Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Calaware Questions

Who wants to email the candidates and see if they agree with each of the Calaware principles below?

1. I will be second to none in supporting open government and free expression on matters of public concern.

2. I will not consent to withholding governmental information from the public unless convinced -- by publicly available legal analysis supported by specific statute or case authority -- that the information may be lawfully withheld and that failing to do so would more likely than not seriously injure an identifiable public or private interest. I will always insist on hearing -- publicly -- what is the worst case possible resulting from public disclosure.

3. I will not consent to holding meetings that exclude public attendance unless convinced -- by publicly available legal analysis supported by specific statute or case authority -- that excluding the public is lawfully permitted and that failing to do so would more likely than not seriously injure an identifiable public or private interest. I will always insist on hearing -- publicly -- what is the worst case possible resulting from public attendance.

4. In attending meetings of the body I have been elected to, I will use no electronic communications technology until the means have been installed to record and store all voice messages for subsequent public review and to display in real time and in the same room, all text messages or other traffic on the device I am using.

5. I will resist any attempt to prevent particular persons from voicing particular views, or to shut down public communication generally without excellent reason and readily available equivalent opportunities, whether in general public forums such as the streets, the plazas and the parks or in speech-dedicated forums such as government meetings.

6. As tempting as private briefings on pending meeting topics may be, I will decline to accept them from staff on any routine basis, and will instead be prepared to "ask the dumb questions" publicly, in the open meeting, for the benefit of the public's understanding.

7. I will do whatever I can to see that officers and employees of my agency understand the laws protecting whistleblowers and that a whistleblower hotline is maintained to receive and process reports of improper governmental activity, protecting the identity of the reporting party to the maximum extent permitted by law.

8. I will fully support citizens' efforts to draft, publicize, circulate and enact a sunshine ordinance that makes my agency more accommodating to public access, information and participation than under the minimum standards in the Brown Act and the California Public Records Act.

9. I will insist that the following financial data pertaining to the relevant officers and employees of my agency be posted on the agency's website and updated within five days of any changes, and until this disclosure practice is adopted, I will make my own data available on a personal website I will launch and maintain at my own expense:
• A summary of all compensation and benefits in all forms.
• The Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests.
• Any campaign contributions received, with all information required to be disclosed by the Political Reform Act.
• All agency credit card statements and/or annotated expense reimbursement claims.

10. I will do what I can to see that the immediacy, economy, convenience and power of all forms of electronic communication are devoted to the inclusion and involvement of the people in their own government, and never to their exclusion and alienation.


  1. Pretty much. Its asking to be the opposite of the way Danny lives his life. I predict the following responses.

    1. Danny will not respond. He can't. His response would just make him look like a bigger jackass than he already looks. If that is even possible.

    2. Teresa is already living this way as a councilmember and walks the talk.

    3. Tony will take the oath. He is all about open government.

    4. Christina-? Is she still in the race or is she working on her tan? Will she respond? I doubt it. She didn't to EPA's questions. You know more important thing to do. Tan, Nails, baby groups, workouts, shopping, Rotary, bonko, school stuff... being a trophy wife of three kids is more than a full time job. Who has time to answer questions from the public?

  2. you should ask what have the candidates done (dalager) to support these ideals, dalager will just say he supports them but his record speaks otherwise

  3. Kristin Gaspar will refuse to answer the questions, get Fs, and then whine afterwards that she is being treated unfairly.

    Dan Dalager will whine that his enemies are out to get him and that he already turned over all the necessary documents to the Fair Political Practices Commission.

  4. At least the tan and shapely legs on Kristen would counteract the constipated look on Stocks mug. Who cares that she won't take a position on the issues or answer any questions. She's a looker.

  5. And those stiletto heals and short skirt she wore at the Cardiff Forum. That really qualifies her council!!!

  6. My thinking exactly!

  7. Encinitas Taxpayer Association is a farce! We all know it!

    Let have some transpancy and request the membership list of their group be published - unless they have something to HIDE.

  8. I wouldn't say ETA is a farce. Maybe a little misguided but that just an opinion. Most on this blog have a specific agenda, we all know it. Some make good points, are well informed and keep it honest. If all of these ranters took all their anger out on their Congressmen and Senators we wouldn't be in the mess we're in. This City is in better shape than 98% of the City's in the State, even as the State takes away more and more from us and our City.

  9. Oh, yes, the secretive ETA cabal. They're so secret they have a web site listing their officers and board members and they have booths at public events like Oktoberfest to talk to the public.

    It's all a secret evil plot against Barbie!

  10. 6:40 Let's see some transparency from YOU and let's see YOUR real name...unless YOU have something to hide.

  11. 7:30-

    So a less nuked area is better than a more nuked area. Big deal.

    The politicians shouldn't be selling out our future generations and the quality of life for current residents. I don't want to pay $2800 for my share of improvements to the Hall sports Complex which I will never use. Not including the $300 a year for my portion of maintenance.

    I think Dalager's entire focus on building fire stations and a massive sports complex for Carlsbad residents all while priming the pensions for all at City Hall is criminal. I hope future generations make him pay for his crimes. He deserves it.

    Vote for anyone but Dalager in November. Even hottie.

  12. 2:11 & 2:16

    Can't we just say she tends to be more "Palinesque"?

    All show and no-go.

  13. I understand from an inside source that Teresa Barth was again engaged in dirty tricks on Danny.

  14. 2:03,

    In that case, I'm outraged!

    An unspecified dirty deed reported by an anonymous alleged insider, repeated anonymously on a blog.

    How could she!

  15. Danny would appreciate any trick. He's hoping Kristen gets elected. Tricks aren't just for kids now adays.

  16. Dear BT,

    Requests to the eta can be made on the ETA website.

    Speaking for myself,

    How do you define farce? The ETA's network did a great job during Prop A and Prop C. This was the last time the citywide network was set into motion.

    The ETA is the only organization in town that reviews the city budget and is composed of people of all political stripes. That says a lot. It says that the things they take on have broad support. The ETA does have a mission and does advocate for open government and good city management.

    That reminds me, why did you change the topic. What is your position on the 10 questions?

    It is fairly unconventional to give out a membership list, but I've been open to letting the members decide on that especially if the endorsing organizations (like ECCO , People for Sand, Fire Fighters Union) give up their membership lists, or better yet give the names of the people voting on the endorsements.

    The ETA's voting members are online and we let everyone see exactly why they rated the candidates the way were rated, so you can make up your own mind. I'd say we have been the most open organization out there regarding what we have used to evaluate the candidates (please send a link to anything that comes close).

    Most of all I don’t really think people should care what the ETA’s position is (i'm not big on doing the ratings thing). They should make up their own mind. I hope the ETA continues to be helpful in letting the public know that there are a lot of unanswered questions about way too many issues.

  17. I went to Gaspar's website and found both Jerome Stocks and Christy Guerin endorsed her. I can't imagine voting for her if those are the kind of people that endorse her. She is also for the 90 foot lights at the Hall Park. She states that she does not want friviilous lawsuits, however, the Council is inviting one if they allow the 90 foot lights. There will be a lawsuit and the Coastal Commission will not go for it. So basically she is already inviting a lawsuit. So much for that claim.

  18. Stocks endorses Gaspar!? That means she is unqualified. If, by some Twilight Zone bizarro world effect, Dalager gets reelected, I say recall him. EncinBellitas - the new city name.

  19. Where's Dalager's campaign signs? Is that pathetic mailer the only junk he is going to subject the electorate to? Who paid for that - the appliance store? I suspect Stocks is grooming the valley girl to be the new stooge on the triumvirate -it'd be a miracle if line-your-pockets Dan is reelected. But never underestimate the stupidity of the electorate....

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