Monday, August 23, 2010

How to Get Things Done

Danny will be happy to open an account for you.


  1. Too funny. Dalager couldn't even keep his own business in the blacck without help from Mommy. Banking Consultant- Haaaaa. Now this town has seen it all.

    Dalager sure knows how to Spend other peoples Money. Like Mom and Dads and Taxpayers. I don't think Dalager understands what the word "savings" even means?

  2. Pretty soon 50% tax dollars taken in by Encinitas, City of San Diego and California will go to employee retirement and benefit packages. The remaining 50% will go to existing employees salaries and benefits. Each year in California less and less money is being spent on infrastructure. The average retirement for government employees in the 60's and 70's was around $22,000 a year. Now its around $70,000 a year. What happened? Jerry Brown allowing unions, Gray Davis allowing a 33% pension increase, and every single politician who didn't try to stop it.
    I urge every person who can produce and pay taxes to stop and let the wheels fall off the government train wreck.
    How come in a recession the government payroll gets larger and the amount of money they extract from us needs to be even more than the year before and its still not enough.
    Quit your job, the legal way to stop paying taxes. Get on the dole, collect welfare, everybody else is. Nancy Pelosi says unemployment benefits help stop the recession so step up to the trough and dig in. And don't forget to hope.

  3. Hope is not a plan, unless you work for the government. Than it is the plan. Quite you job and get on the Dole its fun.

  4. Salary & benefits not enough... must seek outside bribes.

    Would this bank hire him if he weren't in charge of a zillion dollar muni budget? Hell no.


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