Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dan, is that a denial or admission?

The Lecuadia Blog prize for a photo tour of Dan's kitchen has reached $200. Sounds like Dan wants to be open with the public, so this is like free money. Tell your friends.


  1. Feel sorry for me!! What did I do to have to be dragged into this photo??
    On the other hand, that Pommie from the Aztec appliance ads is hot stuff, I'd like to sniff her buTT.

    Woof, woof.

  2. The duke told me that Danny could bunk with him if necessary.

  3. The very costly delays in the Hall Park development were caused by Dan Dalager. We would have a community park with new sports fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, water features and amenities for the entire community.
    Millions of dollars wasted. Dalager hoped to skip the EIR on the greenhouse property and start having kids play in the contaminated land. The citizens were forced to sue the city to stop this. The citizens won. Now in the press, Dalager is quoted saying the city won the suit. Cost: legal fees and interest payments on the bond, staff salaries, maybe $2 mil, or more. Holding the EIR in draft form, and
    not releasing it to the public for almost a year. Cost: $1mil.
    The city paid to have a survey done in all of Encinitas, determining what the taxpayers wanted in their new park.
    80% wanted a more passive park. The wanted sports fields, too. What the majority do not want is a Regional Sports Park with 90 foot stadium lights with half the light output of the Rose Bowl. Dalager does. He wants is so bad he is attempting to deceive the public at this moment. He directed to be sent out a gereral plan and zoning change notice to citizens that stated the the Hall EIR was certified and approved by our Plannnig Commission. It was rejected by our Planning Commission. The document on the city website is not the document that was sent out. It has been altered with his direction.
    Yea, I imagine the the community wants to and can get a park built, that everyone is happy with, pretty quickly if you were to get out of the way.

  4. Chris,

    Good points. Don't forget, the city won the second lawsuit.

  5. The picture shows Dan and the dog sitting on the edge of what appears to be one of our bluffs along the beach. It is probably a photo shopped picture because I'm sure that the Mayor knows we have signs all along our beaches warning people that it is illegal to be on the bluff face and warnings to stay away from the bluff edges as they are unstable and unsafe. Nevertheless the photo shows Mayor Dan and the dog sitting on the edge of a fragile bluff.

  6. The 2nd sentence is funny... "fiscally sound" is not a relative term.

    If I spend 10x more than I earn, and you spend 20x more than you earn... I'm more "fiscally sound" than you but I ain't fiscally sound. You either are or you aren't.

  7. 6:48
    The city won the second lawsuit, challenging the Coastal Commision approval of the EIR.
    The city had the advantage over the citizens. The BOYS voted to use $25,000 of taxpayers money for a paid lobbyist to petition for their regional sports park.

  8. "Dear Neighbor,...We won hard-fought approvals for...Hall Property Park..."
    Truth: Dalager has fought hard against the wishes of the vast majority of the community and the Planning Commission to get his Regional Sports Park approved by by a, wait for it, a 3 to 2 council vote.
    "...but now my political opponents- the same individuals who opposed all of these approvals- are trying to tear me down right before the elections"
    Truth: Video records show Dalager voting in favor of petitioners before council with no acknowledging that he received goods , services or money, as required. Dalager has indicated, on video record, that his vote can be bought.
    To say that it is all a plot against him from those evil people who did not want a performing arts center or Scripps Hospital expansion is silly. The regional sports park opponents are not the ones that recorded Dalager's inappropriate actions.
    And Dalager has been the cause of the the delays in getting a park built for the entire community.
    And, Dan, there were at least four citizen's complaints to FPPC BEFORE you so gallantly got in your request in for a review and investigation.
    And yes, you are acting against the interest of our residents. You are trying to change the community character of Encinitas. 93% of residents want
    to maintain the individual community character of the 5 communities. You want to change one into an 'Irvine' Regional Sports Complex.

  9. Ugh! Dan is deceptive, duplicitous, and mendacious. He admits he made mistakes, yet he blames everything on his enemies. He has labeled them as a small number of NIMBYs and the usual suspects.

    He is still hiding evidence. There has been no public inspection of his kitchen, no list of his referrals to the bank that earned him commissions, and no details on his sweetheart loan from a developer. Most of all there has been no explanation of his votes. Are these votes mistakes to apologize for? He belongs in jail.

  10. Some basic facts:

    There were two lawsuits. The city lost the first and paid $54,000 in legal fees to the citizens group. The city won the second and paid $100,000 to the Sohagi Law Group in Los Angeles using "overriding consideration" as the winning argument. All this means is that all impacts are ignore. The city can do this because it both proposed and approved the project.

    The city won the Coastal Commission appeal and paid $25,000 to lobbyist Susan McCabe, who was able to manipulate CC staff to rule very narrowly and ignore violations of the Local Coastal Plan.

    It will cost $45 million to repay the bonds used to buy the Hall property. The city has spent an additional $2 million. Phase I of the park is estimated to cost $11-$12 million more. But this is a low ball figure, so typical of Dalager's "fiscally sound" policies. Nothing about park maintenance and necessary infrastructure improvements. The three projects Dalager brags about, the academy, the hospital, and the park, will place extreme traffic burdens on Santa Fe Drive. There is no money for improvements to allow traffic into and out of the park.

    Under Dalager the Hall project will be a bigger version of the fiscal disaster of the Mossy Chevrolet purchase for a public works yard, which went at least $4 million higher than it should have.

  11. How paranoid is Dalager ? His political opponents are trying to tear him down? The biggest problem in Dalager's campaign is Dalager's own actions. None of his opponents had anything to do with the three allegations of at least unethical behavior. He is lying about the condition of the appliances he bought according to Logan Jenkins. He totally fabricated a "fact" in the last candidates Forum [the finished park will only generate as much traffic as a MacDonalds]. He lied to my face last election about the long held up traffic report. How long did Dalager think his intentional misstatements were going to be taken at face value ? Apparently, he believes he will never be caught as he continues his lies in this flyer. A flyer without the legally required FPPC id#. What voter in Encinitas could possibly vote for this legend in his own mind ?

  12. Hang in there Dan!

    Ignore the bullies and thugs.

  13. Anon 6:48 When did the 3 boys approve the $25K for a lobbyist on the Hall appeal? What Council meetings was that?

  14. Dalager is a crook Robbing our grandkids of their taxdollars.

    Stop the union shill that is responsible for 40% increase in all pensions, that he voted for in 2005.

    Vote for anyone but Dalager in November. He is a big part of our government flunkies caused this depression that will be with us for at least the next 3 years.

    Dalager and the union shills need to go.

  15. My old Funk and Wagnalls defines "thug" as a "cutthroat or ruffian" or "formally an assassin in India"[abridged slightly].It defines a bully as "a cowardly person who terrorizes weaker people" with secondary meanings of "hired ruffian" and "intimidate and to coerce by threats". I don't believe any of the posters here have done any of these things.
    Since anon's comment appeared just after mine, maybe I am being overly sensitive, but couldn't we use language other than as a club ? If anon doesn't think facts are presented accurately by bloggers here, then refute them. If anything I have said here is incorrect or just plain wrong, let me or the other bloggers know what your version is. You can gain some credibility by using your real name. Bring it on

  16. Point of clarification: I refer to all the thugs and bullies who held this information in order to release it in a misleading and deptive manner just prior to an election, not one thug or bully in particular. The definitions are apt ... Dan's loyal opposition consists of thugs who bully their opposition in order to achieve their political agenda. I certainly don't want to be added to their target list, so I will remain anonymous (just like they do.) Don't be so sensitive. Yours was factually incorrect (FPPC numbers are not required on mailers, only committee name and address), but not especially gangland-sytle -- the hallmark of the group in all things. Every complaintant is a political opponent of Dan's who has opposed everything good that has happened in our city. Clean up your facts.

  17. Anon 12:02 - I double checked and found that you are right - no FPPC ID# is required. I also found that the correct ID was done with Dalager's flyer, with one exception - the name of the group must also be on the OUTSIDE of the flyer which it is not.
    I don't believe you can prove the UT hid their investigation of Dalager to election time [and haven't they always supported him?]. I would be interested in any other examples where Dalager's opponents have bullied anyone into doing anything. I still believe your use of "thug" and "bully" simply are out of place. I corrected my error - how about you correcting your language?

  18. To Anonymous Sept. 19 at 11:19 am

    You can find the $25,000 payment to Susan McCabe on the City website under Council agendas on Dec. 10, 2008. It is Addendum Agenda Item 12. I quote:

    "Authorize the City Manager to enter into a contract with McCabe and Company to assist the City with responding to the appeal of the Hall park approval to the California Coastal Commission."

    You can read the details in the Agenda Report. Unlike Dalager, I don't make things up or try to rewrite history with lies.

  19. To describe the opposition to Dalager as "thugs" and "bullies" is hyperbole in the extreme. The timing of the release of the information is irrelevant. The important question is whether the allegations are true or not.

    Dalager hasn't come clean on the charges. He is hoping he won't have to open his kitchen for inspection (how about a public tour?) and won't have to release details of the loan and commissions paid by the bank (how many names on the list got special treatment by Dalager at City Hall?). He will try to stall until after the election.

  20. this site has jumped the shark. it now sucks. nothing but negative political banter. whinging c--ts

  21. Nice to see this blog back to it's good old self. Plenty of posts all over the spectrum.

    Now the question must be asked, how long will this be allowed?? JP has a business now. The city has never hesitated to send the code enforcement into or onto a property to harass a business or property owner. Should they do so to JP, expect him to return this blog to sign in status.

    We need to enjoy this while we can.

  22. I hear tell there are more shoes to drop in the Dalager saga. I get up early every morning to check the UT watchdog reports. The truth will set you free Dan (well maybe not).

  23. Thanks to Anonymous at 2:37 pm.

    I just checked the minutes of the December meeting, which are under the January 14, 2009 meeting. The motion to pay McCabe $25,000 was made by Dalager and seconded by Stocks. Motion carried. Ayes: Stocks, Bond, Dalager. Nayes: Houlihan. Abstain: Barth

    Fiscally sound? NOT!!

  24. To the 12:02 p.m. Anonymous poster:
    We do indeed owe a debt of gratitude to all of the activists who worked tirelessly, without pay, to get this city incorporated. They, through the city's general plan put into place all that is good in this city. For whatever reason, Dan Dalager was not a part of this group.
    Also, name calling is not an effective way to get across your point not is it a desirable character trait.

  25. To the 12:02 p.m. Anonymous poster:
    We do indeed owe a debt of gratitude to all of the activists who worked tirelessly, without pay, to get this city incorporated. They, through the city's general plan put into place all that is good in this city. For whatever reason, Dan Dalager was not a part of this group.
    Also, name calling is not an effective way to get across your point nor is it a desirable character trait.

  26. Rumor on the streets is that Teresa Barth's father sent the flyer to the blog after blacking out his name (see above).

    I knew Teresa was involved in this negative shit!

    What goes around, comes around!

  27. to 7:04 anonymous:
    Everyone in the entire city got the flyer. Didn't you?????

  28. One aspect of this debacle I haven't heard addressed is the sheer hypocrisy... For years the Chamber, DEMA, et al have been urging us citizens to "Shop Encinitas First" And "Shop E". So when it's time to buy appliances, the mayor hightails it out of town? Way to support the local merchants, Danny - NOT!

  29. The man behind the curtain.... Andreen....sad to say.

  30. There was no need for anyone to send Dalager's mailer to the blog. It went out to everyone in the city. Therefore it was Dalager himself spreading negative ****. It was another embarrassment for our city brought to us courtesy of Dalager.

  31. DAN = NADa

    Nada = nothingness, naught, nil, naught, peanuts, nix, empty, zero, zilch
    Dan is bad for Encinitas

  32. Went to the Cardiff post office today and saw a pile of Dalager's flyers in the trash can from the boxholders. Looks like they don't like him.

  33. Cardiff didn't know all it would have taken was a loan. Otherwise, we'd have given him a loan, and gotten a balanced Hall Park, controlled Union largess, and more. I'm sure people living near the park would have chipped in $1000 each.

  34. So what do you think the price tag was on the mailer? $1 each? Design, Printing, Postage and other... Who paid for it? How much money does Dan have? Has he been disclosing it or hiding it? I don't trust him or believe he is disclosing all his campaign contributers.

  35. That postage mailer was way more then $1 dollar each. The printing alone was closer to $2 per piece. Plus collating, labling and mailing probably pushing $2.50 each. For every household. You are talking well over $40,000.... lets see what his campaign disclosers list.

    I smell more cover-up and corruption. DA- Are you in the house?

    Send Duke Dalager to Prison.


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