Thursday, September 23, 2010

Even Kerry Miller Sees the Pension Problem

Former city manager has changed his mind. He is now for pension reform.

See also: Calpensions and Pension Tsunami, and the Encinitas pension boost of 2005.

Those who voted for the 2005 pension boost will not easily adopt pension reform because they will loose face over their 2005 action. They could have been leaders in 2005 and been ahead of the game, instead they made things worse. Only Barth and Kranz are willing to say that something must change.


  1. I don't understand why we have to pay them a pension? Why not just give them a 401k like everyone else gets and let them take responsibility!

  2. HH,

    I'm sure you mean, why not let them have a 401k and social security, and let them double dip after retirement

  3. What? Is that sarcasm? If it is it isn't very well thought out.

    Defined benefit pensions are lose-lose situations.

  4. Maggie can still save face if whe flips now.

    We know a lot more about pension underfunding and public worker overpayment than we did in 2005.

    Please, Maggie! It's not too late to see the light.

  5. So we are back to pension reform. What does the City do? Freeze all employees where they are and all new hires recieve no or lower benefits? How do you take away what was promised to a blue collar city worker who really does need those benefits, is not getting rich and will never get one of those enormous pensions that are being given out to only the top management and policy makers? I believe most would be happy to renegotiate a new agreement if it is necessary to save the city from financial hardship. No one wants to lose their job. It's in their best interest to do so in the long run if current conditions continue. The employees should pay for their share just like a 401K. I fear though that the SEIU will never let this happen. There are others beside our Council who have created this mess with pensions.The question still is... how do you fix it so that it is fair for all except those who have manipulated it? LL

  6. Seriously, employees actually like getting their pensions converted to 401k. They are initially surprised at how much the cash value of their pension is. Then, they will get a statement in the mail every month saying how much they have.

  7. Kerry and the council that quietly snuck these huge pensions in place without he lay-public knowing the real cost to their kids future should be prosecuted by the DA like the Bell folks. they need to go to prison.

    They are criminals. Maggie like Jerome and Dalager sold their soul that day on their vote. They are the cause of great hardship for Encinitas residents and the main reason why the Hall sports complex and other projects will never see completion.

    We need major pension overhaul. Like bring the whole 2005 pension increase to court. Declare it illegal because the dumb fuck public can barely balance their own checkbooks and has know ability to understand what City actions like a spike in pensions means for their future quality of life and their kids quality of life.

    Waite until you see the huge pensions in five years that will sink Encinitas future.... here is a small taste. There are many more plus of the 60k to 100k range. and encinitas is only a city of 20 years. Wait a few more until the Planning direct, engineering director, fire chief, head lifeguard, head tree chopper retire.... the pensions will rock this city and state to the bone.

    Politicians caused this mess.

    the answer is to tax all public pensions 50% as state law. That will bring it down to a more realistic level of pension

    Moving forward. Eliminate pensions. They are out of date. 401ks are good enough for the working public. Its good enough for public servants. PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNIONS ARE PUBLIC ENEMY NO 1 RIGHT ABOVE CHILD MOLESTERS.

    Never vote for an incumbent. They caused this mess. Two terms max. (one more term for Barth and then she gos too). Political office is supposed to be a sacrifice for the good of the people. NOT a CAREER!

  8. Here is the small taste of pensions to come.

    HEISER, DONALD $12,021.51 $144,258.12 ENCINITAS
    HILL, DARLENE $8,433.21 $101,198.52 ENCINITAS
    ROMERO, ROBERT $8,425.96 $101,111.52 ENCINITAS
    TUFTS, TALMADGE $9,605.67 $115,268.04 ENCINITAS

    We are only 20 years old. Waite and see the pension killing your kids.

    the future CApers payments required will suck the City's general fund dry. A responsible and smart City Manager would address this issue.

    Not addressing this issue in a transparent manner is criminal.

    We know this is ripping off the public

    It has to stop. Send Kerry Miller, Jerome, Maggie, and Dalager to Prison. Dalager has many other illegal issues on his plate as well.

  9. That is the truth. Houlihan, Stocks and Dalager caused this nightmare.

    bond will not remember his own name by the next election.

    Krantz and Barth are the only real good candidate for a positive future for Encinitas.

  10. Just a reminder. Those pension shown are on a per year basis. So for Example- Don Heisner get $144,000 per year. Let say he only lives another 24 years that’s 3,456,000.00. If he live longer, the costs go up and less projects get built. He probably will not live that long because he's overweight from eating all those gourmet meals at the station and unlike all his younger smarter employees didn't exercised himself. But knowing him, he will probably slim down and live until 100 just to screw then public. So a fat man will cost us $3. 5 million minimum. Can you imagine what happens when all these “fire fighters” Want to spike all their retirement to battalion chief or higher. Can you say $150k (2010 dollars) pay forever!!!!!

    I honestly know its going to come down to a collapse. The only reason I bring this up is the longer the worse for the public. The PUBLIC EMPLOYEES UNION IS THE NO. 1 ENEMY TO OUR CITY, ABOVE IRAQ AND CHILD MOLESTERS.



  12. nice one you angry little insecure man saying unions are worse than child molesters. what goes through your head to even think this way. as far as i'm concerned you are just a follower of all that is hip and in the news. you will be griping about the next hate-trend in no time right around the time your prius goes out of fashion and you will have to jump back into a hummer like you were in 3 years ago. open up your eyes and look around at the world. is the banking system and the corruption that goes along with that and all of our mortgages not hip to complain about right nor, or let me guess, you work for those guys and anyone with a steady job is now on your hit list.

  13. No. I agree with Anon. Its the unions.

  14. Hey 12:08-

    THAT HURTS. I resemble your comments. Still and all I agree that Unions and fools like Dalager are the biggest threat and reason for the conditions of today.

    Never vote for an incumbent. they caused this mess. Throw the bums out in November.

  15. Throw The BUMS OutSeptember 27, 2010 9:12 AM

    Kerry Miller WAS and IS a problem where ever he is employed.

    Throw the BUMS OUT!!!!


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