Monday, August 16, 2010



  1. vote Dalager out. He is the biggest problem. Government at its worse. Dan is the out of control government spending.

    What ever you do, don't vote for Dalager. He caused this mess.

  2. Dalager voted for the huge pension increases that are going to force drastic cuts in city services so that city employees can go on permanent vacation at 55.

    This guy must be a personal friend of Dalager- or a greedy city worker.

  3. The chimney is a real clue. What a twisted way of opposing Barth - the only other incumbent up for re-election.

  4. End the strangle hold "the boys" have had on our city.

  5. Dalager is a nightmare for Encinitas. He voted for the huge 40increase in pensions in 2005 for himself and every other employee of the City. Robbing the future of Encinitas for his own personal benefit. I can’t even believe that someone would be so selfish and not care about the future of Encinitas.

    Dan should read the constitution of the United States of America and admit his failures. He is owned by the unions and needs to step down for the good of the future of Encinitas. If you care about your kid’s future, you will vote out all politicians like Dalager. They caused this mess and they need to be accountable for their huge mistakes.

  6. I meant to say Dalager voted for a huge 40% increase in pensions. He is sinking the future of Encinitas. If you love your kids, vote for anyone but him. Get the word out!

  7. Hard to read the Dan "exception" maybe this person is doing more good than intended

  8. Maybe he means Dan shouldn't vote.

  9. Dalager topiced letter by Rachelle and responses.

  10. Rachelle's letter is spot on.

    Rachelle is too nice and too honest for current politician circles. Maybe USA will respect honest goodness in the future again.

    Dalager is too bad.

    Selfish and wanting his own personal pension gain and ego satisfied by having a gigantic Regional Sports Complex all built by Encinitas tax payers dollars. Pathetic.

    What a sell out on our kid’s future.

    Dalager is the exact ego driven politician that needs to be expelled. If not for your own good. For our kids future. Elect anyone but Dalager. He is a nightmare for Encinitas and all of America’s future.

    Sad but true.

  11. You too, Dan!

    An ill wind blows for good ol' boys this November.


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