Saturday, September 04, 2010

Battle of the Papers: Tied Score

UT Watchdog, 2 point opening shot

NCT Henry,
2 point response
NCT star, Henry, savvy to the wrinkles in the home team defense, finds that Dalager's loss in the kitchengate vote was overridden by the referees "dropping the ball". Its not the first time a game changing call going Danny's way smelled funny.

Warming up is the local favoriate, the Coast News. Scouts have high hopes for a 3 point shot from the scrappy little paper on the the 101. Could we see photos of Danny's kitchen? It could turn into a Cindera story.

Score: 2-2-0


  1. All I can say is I hope some journalism remains.

    The Associated Press is pure propaganda. worse than a Chinese rag.

    Thank god for the internet and cell phones. The message about truth gets out quicker than anything you'll imagine.

    the word is getting out. Dalager is a dumb ass wanta be union patsie.

    He might be the new mascot for

    Dalager is crooked and needs to resign.

  2. Hijacker loser. You talk about truth and ethics, yet you slander others and try to assume other people/s identities. That makes you a hypocrite. You are no better than those that you opose. You have no cedibility at all. Kevin and J.P. Cardiffian is right and I was wrong. This blog has been ruined by those who take over other peoples handles. It is now a rag for those who hate Dan Dalager. Hijacker loser...Congratulations! You'll make a great politician. Loser

  3. Hijacker Loser. Do you think this blog is all about you. You will make a great politian. Loser.

  4. To vote Dalager out is fine but with anyone but Dan is not. We need qualified candidates that have a record to run on. We know where Barth stands on issues concerning this City. Kranz has not stated what he will change and how he will do it. The other candidate has not told us how she would change issues within the City as well or how she plans to do so. There are two months to go and we still have no real solutions. Loser

  5. W.C. Being stupid is not a crime as far as I know. Besides he probably has already taken the appliances outside to the tool shed and used a few garden tools on them by now. A photo tour of his kitchen will not prove anything now. We all know he will never resign. Loser

  6. that what Dan's been cookin in his scrap defective kitsch? Yech! Them squireleels are sure lookin a bit tasty now.

  7. I just hope that the next council members can do what right for our children.

    They need to address the pensions which Dalager spiked 40% in 2005.

    they need to eliminate pensions completely and have the employees participate in 401k and social security. They need to be just like the rest of America.

    No special class. McCain and Obama are tools. Dalager is owned by unions. Vote for anyone but these tools.


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