Friday, September 17, 2010

Nice Things to Say Friday

What are three good things about one or each of the candidates?

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  1. Dalager has good hair.

  2. Encinitas has a positive future with new fresh council members and Teresa Barth!

  3. Dalager is a heckuva nice guy when you see him around town.

    Gaspar is really enthusiastic about building a sports park.

    Barth and Kranz are awesome on transparency and open government.

  4. Teresa Barth and Tony Kranz do their homework and give real answers to questions asked of them.

    Kristen Gaspar has a nice smile.

    Dalager has a nice smile in the newspaper articles.

  5. I was at the Cardiff Town Council meeting where the 4 candidates spoke. Kranz and Barth seemed to really know what was going on in the City and answered questions asked. Although each candidate only had 2 minutes to respond, they could not give detailed answers , but I was impressed by how much information these 2 had, and could express in 2 minutes. Gaspar seemed a little out of her league, although it was the first of the forums so I am not going to judge her one one meeting. She did say she was very much in favor of the 90 foot lighting at the Hall Property, something that is especially controversial in Cardiff. However, at least she was honest about it. Dan was Dan. Nothing much more to say than that. He was given extra time to talk about the recent things that have been reported. However, I came away with the impression that he really believes that he did nothing wrong, which does concern me. That is my assessment of the situation so far.

  6. The best thing I can say is we live in a country where we can vote and we all have a say in November whether Danny had a slight oversight or two or whether he did something very wrong.

  7. Dalager has a sweet looking kitchen!

    Those are some awesome appliances.

    He must be very smart to be able to buy such quality.

  8. Fortunately there are other methods to loan $100k then banks and people don't really believe in favors needing to be repaid. We live in a great country. thank god we really don't need banks for saving or lending.

  9. Fan of Dr. Lorri and VoterSeptember 17, 2010 11:34 PM

    Its nice to see Dr. Lorri back commenting at the blog. I think open blog comments are the way to go.

    as we have seen, flamers will exist with or without sign in requirements.

    If the blog masters JP and KC don't like the rawness of a comment, simply delete it. Its your blog. And its good and pure entertainment for the rest of us.

    Welcome back Dr. Lorri. I hope you haven't forgotten your goal of term limits. I am with you 100%.

  10. Now that it's Saturday, can we be critical again?

    I thought the Coast News coverage of the Cardiff forum captured the essence of the candidates very well.

  11. 11:34-Thanks for the welcome back. I have to admit I always enjoy this blog a bit more when people can post anonymously. However, I know J.P and Kevin are super busy people, so I imagine it would be hard to moderate. Maybe they could enlist another person to help them with that?

    As for term limits, I am more for them now than ever. My question at the first Candidates forum was about the 90 foot poles at the Hall Property. At the next forum I am going to ask the candidates their thoughts on term limits. Or someone else could ask in case I am not called upon. It would be so much easier if Council would just put it on the ballot and let voters voter on it, instead of getting the signatures needed and the money it costs for citizens to do it. After the new council is seated, I will ask at a Council meeting, during Oral Communications, if they will do that. If they say no, then I would like to go ahead with the process. I know one attorney who is willing to help. However, we would need a lot of people to help gather signatures. We will see how it goes. In the meantime, hopefully we can get Barth and Kranz elected. Now you all know who my votes will go to.

  12. Throw da bums out in November!!

    Throw ALL of them out in November!!

    If you are not outraged by ALL politicians and their crony govt worker pals, then you are not paying attention. Vote out ALL incumbents in November.

    Now for the good things that KC wants us to say...
    Kranz..isn't Dalager.
    Gaspar..isn't Barth or Houlihan.

    PS-When is Google going to update this lame blog design. Modern comments on any number of websites allows +or- responses to individual commentators. This blog design is old and outdated.

  13. Encinitas Deserves Better !

    If you are a citizen that wants a clean "SWEEP" - - "Start With Every Elected Politician" - - in the coming elections, there aren't many choices for the Encinitas City Council. Incumbents Dan Dalager seems to have shot himself in the foot and Teresa Barth carries her own unique baggage in regards to her inability to 'play nice' with others and conserve city funds ... not to mention that the Treasurer of her Committee has been warned by the Fair Political Practices Committee in Sacramento that he "violated several ... reporting and disclosure requirements" for "failure to disclose" on campaign finance reports while also acting as Treasurer for another now sitting on the same Council.

    So we are left with two unknowns to fill two vacancies! One gentlemen aligned with Barth out of Leucadia and a lady with little prior experience in government. I know nothing of the man as yet; however, I do know and recommend the lady. Kristin D. Gaspar, is an intelligent, unselfish, civic-minded professional and mother - the kind of representative we sorely need on the Council to end the self-serving interests and petty personal agendum that has plagued our City for too many years! She is the kind of new face and talent we all should look for in November.

  14. Stocks would also love for her to sit next to him and control her puppet strings. They are long time buddies from the rotary club.

  15. Anon 9/26 10:09

    Was the treasurer warned about reports he did for Barth?

    Or are you talking about the complaint filed by Harry Eiler against Houlihan? (With the help of Stocks )

    Liar liar pants on fire.


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