Sunday, August 01, 2010

More Seawalls

From the In Box:

Massive Seawall on Encinitas Planning Commission agenda


Beautiful Leucadian Tourist Destination

Questions of the day:
Should the City deny people trying to protect their property?  
Should the City allow private parties to use public property or public resources when building private seawalls?

See Also: City pays seawall lobbyist to represent private interests


  1. Speaking of the city using your money to pay lobbyists,
    The 'Boys' spent $25.000.00 on a lobbyist to get their Regional Sports Park approved at the Coastal Commission,
    Even though there was overwhelming evidence that this is not what the community majority wanted.

  2. And the City spent $10,000 for a Satisfaction Survey in 2008 before the last election. Will the majority do it again to boost Dalager?

    Plus there was the $100,000 spent on a consultant for the Cardiff Specific Plan that was later junked.

    There no end to the colossal waste of money at our city.

  3. Yup, and you can't take the money away from them.

    They take 1.1% of the value of our property every year. They think that because they're *allowed* to tax us by that much that, they have to spend it (and borrow on it, no less!).

  4. Don't forget about the $100k for the useless traffic report never accepted by the traffic commission or council several years ago.

  5. Well. It was a good run. We see once big brother steps in, communication shuts down.

    Thanks JP and Kevin for all your efforts. Like all good things, time will change.

    best of luck to all. the blog is close to death.


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