Monday, September 06, 2010

Leucadia Blog to Help Fund Dalager Campaign

The Leucadia Blog's $50 honorarium for usable photos of Dalager's "crap" kitchen has been matched by an anonymous blog reader. That brings the reward for documenting the kitchen to $100 bucks. Send your pledge of matching funds to

The Leucadia blog will pay $300 for video of Dalager taking a bat to his new appliances

Before the story broke, the rumor was Dalager got a whole kitchen remodel, not just a set of appliances. This rumor wasn't posted to the blog, because it was just another rumor about Dalager at that point. At this time, Dalager says he wants to be open, but he won't let the press inspect his kitchen. That makes the rumor relevant and necessary to note, because the current status of the overall kitchen must be revealed in the photo set to receive payment. The  photo set must also allow viewers to determine the model of each appliance and their condition.

The photos must be authorized by a Dalager family member. Dalager has three reasons to not let the Leucadia Blog into the house:

1) half-truths
2) choking hazards
3) ass covering.

Dalager is not going to let just anyone in to see the kitchen. But he's not going to say no to possible campaign donations from his trusted supporters! That would look really really bad if he said no to campaign money in exchange for clearing his name. That is WIN WIN!

If you are a Dalager supporter, head on over to Danny's house for a photo shoot. You can let Danny know that you'll use the honorarium to make a contribution to his campaign. Everyone knows how friendly the Dalagers are. They'll be happy to see you.

If you know a Dalager supporter please let them know about this offer for freeeee money. Here are a few of our friends who might want to give donations to Danny:

Craig Arnold
John Jgata (Gjata ?) 
Chris and Marie Cote
Chad Dinenna
Gary and Joan Hanel

Brett Farrow
Mike McGill
Tom Pellegrino
Vince Jewel
Tony Hawk
Mark and Melissa Howard
Justin and Jamie Machado
Don and Shirley Hansen
Woody Eckstrom
John Carney

Charlie Marvin
Mike Clark

Keith Shillington
Scott Brown

Joey and Sianna Randall
David and Leslie Cothran
Dave and Vickie Brookes
Betty Putnam
Morris Pike (Captain Book)

Don and Sheila Frank
Jim and Susan Comforti
Pat ‘Trish the dish’ Dugger
Charlie and Shelly Sougias
David Agaygos
Lonnie Madrid

Linda Benson
Doug Goad
Tom and Cathy Staver
Peter Curry
Chris Hicks
Terry Sisson
Larkin Hatfield
Brian Geary
Bobby Virk
Tim and Carolyn Cady
Cal and Cory Ellisor
Col. Jack Kelly, USMC (ret)
Shawn and Carol Holder
Jim Babwe
Mike and Lauri Scott

Paul Ecke
Amy and Robbie Roberts
Mary and Coach Ed Wiley
Dan O'Shea
Don Hubbard
Walter Schaefer
Andy Brown
Keith and Sara Harrison
Cheryl and Ken Harrison
Doug and Karen Long
Ken and Anne Ritchie

Bart and Dee Smith
Don Heiser

Judy Hansen
Mark Anderson
John and Mary Slingerland
Chris Calkins
Phil Kessler
Mark and Paula Allen

Linda and Tim Finnell
John Conover
Candy and Rocky Brown
Jan Grice
Gene Arrant
Bev Clausen
Warren Raps
Reverend Mike Roberts
Tony and Cindy Brandenberg

Free Campaign Dough for Dalager ...well, almost freeeee


  1. Dalager is like that smarmy soap scum blockage swirling between the drain and drainage in your tub...he can talk around the issue but can't do the explaining. How many of us say we "goofed" when we have broken the law. Jeez officer, I "goofed" by going 90 miles an hour off the Leucadia exit; I "goofed" when I forgot who I was when I voted to approve my appliance dealer's special appeal; I "goofed" when I voted to make a huge sports complex in the middle of a tiny close-knit neighborhood; I "goofed" when the trees were cut down at Orpheus Park; I "goofed" when I commented to a public speaker that she was more than welcome to come back to un-DRESS the council seeing as she was so purty; I "goofed" when my hands couldn't stay by my sides when acting as Mayor cause I'm a wanna-be good ole boy who is free to fondle and fawn...well, only as to the girls, NOT EVER THE BOYS.

  2. Vote for anyone else but Duke Dalager.

  3. This is a great goof for the goofy one. Nice bit of research with the supporter names. This is the kind of bright light and sunshine that needs to shine on all public 'servants' in Encinitas.

    Not anyone else - vote Tony Kranz instead of Dalager please. And re-elect Barth. The other candidate will only ensure the crony network continues (and has that same list of supporters as Dan I suspect).

  4. Yeah great research. Ha! It was cut and pasted from Dan's own candidate webpage. Now if Kranz would do the same, we could learn something about who stands with him, yet alone what he stands for on issues concerning this City. His webpage gives us nothing. Say what you will about Dan but at least Dan has his issues noted on his webpage. Zero information from Kranz. Show me the lite Kranz. Loser

  5. Sure looks like some good upstanding citizens in Dan's camp. They can't all be wrong about the man. Can they? Or.. are they all "good ole boy's"? Ask Maggie about the agreement she made years before with the Condo owners that really gave the green light to cut down the trees in Orpheus Park. The Condo owners are the real villians on that issue. The trees would still be there if they didn't bitch about their million dollar views. They are just like the whiners in that tiny close nit neighborhood in Cardiff. Loser

  6. Who the heck are these people anyway? Recognize a few names of corporate donations, but everyone else is a legend in their own mind. Is this the entire foundation of Dalager's support? If so, Nov can't come fast enough.
    Dump Dalablabber
    Peace Out

  7. Dump Dalager, Houlihan and Stocks next chance you can; they are responsible for the 40% pension spikes and 14% staff raises in 2005.

    They need to be sent to prison for robbing our childrens future and increasing taxes.

    There actions caused more to City Pensions including their own and to City Projects like the Hall Regional Sports Complex.

    No wonder there is no money for the park, Dalager wanted to increase his pension payments.

  8. I completely agree with Loser Leucadians recommendations. Dump Dalager, he is bad for Encinitas. Loser.

  9. What we can do is support Barth and Krantz.
    What will allow Dalager to win is complaining and not doing anything.
    Send money to support the campaigns of Barth and Krantz. Go to their meetings, to see what you can do to help. Do nothing and Dalager wins.

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