Saturday, October 16, 2010

Americans are too honest to tamper with democracy

...but the Russians and Chinese are really good at hacking.

In the District of Columbia, the Board of Elections and Ethics (DCBOEE) did something noteworthy: they permitted a public test of their experimental Internet voting system which was to be launched for overseas and military voters to use in the Midterm Election, and the results of the test were stunning. Researchers from the University of Michigan led by computer science professor J. Alex Halderman carried out a dramatically effective hack and were able to change voted ballots at will, control the server, and find top secret documents. They were even able to block out ntruders from China and Iran, as they had complete control over the system.
Read more at verified voting.


  1. Sounds like Afghanistan.

  2. Thanks for posting this.BTW this guy was even able to get the system to play the Mich. State fight song every time a vote was cast.
    All voting machines are the biggest threat to our country.The CEO of Deibold was the head of the re-elect Bush organization in Ohio for the '04 election.He had the balls to publicly promise a victory for him.The #3 person in charge of elections there is now in charge of San Diego elections.The key republican tech guru in Ohio in '04 was supposed to testify about the hacking about a year and ahalf ago.His private plane crashed days before he was to testify.His wife claimed he was threatened by Karl Rove.
    The corp. takeover of this country is all but complete.The only thing that can stop it is fully verifiable ballots.
    I'd sign my name but these assholes play for keeps at every level.
    P.S. BP now wants to cap their liability at 75million for the gulf.

  3. Did anyone else get the Danny Dalger and Kristin Gaspar political ad in the mail today. It must have cost a pretty penny. He is calling himself Danny now. The endorsements are really scary.

  4. I thought the endorsements were more surprising by who was missing! It was limited to family, ESL and Little League.

    I'm ashamed that the Encinitas Soccer League and Little League would put their access to fields over ethics. These endorsers chose to back Danny's unethical behavior in the belief that Danny is the only way they will get fields. What a poor lesson in civics and ethics for their children.

  5. How do you know the ESL is putting fields before ethics?

    I'll bet they see exactly the opposite way.

  6. Dalalger - proof that monkeys still live amongst us.

  7. Thanks for good stuff


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