Saturday, September 11, 2010


Master Composter Course
The Master Composter course provides in depth training in the art and science of composting and how to teach it to others. Certification depends on class attendance and completion of 30 hours of community outreach. We encourage people of all ages and abilities to apply.
The course will be held in Encinitas. The class will be held five consecutive Monday evenings, from 6:00-8:30pm. Class dates are September 27th and October 4, 11, 18, and 25th. Optional field trips will be discussed the first day of class.
Course cost is a $30 material fees and the purchase of the course book The Complete Compost Gardening Guide by Pleasant & Martin.
The Master Composter Course is provided by the City of Encinitas and the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation.
Space is limited. An application is required. To download application or find out more information about the class, please visit or call (760) 436-7986 ext. 225.
I5 Expansion Meeting
Burning Question: How do we send cars using the 101 back to the I5 when the I5 becomes more backed up? 
Why won't we get more cut-through traffic if more lanes are not added to the I5? What viable alternatives will keep commuters off the 101... Vulcan and then our other residential streets?


  1. The city of Solana Beach has put up $50k to research the effects of this proposal on their community. Oceanside $85k. Encinitas, on a ubiquitous 3 to 2 vote, voted to not do anything.

  2. The recent single turning lane expansions on Fwy 5 through Solana Beach and Del Mar has basically eliminated the gridlock morning rush south on Hwy 101 through Encinitas, but it has gone totally ignored and unapplauded. I think one extra lane through Encnitas on 5 would be a good thing, but this issue of 8 or more lanes is being presented as all or nothing at all.

  3. The more they expand it, the more fools will come to clog it. When will it end?

    Encouraging & enabling people to work 30+ miles away from their homes, requiring massive commutes, is short sighted. I-5 is plenty wide enough. Meanwhile, the train ride along the coast is beautiful, cheap, never crowded and almost always on time.

  4. is this about trying to make commuting miserable?

    How is stopping the expansion going make gridlock or growth go away?

    There are many active Leucadians who commute up and down the coast everyday. I know of only one who constantly rides the bus.

    How can we blame caltrans for not taking care of the traffic, and putting commuters onto the 101, if they decide to expand the freeway and we say no?

    I think a lot of people are just starting to realize what is in store for north county. These things are designed decades before the cows come home. Please, get involved.


  5. Right now there are greenhouses at the North end of Hymettus with a permit on the gate for 33 single family residences. Another set are for sale on Eolus just North of Naiad. More on Urania with the permit for 30+ homes.

    Forget people trying to get through Leucadia, all of these people will be driving the surface streets and I-5 because they have no other option. If we can get decent public transportation, we can reduce congestion by putting more people in fewer vehicles.

    For all of those who are saying "But I don't want to use public transportation, I like the freedom of my car" - fine. Let people like me get on a bus to the Coaster (running on a decent schedule, including Sundays) and you can have my spot on I-5.

    I know that people will call me a NIMBY because my property is I-5 adjacent, but I have looked at the plans and my life will improve with the expansion. Pireaus will become 2-way at Leucadia Blvd. so people won't have to make U-turns in the driveways of everyone on Ocean View (East side). The noise abatement will be much better than was required when the freeway was built in 1962, so my house will probably be quieter (even though the noise doesn't bother me). None of the configurations will take any of my land.

    I am against the expansion for 2 reasons. First, I have lived in places with good public transportation. It can be easier than driving for daily commutes. It will use less oil per person, which would be nice for the environment and national security. And, by all means, keep your car for the one-off trips that would be difficult to work out schedules.

    Second, once a week we hear that San Diego doesn't have enough water for our current population. This expansion is not being proposed to help those on the freeway now. It is for the additional 100,000 cars/day from an additional 1,000,000 residents that are expected by 2030. If our resources can't support the population then we don't need the additional infrastructure.

  6. Bart. Well said. One issue that needs to be dealt with. When are they going to deal with the East-West corridor to get to I-5? Has anyone ever been stuck on Balour trying to turn left on Santa Fe? Lake to Birmingham is starting to get dangerous as well. I am afraid this is a done deal for Caltrans. Too much money on the line to stop it. LL

  7. If you plan for more cars you will get them.
    8 lanes, 10 lanes, 12, 18, 20.
    If you plan public transportation intelligently, people will use it. A good share of the rest of the world knows this and is using and has used public funds to develop more senseable alternatives.
    We should, too. This plan is not the only option and certainly not the best.
    Our city council, (3-2), does not care, but we should and they should.
    Go to this meeting.


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