Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kevin C vs The City of Encinitas

NCTimes Council to Discuss Roads Report, Lawsuit

ETA Blog Calaware Says City Violation Open Gov Laws


  1. I see godzilla, that would be Kevin,

    But where are the little council people running away?

    We need a higher resolution picture.

  2. Get em KC-

    The only thing the City of Encinitas understands is lawsuites. Its good for the City Attorney's income.

  3. The Council are the Japanese actors whose voices are dubbed by some other off-camera English speaking actors. Like their Council counterparts, the Japanese actors have no idea what they are saying. When caught by the big green lizard, they can claim they did not know what they were doing was illegal. The analogy is perfect (but I bet Danny doesn't get it!)

  4. Hold on to your seats, it's going to be a bumpy ride for property owners. The consultant lists ways to raise the 47 million dollars with only a few ways that would be viable. Those few are of course assessing property owners for the repairs. Everyone that wants a new assessment district or snuck in under the lighting and landscape district sign up now.

  5. The single largest issue facing this City is the unfunded DEBT of the huge Pensions approved by Dalager, Stocks and Houlihan in 2005.

    These fools have sold our children out.

    If you notice everyother City is talking about pension reform.

    Not Encinitas. They Can't. Their Majority voted for the 40% spike with a group of literolly cheering employees in 2005. How stupid is RINO Stocks going to look discussing the issue.

    His political career is is done past Encinitas. He is part of the problem.... not any solution.

    As far as Houlihan, she's spent.

    As far as Dalager, he corrupt.

    Corrupt, stupid and arrogant...like nothing can keep him from being re-elected.

    Do something good for your kids future today. Get the word out and get money to the candidates opposing Dalager.

    Do something good for Encinitas today, vote out Duke Dalager.

  6. Stocks has his eye on a bigger office, perhaps one in Sacramento. His problem is that his record is seriously flawed as a Republican. The fact that he was a big factor in the pension mess here will come back to haunt him.

  7. Well, Stocks did say in a council meeting that they must be doing things right because no one has filed a lawsuit....thank Stocks for Kevin having to file a lawsuit to make the City follow the law

  8. I know there are way too many ambulance chaser lawyers running around, but still, who pays for all these instigating lawsuits?

    What's the upside?

  9. Do NOT re-elect any INCUMBENTS!!!

    Boot Barth along with Dalalger, she is an retired State employee sucking at the govt tit. She is adding to her pension every day she serves on the council.

    Do NOT re-elect any INCUMBENTS!!!

  10. To 8:58 Anno
    Please explain why you believe Gaspar is better qualified than Barth. Gaspar would put us in the same strangle hold the current council has had on our community.
    Or have you not thought it through?

  11. H.H.

    the law should not be a secret and the city should address any reasonable claim that they are not following the law, instead of covering it up.

    The downside of people not taking action is the accelerated erosion of our rights and the council's adherence to the law.

    You ask the wrong question. Is the city in violation of the law and did Kevin do everything he could to avoid a lawsuit?

  12. Anon9:51- I suppose you want to re-elect Houlihan and Bonds also??

    Dump all incumbents by the side of a long highway to nowhere in the Arizona desert, in the middle of summer w/o any water.

  13. don't elect anyone then nobody can become an incumbent.

  14. Thanks Kevin and Tony for your activism and your tenacity. Pay no attention to the all or nothing trolls. You doing serious homework and fact checking and spectacularly boring accountability tracking is worth dozens of these ranters. We all owe you.

  15. Wow. I've been away for awhile and I see that all the angry anon attackers are back after the wall was taken down. It's such great theater to see all the rhetoric being ratcheted up before we vote in November. They are even eating their own now with people going after Barth. Kevin, nice link on Terrisa's position on pension reform. I think she really does get it and knows how to do it. I am still waiting for more from Kranz. I know what he wants to do but I am still waiting for him to tell us how he will do it and what steps he will take to do it. How will he bring everyone together on the Council to work with him? It is easy to say "throw all incumbents out". Who will fix the mess and how will they do it? How long will it take? Pension reform is needed but how will it be done? Solana Beach is a great place to start. Their City has started the process within it's own ranks. Encinitas should look hard at that model. Let's take it down a notch people and try to work with each other instead of this divide and conquer nonsense. LL

  16. LL-when Barth repays the $16K she cost the city, then I will consider her with more respect. Until then VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS!!!

  17. Okayfine, 4:47. But, please, do not vote for Gaspar. She is a Dalager clone being directed and coached by Stocks. Voting for her would definately be like voting for another Dalager or Stocks.

  18. I'm all for the extra discussion that anonymity brings, but can't you at least make up a silly name for yourself so we can keep track of which "Anonymous" is saying what?

    As it is, I can't tell if this thread is 12 different Anonymouses, one schizophrenic Anonymous having a debate with himself, or somewhere in between.

    Come on, pick a name from the Simpsons or South Park or something. That way, we can get a sense of your perspective and personality as we read multiple comments from the same pseudonym.

    Just click Name/URL and make something up. For what it's worth, this is not my actual name or photograph.

  19. Miss me yet?



  20. Spot on W.C. What are you afraid of people? Are you all so lazy that you can't take five minutes to make up a witty handle? Or.... Is it that you just like to slander and attack in a stealthy manor? Responding to time stamps is so lame. Come on people stand up and be counted. It is what you all seem to be asking your Council to do. LL

  21. Kevin Cummins has the balls to stand up in front of the city council week after week, face to face.
    He makes you anonymous snipers look like cowards.

  22. Ouch! You must be a Giant Fan. Touche' Sir. Well played. Kevin is indeed no coward. LL

  23. Teresa and Tony do their homework. They do not talk off the top of their heads. If they don't know an answer they don't make one up. When Dan Dalager says things like the Hall property won't create any more traffic than a MacDonalds, as he did at the Cardiff Candidates Forum, it is obvious that he hasn't done his homework.

    P.S. WC thanks for the info on how to use the name/URL as I can't make the goggle identity work. Kathleen2

  24. Teresa did not cost the City money as a result of her complaint, the City failed to follow its own policy, hired LA attorneys and spent $17k massaging a legal opinion that should send the attorney up for malpractice. The City refused to release the attorney's bills that showed exactly who the attorney talked to and what the attorney was doing. That is why Stock is not beating his chest about this, cause he was out-foxed.

  25. V.C. is correct. Stocks and the Boys are the ones that cost the city, (us), the money.

  26. Huntington Hartford,

    There is no personal upside for me in filing a petition with the court. I don't make any money when we win and everyone's knee jerk judgment is that people that file in court aren't good people.

    I've seen the city abuse and VIOLATE the california public records act. The list is huge. The city clerk's office even refused to let the public SEE the city's public record policy!

    Only Barth seems to care that the city is open and doesn't cheat the laws.

    Two of the state's top records experts say the city is violating the CPRAct and Prop 218. The Mayor would not work with me to help resolve any misunderstandings of the law.

    Even the proposed uniter, Gaspar, was agreed that taking the issue to a judge was the next logical step after the Mayor and city attorney refused reconcile the law with the city's actions.

    What should have been done instead?

  27. As one of the people who wanted to see this lawsuit filed, I will say that I do not in general like lawsuits. However, sometimes people, or in this case the City of Encinitas, puts citizens in a lower class than the law. The the only way to help them move is to file a suit. Do you really think any of us that may have helped pay for this lawsuit wanted to shell out hard earned money? No. We want this City to obey the law so we don't end up like the City of Bell. Can you imagine what their citizens must be thinking right about now? You all should be happy that there are enough people willing to put their mouth and money on the line for all of the entire population. Those that don't like it must be OK with allowing public documents to remain private. That is against all the principles that this country was founded upon.

  28. EnviroWackoNuttBagSeptember 23, 2010 8:51 AM

    W.C., Loser Leucadian- since you feel the need to dictate how people live their lives I will select a name for myself to honor the memory of the most dictatorial Leucadian of them all.

    I will call myself EnviroWackoNuttBag.

  29. I am not the blog master nor do I dictate what goes on this blog. What is wrong with having a handle? You will still be anonymous. There are only a few who use their real names. Nobody is going to find out who you really are. If you wish to stay anonymous fine. I just think it is stupid to go back and forth responding to time stamps. Slandering and attacking people anonymously does seem a bit cowardly as padres suck has pointed out. Your new handle is very funny though. LL

  30. Loser Leucadian-

    You are true to your name.

    It is a fact that that anyone can remain anonymous as you have seen by people simulating your call handle.

    the fact of the matter is civility.

    Give people the openness of the blog and you have free speech at its finest.

    Once you try and regulate, you get into all kinds of sticky issues and free speech is suppressed.

    Just to prove the point I will post on as someone else in the near future and believe me. I could find that simple stupid picture you posted.

    Free speech. Free Blog. And welcome back Dr. Lorri

    I can read by seeing comments from KC, Dr. Lorri, JP, Fred C, and many more we have more than ample citizens willing to do the work of the people (notice I didn't say the work of special interests or my own personal gain).

    Cheers and free speech.

  31. I agree Voter. You know your stuff

  32. I agree with Voter. He sure is smart

  33. Voter , don't talk about civility when you defend an angry lynch mob. This blog is being taken over by angry myopic minded people who hate free speach. It's just pure political hate speech. They only want like minded people to share their hate of all that opose what they think. Well done. If you find my stupid little photo of me on the top of the mountain, it just means that you have hacked into my computer. That would make you a thief and a liar. LL

  34. How cute! Does that symbolize your climbing on top of the mountain of governments DEBT so you can continue to receive your government paychecks?

    I love your stupid comments, you are such a tool.Loser.LL.


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