Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Council Candidates State Their Positions

The Leucadia Blog and Encinitas Undercover bring you the candidates' ballot statements

Encinitas City Council Candidate statements November 2010 election

Leucadia Blog Candidate Evaluation Criteria
How many generations have you lived here?
Do you like taking sunset walks on the beach?
How many booster clubs do you socialize with?
Do you enjoy a nice quality of life?
Can you balance your checkbook?
Can you sound good without taking a position on anything?


  1. Please clean up your language. You are trying to persuade us to vote against Dalager, not to demonstrate your ability to use foul words. I will be voting for Barth and Kranz, but not because you have made a good argument.

  2. Wow. I agree with your points but your adjectives are a little on the raw side of the English language. You might upset some of those people with their head in the sand.

    Try cleaning up the message a bit. You might be more effective at conveying your message that Dalager is bad for everyone's future.

  3. More votes for money.

    ban the loser, please.

  4. The foul mouthed man is not the original loser luecadian. You can confim this by clicking on my handle and see my bio. I started blogging, not because of Dan's politics but because of all the slander about Dan hating our kids. He does not hate your kids and it's debatable as to how our future looks for our kids. The other loser and he IS a loser.. hyjacks other people's handles to spread misinformation. The sheep are now confused and don't know who to ban. loser

    I stand for the Hall Park, lights and all.

    I stand for leaving Beacons just the way it is.

    I stand for a Green Moonlight Beach improvment policy.

    I stand with our firemen, who do alot more than just fight fires.

    I stand for restoring the La Paloma to it's oringinal glory.

  5. Sensorship sucks. We see even the blog gets sucked into sensorship and supporting status quo over time.

    Sensorship sucks

  6. L. Leucadian,

    Saying its debatable how things look for our kids is sounds like saying in 2004 that its debatable if there was a housing bubble.

    Can you describe a realistic scenario where our kids are not burdened by public debt? You'll save a lot of folks from the effort to correct the situation, myself included.

    Do you agree that we should have a public conversation about the issue of long-term public liabilities? The council majority has taken costly efforts to avoid votes on bonding and won't touch pensions as a conversation point.

    No matter what, you must agree that it is not fair to our children to take major risks with their economic futures?

  7. K.C. No, I can't see what is coming in the future. No one can. All the talk of pensions ruining our kids future is not acurate and assumes the worst case scenario. Are you saying that eveyone that works for the City is going to stay employed at the City for 30 years. Are you saying that everyone who works for the City makes $100,000/yr plus. Because that is not the case. Your lumping every worst case scenario together to scare people. Yes I do believe it is an issue that should be open to debate by the public. Encinitas is not San Diego nor is it the top heavy broken State of California. My kids are here in EUSD schools that can't afford basic supplies for their students. Why is there no anger about public education in this City? I want my kids to have a first class education. That is priority number one for their future success. Loser

  8. "All the talk of pensions ruining our kids future is not accurate and assumes the worst case scenario."

    You have to have an assessment of what is coming in the future to be able to judge that the concern over pensions is worst case scenario.

    Using numbers, why do you think that it is worse case scenario?

  9. Loser Leucadian is likely an Encinitas Employee or a union shill.

    The 2005 act to spike pensions 40% and raise all employees’ salaries 14% was pure union handy work. What’s the results?

    As City revenues crash from a house bubble pop and pension liabilities coming due, the City is forced to look at cost cutting measures.

    1. First up, no capital project….. like the hall sports complex, downtown Encinitas streetscape, Leucadia streetscape, buying openspace, any improvements at moonlight beach, and forget about access or drainage improvements in Leucadia
    2. Because the fire union sluffs have their claws in Dalager, Stocks, and Houlihan; you will see the completion of a $30 million dollar project to provide all new fire stations within Encinitas. That action does nothing for the community, but it sure makes it nice for our fire sluffs.
    3. Next service cuts. You can count on less care for City landscaping and parks and less library hours. I hope they cut lifeguards first. They are useless.
    You don’t need to look far to see the future retirements of Encinitas slackers… just look at the facts.

    This will prove true in the next few years when the heat gets unbearable for the sluff and they can’t take it for another 3% each year. We will see massive pensions in excess of $100k and many for blue collar fire sluffs that don’t have a tough job like a cop.

    Your BS about no one knows the future is stupid. You can stick your head in the sand, because I know you’re on the government tit and will get a pension. For us real Americans, we are responsible for being productive tax paying citizens, that don’t depend on welfare, and we need to plan for the coming dismal conditions and higher taxes coming from paying for useless sluff like you. The trends are already apparent. It’s going to be bad.

    So please don’t even try and defend your credibility. There is none along the side of your union buddies Duke Dalager and Stock. By the way you can have Houlihan too. She is a public sell out in favor of union privilege in favor of appeared friendship from City Staff.

  10. WOW! Aren't you bitter. There is no housing bubble in Encinitas. Property values have not dropped much here in Leucadia either. I have payed into Social Security just like you, so get off your high horse. K.C. I don't know what the future holds for me or my kids but I know a good education will help them more than our local Government. Concern over pensions is totally valid. It seems that no one has a clue what the actual projections really are. It all depends on what formula you follow. When does the City go from black to red. Encinitas claims to have a balanced budget? You all claim we don't. Who is right? My k oldest kid has a 3.5 GPA and I don't know if he will be able to go to a good college. No, it is our State that has failed us. Look I love this City just like you. I want it to be safe and prosperous. I don't expect it to be Walden. To say Lifegaurds are useless is crazy. Do you know how many lives they save every year? Do you even go to the beach? Your nuts. How many of you property owners have inherited your property from your parents and turned your funky bungalo into a massive, block your blue water view for everyone behind you and hides behind prop 13? Loser... I was in such a good mood after seeing Stoked and Broke. Thanks for your hostility and bringing me down from my stoke. Back to the real world.

  11. Only a slacker would feel good about retiring on taxpayer money at 100% of salary. What ever happened to public service? Our general plan is programmed to bring in tons of property taxes by blessing high density crap, which like F**d Street station, multiplies the taxable base of an original one parcel by 60 times. Well, approve a few of those babies and voila, tax revenue flows into the public coffers and is used not for the public good, but for private greed to fund ridiculous golden retirements. And, if you are as smart as Phil Cotton, you will "retire" before your replacement is found and put the city in a bind where it has to hire you back on an interim basis so you are earning not only retirement but an additional interim salary. Phil's contract required 60 days notice before he could terminate it, but that was not an issue. City has been had once again.

  12. Proof that the Loser is truly a loser!

    Don't support status-quo.

    Our city is broke and has nothing to contribute besides contributing to public pensions thanks to Duke Dalager.

    Shills like loser leucadian cause static, but in the end think of your kids paying for the miss management of these losers like Dalager today.

    If you love you children, vote for anyone but the sell out Duke Dalager.

  13. HEISER, DONALD $12,021.51 $144,258.12 ENCINITAS
    HILL, DARLENE $8,433.21 $101,198.52 ENCINITAS
    ROMERO, ROBERT $8,425.96 $101,111.52 ENCINITAS
    TUFTS, TALMADGE $9,605.67 $115,268.04 ENCINITAS

    Watch is list grow by a 10 fold next year alone.


  14. LL,

    I'll address your other issues when I get a chance.

    You make the same point:
    "I don't know what the future holds... It seems that no one has a clue what the actual projections really are."

    The pension system is based on forecasting into the future. Most Cal pension systems assume a 7.75 annualized rate of return. I have not been able to find a secure investment that is anywhere close to that on the free market.

    I prefer a system that does no rely so much on crystal balls, that are rose colored.

    The national housing bubble impacted Encinitas' economy. It also impact resale values of homes.

    "Concern over pensions is totally valid."

    This applies to the pension systems the teachers are in. At UCSD, where the unions have actually asked for sensitivity analysis to be run on their pension projections and made efforts to use less optimistic forecasts (it is all based on forecasts), the UC president recently announced that the system must change or our kids would be strongly harmed in the classroom.

    I am in the uc pension system. I am not in a union.

  15. WOW! Aren't you bitter. There is no housing bubble in Encinitas. Property values have not dropped much here in Leucadia either.

    Wow! Aren't you stupid.

    Its about to drop another 30% within the next 2 years.

  16. Winner, yes I guess I am ignorant of the facts. Thanks for the education of understanding government policy. I am a blue collar guy who can't afford to buy a home here in Encinitas. I am not trying to make this a personal attack on anyone. You're the one who is casting stones at everyone who doesn't agree with your views. " you are either with us or against us". "Real American"? What does that mean? Who gave you the authority to make that judgement? I did not vote for Dan the last election. I voted for Barth and Houlihan. I will defend Dan when you say he hates are kids because he has been good to my kids. We like to play sports in my family. I don't think that you need to belittle people to make your point. You seem to have all the answers, so why don't you run for Office and fix this mess? I could vote for Kranz, I would just like to hear more from him on how he will fix the issues that you have pointed out. K.C. you are way smarter than I am. I don't look through rose covered glasses but I think everything is not black or white. The world is mostly shades of gray. 7.75% is rosey I will give you that. I am 48 and I don't think I will see my investment return on Social Security when I retire at 70. My 401K has been wiped out twice by Wall Street by two artificial bubbles this decade. I don't own a home but I like to think I pay attention to what is going on. Even I could see that there was too many new homes being built. I would not buy a house with no money down. I would not re-fi my mortgage because the value of my house suddenly jumped from $200,000 to $400,000. Those that did were playing with fire. Those who helped with that are also responsible for where we are today. I chose the handle loser to make apoint. If we stay divided we are all losers. I am sorry if I have offended anyone by using this handle. K.C. you seem like someone who can have an honest debate on the subject. Winner you do not seem to care about other points of view. I hope my kids get a good education and can move from the failed State of California. Our Congress has failed us. I am with you on term limits. 8 years seems like enough time to get things done. If you work as a lobbist, you should not be able to run for office and vise versa.

  17. L.L.,

    Good to get your point of view.

    Many of us are struggling whether we own houses or not.

    The pension thing is a real big deal. We are guaranteeing city workers huge pensions that are far beyond what any of us ordinary folk can accumulate in a 401(k). The pension return assumptions are optimistic if not delirious, and the poor taxpayers will be left to make up the difference for the Easy Street retirement at 55 of city workers.

  18. For laymen to understand- Say a lifeguard retires after 30 years and collects a pension of $98,000 a year at 50 years old. Lets say he lives to 80 years old. His pension received will be $2,940,000. If he lives to 90 which in this day and age is farely common, this one lifeguard will earn $3,920,00.00.

    There are hundreds of Encinitas employees at Encinintas that will retire with higher unsustainable pensions.

    This is out of control and will saddle are children with huge liabilities and associated taxes.

    Politicians including Dalager are responsible this mess. They have no integrity, are owned by the employee unions, and only look at their short term greedy gains.

    Dalager is sacrificing the future of our children for easy living of retired City workers. He is either too stupid to know what he is doing.... which seems to be the case as shown lately, or he could care less about the future generations of America. Its that simple.

    I know you don't know or care about my children, but I do. I love them and want a them to enjoy the same opportunities in America that you and I enjoyed. I will defend my children from preditors and people that want to tarnish their future.

    If you support Dalager and his likes; you are the enemy to my children and you need to be destroyed. Its that simple.

    If you vote for Dalager you are a part of the problem that is killing America.Vote for anyone but Duke Dalager in November.

  19. The Dan hates kid thing is tiring, clearly not credible, and its time to take it to another blog.

  20. I wrote my comment before reading winner's comment

  21. W.C. I like all points of view. I don't like myopic forced down your throat anonymous malicious attacks on someones personal character. I have known many city employees who do bluecollar jobs that have no agenda to fleece the City as some will claim. This does a disservice to those in the rank and file who don't make policy at any level and are just getting by like you and me. To say Lifeguards and Firemen are useless is crazy. The Park and Recreation staff at the Community and Senior Center do a great service to this Community. Most are part time kids going to college or contract employees just happy to have a job.. I just think it is not fair to say all government employees are out to screw the City. They just want to take care of their children like you and me. None of us knows each other on this blog and most wish to remain anon and attack what they don't like. As far as I know Terrisa is one of the few who has put her neck out to be chopped off on this blog. I'd just like Tony to step up to the plate as well. I know Dan never will. I personaly think he is a good man who fucked up. This looks bad for Dan. I can't dispute that nor do I condone it... As to Winner you are the most likely to cause static because you have so much anger in your heart that your willing to take other peoples handles and try to deceive people and cause the static. I was only playing devils advocate. Let us all vote without the slander please. WWJD. LL

  22. K.C. I wrote my comment before reading winners as well. I am begining to worrie about my families safety with all of the destroy my enemy talk. I may be a smart ass and a dumb ass some times but I am no Hater. LL

  23. W.C. I was at the La Paloma last night. Great film. Those kids will have a good future. Good heads on their shoulders. Great surfers! This theater needs help soon or it's going to fall down. I want to help. I can do most construction and am willing to donate my labor to help fix it up. who wants to help? Surfy Surfy looks awsome. Great job on the restoration J.P. LL

  24. Loser- Playing devils advocate is fine, but don't try and tell me what I wrote.

    I never attacked the employees of encinitas. I think most are good people and they are just taking advantage of opportunities presented. I am saying the policy makers like Dalager, Stocks and Houlihan are to blame. The 2005 tragedy was a huge selfish action that has hurt this City immensely. the employee unions understood what was happening and so did the guilty council members.

    I always knew Dalager and Houlihan were sell outs to the union, but I never knew how deep the union had there claws in Stock. Stocks is as pure of a RINO as they come.

    When that council action passed back in 2005, you could actually hear the cheers from employees! Watch the video, I kid you not. you'll have to request it from the city clerks office. They record all city Council meetings.

    Dalager, Stock and Houlihan will go down in History as the sellout to Unions and a crushing blow to Encinitas sustainable future and quality of life for our children.

    That is a huge distinction.

    Beleive me, If I knew I could make 150k a year being a fire fighter or $120k a year being a lifeguard, I would have jumped at the chance. Plus retiring at 90% your highest paid year. Haaaa. life is not fair and I accept that. congrats to those that landed there slack jobs at the right time in history. Pure windfall.

    That does not mean I will allow our town to go down in flames. Its time to get rid of the problem and correct matters.

    Begin by voting for anyone besides Duke Dalager.

  25. LL- quite supporting those who want to destroy my children's future and you have nothing to worry about.

    As a result, you'll also be preserving if not helping your own children's future.

    No need to worry about physical harm. I am more of the Gandhi type more than you know. Just don't mess with my kids.

  26. Winner & Loser & K.C.,

    I appreciate the use of hyperbole. Dalager doesn't literally hate children, but it's useful hyperbole to point out the financial devastation of future generations that Dalager's pension policies will cause.

    I have a similar theme on my other blog "Greenspan's Body Count." Greenspan didn't literally want to destroy people's lives and cause murders and suicides, but his reckless bubble-blowing monetary policies had that effect.

    A little hyperbole now and then is useful to direct attention to horrible policy that has terrible consequences.

  27. Nicely said W.C.-

    Long live liberty. Through the next evolution of America.

  28. W.C. Hyperbole is fine. Threatening others with destucton who don't agree with you is not. Today is 9/11. We all know that people crashed planes into buildings because we didn't agree with their ideaology. Winner you're starting to creep me out. WWJD. LL

  29. What ever LL. Like I said no physical threat to you. Just don't try and hurt my kids or grandchildren. Do you want to damage my children's future?


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