Sunday, October 17, 2010

Barth Responds

Send us stuff to publish. A Barth supported forwarded this:

A slate mailer (paid for by Dan Dalager, Kristin Gaspar and Yes on Proposition A, a San Diego County issue). It lists a number of issues Dalager & Gaspar support and implies that I do not. Of course each issue is more complicated than the simplistic manner it is presented.

Below is my response to each false or misleading statement:

Hall Community Park. I have from the very beginning supported a park on the Hall property that provides sports and recreational uses for all ages that also respects the quality of life of the surrounding neighborhoods. The source used in the mailer was a Union Tribune editorial that also misrepresented my position.

Scripps Hospital Expansion. I supported the expansion but voted against a city imposed condition that could require the surrounding property owners to PAY for future mitigation measures needed to deal with the traffic impacts created by the hospital.
Source: Minutes May 23, 2009

Desalination. The council never voted to support or oppose desalination. The council voted against committing the San Dieguito Water District to a contract to purchase desalinated water from Poseidon at an UNDETERMINED future price. Councilman Bond, the city's long time representative to the San Diego County Water Authority, noted that Poseidon did not have a good track record of delivering water at a competitive price. The vote was Bond, Barth & Houlihan to protect the SDWD ratepayers with Stocks & Dalager opposed. The mailer credits the source of information as the SDWD Minutes, August 22, 2010 which is a Sunday. The correct date of the meeting is August 22, 2007.

I-5 improvements. I support improvements to the I-5 corridor within CALTRANS current right of way rather than the large expansion currently proposed that will require the taking of private property.

Performing Arts Center at San Dieguito Academy. I support the Performing Arts Center and would have voted for a variance to allow that building to exceed the 30 foot height limit. I did not support the recommendation to spot zone the entire campus allowing all buildings to be up to 34 feet tall.

Sand Replenishment tax. I voted against a second ballot measure to place a 2% tax on vacation rentals for sand replenishment. The public had previously voted for an 8% TOT tax on vacation rentals, similar to the room tax for hotels but did not support a 2% tax specifically for sand. Councilmember Houlihan & I both felt that it was not a prudent use of tax dollars to hold another election within 6 months of the first measure. The public did approve the 2% the second time. I personally support the Sand Replenishment tax.

Fees for Encinitas youth sport teams exclusive use of fields. All groups wishing to have exclusive use of a city park, recreational facility, conference room, etc. must pay a fee EXCEPT youth sports teams. At the June 17, 2009 meeting, in light of declining revenue, a recent fee increase for all other recreational programs and the need to identify funds for the maintenance and operation of the future park at the Hall property I recommended a change in the city's current policy. I suggested a flat rate fee based on the amount of use and those fees be set aside in a special park development fund. The vote was 3-2 with councilwoman Houlihan supporting my recommendation.

Credit Card Usage since 2006. I do not know if that dollar amount is correct but I do attend meetings, workshops and the annual League of California Cities conference as a means of staying current with changing state laws, urban planning, transit, and environmental issues. Registration, transportation and lodging fees are paid by the city. I do not however request reimbursement for any out of pocket expenses or for per diem.

For the last two years the council voted unanimously to designate me as the city's official delegate at the League's annual conference. Dan Dalager has had two opportunities to question the expense of attending the conference but has not raised any objection.

There is a You Tube channel that has veto clips of the council meetings dealing with impacts of Scripps Hospital expansion on the Devonshire neighbors, the athletic field use fees, and public requests to discuss the I-5 widening. Watch for yourself. 


  1. OMG, Teresa sounds alot like Dan Dalager; excuses, excuses, excuses, without ever directly answering the questions.

    We are now lead to believe that it's Dan's fault Teresa spent so much money on her credit card. Dan should of stopped her.

    I'm only voting for Tony!

  2. Let's send a message, vote out all the incumbants!

  3. First anon. Really? I mean, really? Really?

  4. 2:10 please, don't vote. Stay home and watch Dancing With The Stars instead.

  5. First anon is nuts. How else would you rebut a hit job? Any defense against false accusations would be termed an excuse by anon #1.

  6. 2:10

    your argument supposes teresa directly answer the questions...
    what questions?

    she is stating her point to accusations made by the other side... that's all

    whether you believe it or not is up to you but you need to stop making up scenarios that don't exist.

  7. Even more slimy, there are no accusations per se. There are only insinuations, misleading provocations, threats and fear - the opposition's stock in trade. Hate and evil intent are like a drug to this kind of campaign.

    Lying by this opposition is now familiar to us all. Without an independent media exposing, debunking the lies and without the truth being heard - lies are believed.

    It is good that a few people can see it here. The website for videos was hot linked in Teresa's article. This got removed. The videos are here.

  8. Teresa, please DIRECTLY STATE YOUR POSITIONS on each of these issues (the shorter the better).

    Don't be a typical politician!

    If I don't see a response to this email, I'll assume your just like the rest.

  9. Teresa, it is wrong that you are forced to defend your reasonable and appropriate decisions.
    I did not read anything you wrote that is not proveably true. Can anyone else?
    The Dalager/Gaspar voice is an embarrassment to our city.
    I know you and Tony will offer the best for the most.
    Thank you


  10. Anon 4:24 I believe Teresa has stated her positions. I am deeply disturbed that you did not understand that she answered all the questions. Perhaps you should stay home and not vote. Unless you want to vote for dirty Dan.

  11. Go to Tony and Teresa's websites. They are full of information. On Tony's go to the issues and click on his video.

  12. Kranz is invisible - the Penny Saver isn't going to cut it. What a shame that he can't get his message out - he deserves to be on the council for his enthusiasm and knowledge of the situations facing the community. Dalager only knows that he needs more appliances and loans - and that squirrel huntin' wert be good in them thar olden days...

  13. Is this the same Tony that ran for a higher office in another state?

    Please explain Tony?

  14. Directory of insurance agencies organized by states

  15. What's the deal with insurance agencies? Is this some referral about Stocks' kick backs as a councilman?

  16. The brightest bulb in Encinitas.
    Our illuminated leader.....

    I Saw the Light
    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    posted by Jerome Stocks

    I was tasked with purchasing four 40 watt light bulbs for the new floor lamp my lovely bride just knew (correctly) would make a huge improvement to our family room decor.

    So off to Home Depot I go. There I found Compact Fluorescent bulbs with the “soft white” equivalent light output of a 40 watt incandescent bulb, but only use 9 watts of electricity. Sounds good so far, but they’re not for use with a dimmer. And 4 bulbs cost $15.00. Ouch.

    I also found four “soft white” incandescent 38 watt bulbs which of course use 38 watts of electricity and can be dimmed. 4 bulbs cost $0.99 No joke. $0.25 each.

    How long would it take to earn back the additional $14 in saved electricity from the reduced electricity used by the more expensive, non-dimming, toxic-mercury containing light bulbs?

    Is this what people refer to as the “green economy”? 14 times the price for an inferior product just to save a few watts of juice?

    Jerome Stocks says:
    January 12, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    Though the burger discussion is interesting, I must call BS.
    Light output is light output, but a burger can be a god given gift!
    I’m thinking of “In n Out” and / or “Tommy’s Original” with chili and cheese.

    Jeeze, can you tell it’s nearly dinner time?

    And by the way, there’s no way four 40 watt bulbs using 9 watts instead of 38 watts in a family room floor lamp could save $14 in two years! It’s more like 14 years.

  17. The math for a typical situation like this.

    Four 10 watt cfl bulbs that replace four 40watt incandescent bulbs save 30 watts per bulb thus reducing electricity consumption by 120 watts an hour for the four bulbs.

    Assuming being on 4 hours a day on average for a typical living room, that’s 480 watts a day.

    For 365 days, that’s 175.2kwhs a year. 172kwh of useage times a rate of 0.27cents a kwh (tier three or four rate from sdg&e) is $46.44 a year in energy savings for the four bulbs.

    These bulbs can be purchased in six packs for less than $10.

    Dimmable cfls can be found easily although costlier.

    With math experts like Jerome no wonder your pensions issues are so bad.

    Clearly you folks in Encinitas are not the brightest in the bunch.

  18. Jerome claims about "toxic mercury filled light bulbs.

    ...and this from the enviromental protection agency.

    "Ironically, CFLs present an opportunity to prevent mercury
    from entering our air, where it most affects our health. The
    highest source of mercury in our air comes from burning
    fossil fuels such as coal, the most common fuel used in the
    U.S. to produce electricity.

    A CFL uses light bulb and lasts at le75% less energy than an incandescent and last 6 times
    longer. A power plant will emit 10mg of mercury to produce
    the electricity to run an incandescent bulb compared to only
    2.4mg of mercury to run a CFL for the same time."

    CFL's should be recycled and LED's are an emerging better option.

    But hey, Jerome's an expert on Mercury and power plants.

  19. Kranz is a certified failure! Living in his mother-in-laws home in Leucadia as a paper salesman without ONE job as as a community volunteer in any capacity! This is unacceptable and looks like a remake of Nick "NOBODY" Liebham (remeber that young feller with all the big fancy degrees and not one ounce of experience anywhere outside the classroom)?

    Kranz aims low when he posts photos of his father as a Iwo Jima veteran to what try and bolster his own pathetic military record (National Guard, airfield maintenance hack).

    When I was accosted by the Socialist Kranz/Barf team marketeer at Ralphs on Sunday (openly soliciting a handout on private property without permission-known in other parts of the country as TRESPASSING) I asked him "what has Kranz ever done professionally that would prepare him for local politics?" His reply was that he raised three kids (wow, I love kids and have two myself but let me get out my sticker book and grab a gold star) and that he pays his mortgage...that was it!!! The sad thing is Kranz pays a mortgage on a home that was given to him by his mother in law do what all good socialists do for their kids...sharing the wealth...instead of making ol' Tony boy go out there and make it himself like a big boy instead of trying to make it so hard as 'an artist' because someone told him many years ago to follow his heart. Heart is for art which is a great hobby, tell me you can raise a family of three doing it and who wouldn't be outside sittin in the sun painting tropical flowers??!

    Krantz is not to be taken seriously as one with ANY experience to lead the caliber of citizen that demands more from those that speak on their behalf.

    Tony, please go sell some more paper, volunteer somewhere for at least 1000 hours (preferably with wounded veterans after riding your dad's Iwo Jima coat tails) and then come back and tell us how much you know about the Encinitas, business, and how we should position ourselves on the issues moving forward.

    And ask your socialist partner in crime Teresa Barf, how much does her tax-payer funded lifetime union pension from Del Mar pay...let's spread that around a bit and tell her that she can start by cutting a check to the City for the $15,000 that she bilked because her feelings were hurt. Pay up Barf!!

  20. I was just thinking about Teresa's campaign and how she should be proud of running a fiscally conservative yet really technologically and environmentally progressive campaign. And above all she is honest and open. She lets anyone who supports her (or has requested information) know what she is doing each week with a campaign newsletter via the internet. She raises an important issue each week and makes herself available in a public venue (like a coffee house) for questions somewhere within one of the 5 communities each week.

    She also sends news items via email (saving paper) about local or pertinent news items twice a week. She has being doing this with Encinitas citizens for a year or more now.

    She used yard signs without going crazy and advertised in the Penny Saver. This was also fiscally prudent and accessible for all residents. Upon being criticized - whether fairly or dishonestly as with the recent Dalager / Gaspar mailers - she responds promptly without ad hominum attacks or crying like a victim.

    For each and every candidate forum she was prepared and gave respectful, cogent / insightful responses to all questions. She doesn’t dodge difficult questions, mouth meaningless filler, ramble ramble ramble or lie.

    She's a candidate I'm proud to support and a candidate that scares the bejesus out of her opponents. The next couple of weeks will bring out the big money ugliness that that group has become famous for doing in lieu of good governing or positive imagination.

  21. EnvironutjobfreakOctober 18, 2010 4:30 PM

    I toss my CFL's where they belong, in the garbage.

  22. I and others support Tony and Teresa for not wasting money with mailers or signs (that hurt our environment)that nobody really looks at...

  23. Dear 3:06 pm
    You failed miserably in addressing any issues in this election.
    Your angry rants remind folks of the last candidates forum, where Gaspar supporters call a female candidate a whore in front of the audience.
    I will not stoop below the bar you set.
    Well, maybe I will, a little.
    You sound like a nutcase and the dalager/ gaspar campaign is slimy. I can only assume you are, too.
    But I respect your right to be a slimy nutcase.

  24. Anon 3:06pm's post is typical of the Dalager/Gaspar big-money-developer coalition. If you can't win on substance, call your opponent a socialist, call his mother a socialist, demean his service record, and accuse him of some petty crime, or even better, sprinkle pejoratives like "barf" throughout your rant. This sounds very much like an Andreen post. Full of bluster, fear-mongering and name-calling, and devoid of substance. This kind of pandering to the lowest intellectual denominator in our city does not serve us well.

    If you have a point to make, make it without the name-calling and base language.

  25. 3:06 pm

  26. At the risk of sounding like a shill for 3:06 or for Dalager, I have to say, 3:06 makes a good point. What qualifications does Tony (or Kristen) bring? I am not sure what qualifications a small town like Encinitas needs, but come on, we do need someone with demonstrated competence to represent Encinitas’ interests with the State and county. Inspired by the comments from 3:06, I went and checked out Tony’s website and indeed, there is not much of a track record of accomplishment (and I was looking at the most biased source for information!). It would be one thing to elect someone without reasonable credentials and expect that his core values will guide him to make good decisions for us locals, but not only does he lack relevant experience, there is no evidence he has the strong core values either. There is not much there when it comes to Tony.

  27. Wow. Anon 3:06 's post is pretty scary if that is what representative of the Dalager/Gasper supporter. Did Anon 3:06 attend any of the forums? If this person had they would have heard both Teresa and Tony answer all policy questions with with well thought out researched answers. They even offered solutions for some of these issues.

    In contrast, Dan answered most questions incoherently while Kristin resorted to vagueness and platitudes. The one statistic (her only attempt at substance) Kristin used she got wrong. She was actually proud that most of her campaign contributions came from unnamed sources outside of Encinitas, completely oblivious to the conflict of interest there.

    I'd like to ask Anon 3:06, what exactly are the wonderful things you expect from Dan, an incompetent who takes bribes and Kristin, a young, research lazy, opportunistic figurehead for outside interests?

  28. Just what are Tony's solutions anyway? I have heard some but they were short on actual facts. How will he acomplish his solutions? I would vote for him if I knew more about him. Please Tony, I need more from you if you want my vote. Same goes for Dan. Step up and show us what the investigation has come up with. I don't care about the kitchen but the loan looks real bad. Everything is marked on my ballot but one. Terrisa has the other one. LL

  29. 6:20,

    Good point. And what are Kristin's credentials? A communication major and a marriage to the boss who lets her sign the checks and be used as a tax right off?

    Tony has been too humble. He has already done the job of a council member. Research the issues, work with staff, and come up with solutions to problems. He's done that.

    Kristin stole Barth's work on train crossings and never even spoke with her about how to help the city. Kristin has already shown she plans on being passive aggressive.

  30. LL,

    Dan says using the city's internet records is really easy and taking minutes is just a waste of time now.

    Search on the city's website and you will find all of the times that Tony has addressed the council with suggestions and solutions. Report back to us.

  31. I watch most of the Council meetings on TV and know how to navigate the City's website. I have also attended a few in person. I have seen Tony come before the Council many times. I still need more from him. Asking for disclosure on a pavement report is not enough. I understand the issues with the roads. Look around the County. Alot of other city roads get deferred maintenance. It takes alot of planning and time to pave roads. I do understand why Leucadians are upset. 101 and Vulcan are a joke. In Cardiff, Santa Fe and Birmingham are in need of much needed work. They are unsafe and need to be bumped up on the City's to do list. I get it. How does it get accomplished? LL

  32. Even though I believe these critics above are just concern trolls with the pretense of interest, Tony has spelled out so many policy issues with specifics in his 3 min. presentations at city council. Look here for his most recent articulation.

  33. 3:06-

    Sounds like Dalager conscious is screaming about only having mommy to wipe his ass his whole life. When she died, his financial capacity died. Now he's sold his sold to the union and Developers to care for his carcass.

  34. Thanks for the link Kate. I will watch all that you have on Tony. Dan, how do you forget about a $100K loan? How did you pay it back so fast? In a time when many can not get a loan, this so called private loan looks really bad for you. LL

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  36. Kristin Gaspar does not have the experience or substance to represent our city. She has not taken responsibility for the slimy misleading flyer that was sent out with her name on it and does not get her facts right. Look closely, fellow Encinitans, at who has backed her and at the fact, that she has received a lot of out of town contributions and the character of the people who have aligned themselves with her presently on the council, as well as past council members. We don't need another puppet manipulated by the big moneyed interests outside, as well as within our community, nor do we need another council member who treats any citizen who dissents with their high density development with disdain. If you want people of integrity, substance and a commitment to weighing all of our concerns, not just those who share their vision of Encinitas, then make sure to vote for Teresa and Tony because we need people on the council who are not beholden to development and who can think independently.

  37. I agree with the post above and I will find more information from google.


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