Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Battle of the Papers

UT 4
NCTimes 3

Henry of the North County Times scores one point for doing some footwork looking into Dalager's rental units. Dalager had been ordered to get his rental into compliance. He had an illegal 3rd rental unit.  Henry contacted the city and the city says that Dalager did come into compliance. From exterior, it still appears as if there are three units, because there are three active entrances, mailboxes, and addresses. Thanks to the NCTimes for clearing Dalager in their article about the candidate forum last night.


  1. I was at the Forum last night to witness Dalager at his most incredible. The attached article from the NCT does not mention his comments on tournament traffic at the park as currently proposed. Dalager said that traffic would be no worse than having a MacDonalds at the location. This is a total fabrication, with no basis in the EIR, the EIR traffic study or the Citizens for Quality of Life's traffic expert"s report.
    From the Traffic and Circulation study Section 3.2 pg31 of the EIR "The traffic management plan shall require traffic control measures to address potential
    congestion. These measures may include, but are not limited to, lane control features
    such as cones, use of flagmen to direct traffic, involvement of the Sheriff’s Department
    to direct traffic, management through event timing restrictions, or other measures.
    These measures must be deemed feasible and adequate by the City of Encinitas
    Department of Engineering Services, Traffic Engineering Division."
    This is backed up by the Linscott,Law and Greenspan traffic report Pg. 93 - "Since 419 parking spaces are planned to be provided, there would not be adequate parking on-site to accommodate a worst case soccer tournament. Mitigation consisting of providing off-site parking areas with shuttles recommended."
    This EIR was paid for by the City, as was the traffic report. The Citizens for Quality of Life"s traffic expert believes the EIR understates the traffic problems, so I suppose you can look at the EIR as a best case scenario.
    So is it too much to ask to have a City official actually READ the available material he is commenting on rather than just making up whatever he feels like at the time?
    Why is it that Dalager can remember minute details of his past, but not remember what documents he signed said or $100,000 loans ?
    If Dalager loves kids so much and believes in the current park plan so strongly that he is perfectly willing to completely misrepresent the facts, why has nothing been done on the traffic mitigation suggested in the EIR that can be done BEFORE the I5 widening ?
    Why do the voters ignore this individuals repeated,intentional lies?

  2. And the planning commission rejected the EIR becuse of unmitigated traffic problems. Dalager then directed Park&Rec to challenge their recommendations. Then the Boys voted, 3-2, to reject the planning commission's recommendations.This summer he sent out a General Plan and zoning change notification to citizens stating that thePlanning Commission certified and approved the EIR. H
    B be knew this was not true. Being truthful, if it interferes with his goals, is not important to him. He has not rectified this deceit.

  3. And in the battle of the news . . . The Coast News is still fast asleep. Tomorrow will tell.


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