Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Little More Leucadia

A Little Moore Coffee shop is one of Leucadia's breakfast traditions. It is along on the northern 101 and once we get pedestrian rail crossings it will be within legal walking distance of all northwestern Leucadia.

 I dare say that the thick tree canopy along the street sets the ambiance of the dining experience.

The folks running the cafe are super nice. You can tell that they really enjoy being able to play a small role in the life of Leucadians.
 It's a family run shop. Share the love.

My kids always love it. Pancakes are always right on. Scrambled eggs fluffy and good to go. Sometimes the french toast is a little wet, but we're still happy.

It's a good place to start your day and run into a few fellow Leucadians.


  1. They don't need to build a street level crossing, they just need to throw down some landscaping and get rid of those horny goat weed tire poking plants.

  2. BS. they need a rail crossing.

    the huge neighborhood to the east needs and wants to visit local businesses.

    Please use some common sense. Build a railroad crossing. or don't enforce anymore than today. I cross all the time.

  3. Love, love, love A Little More as our family tradition after a morning walk to north Leucadia.

    About the goat weed plants, I just read about Russell Levan speaking about his NCTD/City communications at the Oral Communications at the last Environmental Commission meeting:
    Russell Levan spoke about ongoing problems with ‘goats head
    thorns’/puncture vine on the bike path along North Highway 101 and
    Vulcan. He said that on July 22, 2010, that a local bike shop noted that approximately 30 customers came in with flat tires. The challenge has been that the area of concern is covered by both the City of Encinitas and NCTD. Liz also commented that she and her mother both had flats on their bicycles from thorns recently after riding along Vulcan to the Farmers Market.

    I recently stepped on one in bare feet and had a painful, bloody puncture wound. Anyway, this coming Thursday's Environmental Commission meeting has the goat herd nuisance on the agenda.

  4. Green slime goes along way in helping solve the flat bike tires. Staying off that flat green plant helps, too.

    The lack of rail crossing in leucadia doesn't keep anybody from visiting the other side of the tracks. I cross 3 or 4 times a day. If they add a street level crossing then the train will have to slow down and/or honk... Nobody in leucadia wants more honking.

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  6. We eat there 5 times a week! Love the food and great service!


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