is still wrong.

    The SDWD water district board should be independent of the City Council; period.

    Finally, as to the SDWD trustees own water use; exactly when was it that a leak in your neighbor's yard caused your water bill to climb?


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