Monday, September 20, 2010

Activist and Candidate Pry Open Report

 The city finally released its pavement management report. Here is the conclusion:

The analyses indicate that $47 million (over 5 years) in pavement maintenance and rehabilitation is needed to  repair all streets and eliminate any backlog. By doing so, streets then can be maintained in good condition with on-going preventive maintenance. 
The city has not been fully funding street maintenance and has accumulated almost $18 million in deferred maintenance. Most of this was built up during the years the city was seeing massive revenue increases.

The city is only funding street overlay at a rate of about $1million a year from the general fund. The general fund has about $50 million a year. The city gets another million in matching funds and external state and SANDAG funds.

Ten million over 5 years leave a big gap to reach $47 million to catch up on the deferred maintenance.

Thanks to the city activists and candidate Kranz for putting pressure on the city to release this document. It would have been hidden from the public, like the City Wide Traffic Study was in the 2006 election, without their efforts.

If your street is in poor condition, check the report to see if the report is accurate. You can download it at the ETA blog.

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  1. My street was paved and sidewalks added, but only after that student from SDA was killed walking to school.
    What did city pay in the lawsuit??

  2. Our neighbors finally got tired of the alley behind our house used to be dirt. Cars went down it so fast that most of us had so much dust in our homes that people with allergies were miserable. So we asked the City to pave it, stating health and safety reasons. Of course they didn't. So, in frustration we collected money and paved it ourselves. The City was delighted, of course. Seems to me if we can afford a huge sports field with 90 foot lighting, the City could afford to pave a few alleys.

  3. The city does not have money to buy or build a sports park. The city had borrow to buy the land. The city had to borrow to fund the construction and now there isn't enough money in the budget for phase I to be built. Where did the borrowed money go? More fantasy budgets or this the the faith-based budgeting Dalager speaks to?

  4. Just another page in the book of skulduggery written by Dalager, Stocks, and Bond. They refused to release the report, calling it a "draft." When challenged, they got City Attorney Glenn Sabine to write a letter supporting withholding the report. Now the city has been sued and will probably lose, costing the taxpayers more money.

    Remember that Dalager, Stocks, and Bond changed the normal rotation of the mayor so they could control setting the agenda this election year. They also changed procedure to make it impossible for only two council members to get an item on the agenda without their approval.

    Is this democracy? Time to dump Dalager.

  5. Follow 8:38
    Although money is not available to build the Regional Sports Park let alone all the traffic mitigation necessary to accommodate 6000 visitors, (Hall EIR), for visiting sports league tourneys, Dan has invited people to the groundbreaking of the Hall development. He said this will take place soon. He said at the Cardiff Canadates Forum, that the traffic will be no worse than a McDonalds and we should all just hope it will work out. He has negotiated to have a SonicBurger at the Santa Fe Hall enterence, negating his statement as the SonicBurger will increase the already inadequate park parking and traffic.
    Stop this man.

  6. Withholding this document smacks of our "rulers" thinking they know what's best for us. It's about time our elected officials realize they are "public servants", not some kind of entitled aristocracy who know better than the rest of us "little people". Screw that!

    Dump Dalager
    Dumb Barth

  8. Don't throw Barth out with the bathwater, silly.

  9. The city should buy us all jeeps. $47 million buys a heckuva a lot of jeeps.

    Building roads is a ripoff. Cars suck.

  10. Incumbents caused this mess. Dump all incumbents.

  11. It's not just streets, it's also sidewalks. Look at Santa Fe Dr. east of the I-5, the soon-to-be-overwhelmed gateway to the Hall property. What has the city done to upgrade Santa Fe Dr to accomodate the onslaught of cars for the park and the Scripps expansion? Nada.

  12. This city needs more infrastructure and less incumbents.

  13. Hold on to your seats, it's going to be a bumpy ride for property owners. The consultant lists ways to raise the 47 million dollars with only a few ways that would be viable. Those few are of course assessing property owners for the repairs. Everyone that wants a new assessment district or snuck in under the lighting and landscape district sign up now.


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