Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lessons Not Learned

There have been many silent scandals at Encinitas City Hall. Chief among them are the millions of dollars funneled to city hall cronies through real estate transactions.

Real estate is how Duke worked his corruption.  Its telling that Danny Dalager came to the defense of Randy Cunninghnam's character during the 2006 Leucadia Town Council Candidate's Forum.  Cunningham had already been convicted of bribery for national defense contracts, and Dan though we should look past that little detail.

Should anyone be surprised if Danny pushes the ethical gray zones into dark territory?

In 2006, the press wouldn't look into the stench around the city's real estate transactions. The stories are outlined in this 2006 pamphlet.
Encinitas Views September 2006

Many a Dalager supporter said at the time, I'm sure he will learn from his million dollar mistakes. We can see how well that went in this video.

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  1. After bonds are paid, with interest, maintenence, lights, cunsultants, workshops, development, street alignments, and all the delays, it will cost close to $100mil for Dalagers Hall Regional Sports Park.
    We could have had a community park with fields built by now.


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