Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Hoodlink

We post editorials from any camp. If there is any grassrooting for Dalager, let us know and will post stuff from that camp.

Here is an editorial from Hoodlink, titled Oh Dan.

with a majority’s dogma unable to violate the
rights of a minority, of even one, to have their
voice heard.

What our current representatives in the
majority on the Encinitas City Council have
done is to exclude all issues from the agenda
which were not chosen by the majority. The
vote was, wait for it… 3 to 2… with Dan
Dalager, Jim Bond, and Jerome Stocks voting
to require that three members of the Council
must agree to adding an item to the agenda.
Those three have been telling us for years
that omnipotent knowledge is divined by
counting to three. Now, in addition to telling
us that they have no responsibility to listen to
an opinion they do not hold, they have voted
to totally exclude items from the agenda that
they do not want to be officially discussed.
It is time to break up that poisonous
triumvirate. Regardless of what a friendly guy
he may be, or how long he and his family have
been in town, we need to step into a better
future by voting Dan off the Council. Now!
~ the editors

Entire September Hoodlink Issue [clicky clicky]


  1. Duke fan club and camp?

    Maybe Duke Cunningham would write something nice about him?

  2. Tuesday at Ada Harris, 7 to 9
    Canidates Forum They all will be there.
    Well, maybe. Dan and Stocks's puppet did not attend the caniidates session the city offered, but Teresa and Tony did.
    This is the first opportunity to ask Dan questions in an open forum. He can't hide.
    Take the opportunity.

  3. There was nothing subtle about that power grab. Did they offer any rationalization for requiring that Dalablabber, Stocks and Bond are the only councilmembers who can agendize items?

  4. It's time to change our city's name to BELLcinitas.


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