Thursday, October 21, 2010

Balanced Deal

I will personally pay Teresa's legal bill if in return the City Employees, the Hall Park Developers, Dan, and Jerome cover the $10s of millions of dollars in unfunded pension liabilities and street maintenance that they have racked up.

Charlie McDermott


  1. Finally, a Teresa supporter acknowledging that she cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars on a stupid investigation!

  2. 8:02,

    No one was harsher on Teresa than I was when the harassment debacle broke.

    But I don't think that one very unfortunate episode amounts to anything compared to the culture of corruption at city hall.

    None of the candidates is perfect. But then they're not running for Pope. It's pretty clear who is on the side of taxpayers, ethics, and the environment, and who is on the side of unions and developers.

  3. WC,

    Are you saying that Teresa agreed with you that she did something wrong?


  4. stop the 'tardationOctober 21, 2010 8:25 PM

    Yo twisty mctwist twist. The point is the Encinitas Elitist keep whining like little girls about Teresa's harassment suit costing the city money when they themselves have cost the city millions and millions and millions of dollars with their various schemes. Stop being so retarded you fools.

  5. John,

    The complaint was confidential until Jerome ran around the room waving it around. The city manager blabbed to the whole council before the lawyers where hired. Why didn't Jerome call Teresa stupid then and call for the complaint to be made public or ask that the city attorney explain away the mixed signals sent to the council about sexual harassment. Huh?

    John, if sexual harassment doesn't apply to the council why has Dan been forced to sit through sexual harassment refresher seminars every year? Because of Dan, the taxpayers have had to pay for the whole council to sit through sexual harassment seminars. Ask Jerome.

    Jerome ran up the lawyer's bills so they could make a big stink later on. It is exactly what they’ve done. They needed something to go after Teresa.

    Teresa was a dumb ass for doing something that really comes across as a personal issue with Dan's sometimes gross behavior. Teresa let us all down.

    Teresa set the boys up to distract us from the issues. Jerome was the one who ran up the bill.

    Teresa, Dan, and Jerome all did something wrong.

    Who's blowing up the city's future?
    Dan and Jerome

    Who is protecting the city, except when she lost it?
    Teresa. Teresa constantly makes the boys look bad on issues of public policy.

  6. Teresa stood up for women, how is that letting the City down? It is easy to take aim at her because the women involved did not complain, but that is what happens when a workplace has tolerated this behavior for years. W.C., I agree with you most of the time, but to call her complaint a debacle is not realistic. And, 8:02, there WAS NO INVESTIGATION, and that is the problem and that is a violation of the law and that is why this is still an issue...why block an investigation?

  7. 9:10 Nice blog Maggie!

  8. Coast News endorses Barth & Kranz, slams Dalager, ignores Gaspar.

  9. Even intelligent men and women I know consider Teresa's responsible act of making a complaint about harassment a blunder. I emphatically disagree. Pretending an expectation of basic rights is some kind of personal failing is classic for marginalizing a group of people. In this case, half of the population. I pass along a response I share . . .

    First of all, I hate the phrase "politically correct," which has just become a phrase used to (unsuccessfully) mask a sneering contempt for basic decency. If you're someone who has the nerve to suggest that marginalized people should be treated with dignity and respect, you're "politically correct," which not only disdains the fundamental kindness of acknowledging another person's, or one's own, agency and humanity, but also implicitly suggests that you aren't principled: You don't believe that shit; you're just being politically correct. Ugh.

    Secondly, I find it hilarious that a plurality of surveyed US adults thinks the country's just gone too "politically correct" for its own good. Yes, if there's one thing I always say about the US, it's: Settle down with all the respect and equality!

  10. Oh yes, before, during and after an election I want public officials (aka candidates) to treat the public and each other with respect and fairness. It isn't a quality that is just for certain formal occasions.

    This does not mean Teresa and Tony should not stand up to bullies. Neither of the candidates have gone looking for a fight. News articles and opposition money have created fights for public entertainment. Meanness and money define the electorate's attention span.

  11. 935,

    It didn't work.

  12. Our New Slogan: Vote for Tony or he'll kick your ass!

  13. New slogans for Dalager and Gasper"
    Dalager- Vote for me or I'll make you pay big bucks!
    Gaspar: Vote for me or I will make sure that if you come to Gaspar Physical Therapy your PT experience will be really unpleasant! And it will cost you a small fortune to pay off my campaign debts since I didn't win.

  14. What a joke Joe Corder and Dan Gaston were at the City Council meeting this week. Accusing Teresa of mudslinging. Dan and Kristin are responsible for the mudslinging! Dan got himself into the mess he is in - NO ONE ELSE! Stop playing the victim Dan. You are a bumbling fool who cannot lead our city. I will certainly be boycotting Corder Cabs and once I find out what business Mr. Gaston operates, I will boycott him as well! Ridiculous. They don't even know what they are talking about!

  15. An ethical physical therpistOctober 22, 2010 9:15 AM

    Don't forget to boycott Gaspar Physical Therapy. All of this stuff is being paid for by physical therapists all over the State. I wonder why? Well, is it perhaps because Paul Gaspar is on the State Board of Physical Therapists? They get to decide who gets to keep their license or who does not. So, as much as I would like to post my name, I fear for my job. Need I say more?

  16. Has anyone heard if anything has been done to the president of the Rotary Club in Encintas. It is bothering me a lot. If it is really true I will file a complaint. Does anyone know if it really was the president or a look alike?

  17. The North County times has said NO to Prop. P. .... Is Kevin going to finally come out of the Encinitas Tax Closet? Or is he still diverting all this away from his fiduciary duty?

  18. U-T busts the Dalager / Gaspar mailer firm and Gaspar's mysterious benefactor "Jane Blair."


    Jonathon Horn is doing some good reporting down there.

  19. I've just received the 3rd slate mailer paid for by Dalager and Gaspar. The 3 organizations are:
    1) The Voter Information Guide
    2) The Council of Women Voters, and
    3) The Coalition for Senior Citizen Security

    All 3 mailers suggest they are supporting the Democratic party and progressive state initiatives. They endorse Jerry Brown for governor, Barbara Boxer for senator, and Prop. 19, the marijuana legalization initiative. One even includes critical remarks about Meg Whitman. And lo and behold, they also contain endorsements of Dalager and Gaspar, with asterisks indicating both candidates helped pay for the flier. This is the height of cynicism. Dalager and Gaspar are willing to totally contradict their basic principles and beliefs, relying on voter ignorance to get a few more votes. All three mailers include a phrase such as "take this with you to the polls" - in other words, if you're in a rush and just want to know how Democrats and progressives are voting, just take this with you and fill in the dots accordingly.

    This is a blatant attempt to overwhelm the voter with misinformation. It is an overt threat to democracy, and a perversion of free speech. We need to bring this to light, expose it, bring it forward for all to see. We can't let people win an election this way. This is a travesty.

  20. Please get the hell off this blog. You're wasting everyone's time


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