Friday, September 03, 2010

Council Perks: Stuff for Freeeeee

LA Mayor Villaraigosa gets to go to all sorts of cool events, like the Lakers games, for freeeeee.

Supervisor Slater-Price goes to super cool entertainment events for freeee.

Pam Slater-Price is rich and can afford the tickets, but its much more fun to get gifts, especially from organizations that you like so much that you point tax dollars toward those entertainment organizations (she's also taken heat for the plaques she gets from the organizations she funnels tax dollars to).

Now What?

The LA Mayor asked for his actions to be reviewed by the FPPC.

Slater-Price was found to have violated FPPC rules and had to pay a fine.

Supervisor Horn has had all sorts of sleazy scandals and he'll probably get reelected.

Jerome Stocks got caught taking "funny money" from Barratt American.

From the NCTimes: Later, Stocks revealed in campaign financial disclosure forms that he declared 11 returned payments, which he said resulted from accidental overpayments to his re-election campaign that exceeded the $250 limit.
Stocks said, "I think maybe I'm a better candidate than a treasurer."
Stocks' reelection was untouched by the admission that he isn't good handling his own moolah.

Slater-Price, Horn, and Stocks have not been abandoned by the voters. Most voters don't know or care. If they care, they care less for their opponents (who are usually of a different philosophical persuasion, partially because of our system of incumbency).

Half the LB audience are Slater-Price campaign supporters. Do the voters care about ethics violations?

If they do, lets make things really simple. Elected officials should not take gifts or bro deals from anyone who has any sort of connection to the city. Period. They are there to serve the public, and with that comes some responsibility to take their actions beyond reproach. It is a good idea suggested by others in the County.

What Dalager did looks bad, but as you can see, it is far from career ending.

The whole thing would blow over for Dalager if he would let the press inspect his kitchen. His refusal smacks of a cover up. Logan Jenkin's was willing to write that Dalager's kitchen didn't match the story being weaved about the appliances.

It was all “old crap,” Dalager told me.
I’ve seen his kitchen and the brushed-steel stove setup looked pretty sleek, modern and functional to me. In short, this is the best cooking crap I’ve ever seen.

Did Dalager trade for a vote? I highly doubt that it was necessary to bribe Dalager for that vote. And, the Gordons apparently give bro deals to a select few around the city. However, that bro deal is not available to the public.

There should be no appearance that access to bro deals is a perk of being Mayor.

The Gordons have lots of reasons to keep Dalager happy. Well, they had that famous vote you already know about. The Gordons also have their very own Taxpayer subsidized government liaison.

Our city along with other cities pay Steve Aceti's salary to run CalCoast (a lobbying firm, sort of). CalCoast is government funded and directed by a board of elected officials. Steve Aceti turns around and uses CalCoast to represent the Gordons at city hall.  (Aceti also promotes a pro seawall agenda and the Gordons have expressed their extreme pro-sea wall views to at least one city council candidate).

The day I went to meet Aceti to talk about what CalCoast does for Encinitas, he interrupted our meeting to start a phone meeting with City Attorney Sabine and City Manager Cotton. The topic of that conversation? Well, it was the Gordon's issues with the engineering department. Aceti was clearly heavily involved in the issue.

The Gordons are enjoying a personal taxpayer subsidized lobbyist at city hall, and Sacramento. If you're not a bro, you don't get one of those.


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  2. We are no better than any other nation. The politicians take bribes and then enjoy the spoils at the end of the successful political career. For national level, there post career speeches fetch $10k plus.

    Its always been that way. In America, its pathetic.

    But when a Po Dunk boy steps in the ring. Bam…. Its another Duke case.....He can’t even keep his mouth shut about some freeeee appliances, it shows the excess to the minion and they don't like it. Most people today are scraping by. Long gone the days of endless shopping sprees on the home equity line of credit. long gone the days of golf for freeee. People are being forced to live within their means and they don’t like it.

    Now most governments with the exception of Encinitas, enjoy a more open government. If it applied to Enicinitas, you wouldn’t have Dalager, Stocks, Bonds(is he still alive) and Hooligan getting everything for free.

    I got it. Lets focus on people putting little landscaping and curb walls in the City easements, to take the heat off the bigger issues.

    The City of Encinitas issue that continues to be ignored or maybe inflated, is salaries and pensions.

    Lets look back a couple of years. Dalager, Stocks , and Houlihan, approved a 14% raise for all employees over a few years and increased pensions 40% for all in 2005. INCLUDING THEIR OWN PENSIONS.

    SELF SERVING POLITICIANS. This has to stop if we want to live a country founded on beliefs outlined in are constitution. Our forefathers, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington would not approve of America today.

    Start the reboot of America realize we have become the land of the complacent. Just read ”Animal Farm“ and you will get it.

    The solution is never vote for an Incumbent. In our case, Never vote again for Dalager. He has taken many favors from union bosses, developers, and sports league CEOs to be corrupt beyond repair.

    Dalager has enjoyed 8 plus years skating on our tax dollars and selling out Encinitas. It has to change.

    Spread the word, Dalager is crooked and bad for your children’s future.

    That is the fact. Loser.

  3. The county voters just passed term limits for the imperial County Supervisors like Slater-Price.

    If Encinitas voters are foolish enough to re-elect Dalager this year, it's another sign that we need term limits here.

  4. The only differences between Duke Cunningham's action and Dan Dalager's actions are the amounts involved and Cunningham's ability to harm national security. Dalager received a "special" deal, did not report it, and did not recuse himself. He now is lying about the circumstances surrounding his "special" deal - if we can believe Logan Jenkins. There is nothing "hard to find" or "obsolete" about these appliances, as has been pointed out repeatedly. If we fall for the attempt to make this just a "dumb" mistake by a "clown", we allow this behavior to continue on all levels of City government. Dalager should resign and cease his re-election bid

  5. Dalager needs to resign. He is crooked to the bone.

  6. Resign?

    How about prosecution? A little prison stint for Dan would probably go a long way toward re-introducing ethics into city councils throughout the state.

  7. I agree prison is more appropriate for this loser of a Leucadian.

    we are not Chicago.


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