Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dalager to Run Squeaky Clean Campaign

The UT just ran an article on Dan's "consulting". We find out that he does work on commission. It doesn't look good for a guy who was forced into a corner to take a private loan for a $100k to turn around with no real job to start relying on account commissions.

Dan did say that he realized that appearances regarding such things matter. It would look a lot better if the bank transferred Dan to another branch and only gave him commissions for non-encinitas accounts.

J.Q. Public to Dalager: This would be a really bad time to send out a lot of campaign mailers filled with distortions and flat out lies. If you try that again, you're going to get pounded by an army of motivated ground troops. Stay away from the distortions and keep it clean.


  1. If he works on commissions, then his referrals are tracked. So, has he earned money from referring business to the bank from people or companies with business before the City?????

  2. Release the records!

    This is possibly far worse than the $100,000 loan from a developer, which was far worse than the kitchen appliance deal.

    Open government now!

  3. Wow. Dalager is more crooked than Duke senior.

    Duke Dalager needs to go to prison.

    Please lets sure that happens.

  4. Come on, Danny. Resign or give us some documentation.

    We need a public inspection of the kitchen.

    We need details of the loan, including interest rate and where the money came from that paid it back.

    We need a complete listings of all the referrals that earned you a commission. The bank has it and you know it.

    Any refusal is an admission of guilt.

    Dump Dishonest Duplicitous Deceptive Disingenuous Dumb Dan Dalager.

  5. Dump Duke Dalager.

    Resign today Duke!


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