Friday, August 06, 2010

PC Likes Rezone Idea, Wants Beach Cottages

From the North County Times:

Shannon and fellow commissioners Virginia Felker and Michael O'Grady said Thursday night that they didn't oppose the concept of rezoning the large downtown lot, but wanted to make certain that any housing project on that land would fit with the surrounding neighborhood's eclectic, beach-cottage feel.
They asked city staffers to add new wording to the proposed city planning document amendments, spelling out their concerns related to building heights, land topography and architectural styling.


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  2. Why do we need a Planning Commission if they only rubber stamp anything that comes before them?

    They didn't oppose? These are comments from Planning Commissioners?

  3. Specific Plans are about specifics.

    Because the Pacific View property is already identified as part of the downtown Encinitas Specific Plan, the Planning Commissioners are well within their rights to be 'specific' in their directions to staff as far as recommendations for a change of usage is concerned.

    EUSD has a long history of ignoring municipal specifics when dealing with the City.

    It is not the school district that is the zoning authority concerning land-usage on Pacific View, but the City Council.

    While Baird can ask for a different usage on behalf of the school district, he is NOT allowed to dictate to the Planning Commission 'how' they reclassify the "specific" property.

    Just as the school property on Quail Garden's Drive that the school district wants to turn into a $6.7 million dollar organic garden and "staging-area" for student tours of San Diego Botanic Gardens; that property is "specifically" classified as being for an "elementary school" ONLY.

    The plan uses that term 'specifically'; "elementary school" NOT as EUSD claims, for 'educational' usage.

    The difference between 'elementary' and 'educational', or what is in the Encinitas Ranch plan 'specifically' is detailed for any and all on the City of Encinitas website.

    You can look it up.

  4. The newer three story condos that were built on 101 near Phoebe St were called "cottages" on their blueprints to the Planning Commission. Need I say more?


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