Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rumor Makes it to the UT

Two stories about Dalager have been floating for some time.

Rumor 1. Dalager got a bro deal for a new kitchen in return for a vote. Turns out that was false and that Aztec Appliances is the place to go for killer deals on damaged goods, according to the UT.

The Leucadia blog is offering $50 bucks to anyone who can produce usable photos of Dalager's new $150 scrap metal kitchen.

Rumor 2. Dalager tries to twist bank account commissions out of people doing business at City Hall. Now if that were true someone would have stepped forward to say they got help in return for putting some flesh on Danny's paycheck.


  1. 1. Kickbacks

    2. Bribes.

    3. Owned by unions and selling out the future of our Children for huge City Pensions for the Government.

    4. Stupidity.

    Encinitas Residents must be the dumbest bunch in North County.

    How does this guy remain in office?

    May we should start calling him Duke Dalager?

  2. On the Form 700 disclosure statement dated August 5, 2010 Dalager declared his business activity as "consultant" with gross income between $1001 and $10,000. He declared a Fair Market Value of the business between $10.001 and $100,000.

    The only gift he declared was a Lindberg Field Airport Parking Card. The appliances aren't listed, which seems to be a violation of the law.

    This information in not available on the city website, but can be squeezed out of City Hall with a little effort.

    Dump Dan Dalager.

  3. To label the graphic 'false' and infer that the rumor is false is misleading. In re-reading this post's several sentences it seems you are saying the UT Watchdog story is false because there is no proof. Unsubstantiated is different than false. Very confusing post.

    What may be really clear in your own mind isn't being translated with your writing. Just sayin' . . .

  4. kate,

    I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm, though I did a double-take, as did a few friends of mine.

  5. I agree with WC-

    It was sarcasm...

    too bad the typical encinitas resident is too stupid to understand.
    They will think the blog says they are rumors they must be rumors.

    We all know the blog is always true.

  6. Given that many Encinitas voters don't read the U-T and may not hear this story, how do we get the word out?

    How about printing the story on flyers and posting it all around town?

  7. the only kook that embarrasses Encinitas more then the Fairy Mary, Is Dalager.

    I don't know how people can have that crook remain in office.

    Ripping off our kids future by giving all the tax money to government pensions collectors is his biggest offense. the list goes on.

    Finally, he gets in the news on an issue that at the tip of the nightmare iceberg.

  8. http://www.10news.com/video/24765013/index.html

    What did Duke Dalager have to say at council tonight?

  9. Watch tonights public comments. I agree with the speakers, Dalager must resign!


    Resign Dalager. Its the only good thing you can do for Encinitas.

  10. Everyone should call for Dalager's resignation. Its the only thing Dalager can do if he has integrity.

    He had the opportunity to mention any issues other than was reported in the staff report during the public hearing. He only mentioned chatting with the appellent durign the superbowl game. Nothing regarding smoking deals for appliances from the appellent. That in it self is fraud.

    Watch the video and jump to item no. 4 it takes 2 minutes to watch the councils disclosures on any activity not included in the staff report.


    Dalager says nothing about appliances bought from the appellant.

    Resign Dalager. Show us you have an ounce of integrity.

  11. Fred & Peter,

    I completely agree. Would you please contact me offline?


  12. Sorry W.C.-

    I have a full schedule and barely have time to keep up with this blog. Whats on your mind?

  13. Just a note. Every Fred listed here on this thread before this Fred is not FRED Caldwell, me. If anyone but Patricia hasn't already guessed. ;)

  14. I know Fred...I used to use just "mary" for my name, and someone recently started using the same name here and saying negative things, so I had to post straightaway so no one would think it was me. This is one of the more annoying things about the blog with its current format. I know when the use of "anon" is allowed, there will be those who abuse it, but now I see the same problem with people appropriating names that were used for years and whom people had become used to.

  15. This is a giant non-story in my opinion. I mean, really?

  16. A Council Member taking heavily discounted goods before a vote is a non-story? Really? Why didn't Dan disclose the issue if it was nothing?

  17. If Dalager Cared anything about Encinitas, He would resign. Selfish man.


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