Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Leucadia Art History


This is the twelfth LeucadiART, although it is the sixth year revival having been adopted by L101 Mainstreet. It was started by the Leucadia Art Association, an association of Leucadia Galleries in 1987, and was a two day weekend event. It has always been an art show only, showcasing our local talent and visiting artists.
There were six large pine trees, a water fountain, a picnic bench and less traffic

This year L101 is producing an all juried fine art show with art demonstrations, live music, a beer and wine garden, kids area and 101 artist displaying their talents.




You all are invited to share the artistic talents of our community and have fun.

Special thanks to L101 and the 2010 LeucadiART committee and Fred Caldwell for all the hard work to get ready for this years art walk. Special thanks to Paula Kirpalani for leading this effort.

Thanks to all our sponsors , art patrons and business sponsors, too.
Support our local businesses

Come on down and enjoy our community
Support the artists


  1. Thanks for highlighting this community art and music event.
    I attend every year and it is always a pleasure.
    Thanks L101, and Fred great work, again.
    See you all on the streets next week.

  2. I am sure glad the City went through that big street planning for Hw101. Its done wonders.

    All I see is less trees. L101 and the City are useless and must believe in zeroscape.

    Promises 100%. Results 0%.

    I guess all the money went to pensions.

  3. Dear Mary,
    I agree that the Streetscape plans have shown no actual development. You can certainly blame the city. The improvements were originally intended to occur concurrently with the downtown improvements.
    There is a problem with money, now, and the city council majority's priorities, for many years. They have consistently put Leucadia on the back burner.
    L101 is not at any fault. I am confident that they share your frustrations.
    Time for a change on council. Not you Teresa.
    LeucadiART will still be good.

  4. I agree with Chris...don't bag on the L101. They can only give support, they don't make the Big Decisions. BTW, there will be a cool flea market outside of Ducky Waddles during ArtWalk...I'm
    selling collectibles and vintage knick knacks, and there will other vendors as well. Come on down!

  5. Love it… Love it…Love it…

    The first time I saw Leucadia was in 1975, 35 years ago. I was driving down from Oregon to visit relatives in Encinitas. I was awe struck by the beauty of the canopy of trees… There were street vendors all along the sidewalks selling arts and crafts. Tie-dyed T-Shirts… Art… Jewelry. I had to keep pulling over to check out their wares (driving my fellow passenger crazy).

    Keeping in tradition… A Huge Thank You to the Leucadia Art Association for organizing in 1987 and keeping the spirit alive! It looks to be a grand event this year.


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