Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Big Email Campaign Continues

There are only a few people who have the Encinitas voters' email list. Is Mel Glenn a real person?

-----Original Message-----
From: Mel Glenn []
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 9:33 AM
Subject: Councilwoman owes Encinitas an apology

Councilwoman owes Encinitas an apology - and $15,249

There is an intense and personal quality to small-town politics that often
prompts petty behavior. But in Encinitas, such pettiness morphed into
something much more
serious: a
pathetic attempt to smear two council members.

Last December, Councilwoman Teresa Barth was irate when Councilman Jerome
Stocks didn't nominate her for vice mayor and then criticized Barth to
reporters. Instead of returning fire, however, Barth accused Stocks and
Mayor Dan Dalager of "verbal harassment"
in a formal complaint.

This required a formal city response. A report prepared by a Los Angeles
attorney with the help of a private investigator was released Wednesday at
the Encinitas City Council meeting.
It cleared Stocks and Dalager and pointed out that for an elected public
official, facing a "lack of civility ... in the workplace" is not a "legally
protected right."

Of course it isn't. Barth owes Encinitas taxpayers $15,249, the cost of the
investigation she made necessary. She should abjectly apologize to taxpayers
and to Stocks and Dalager, then pay for the probe.

Workplace harassment is a serious issue. To use such allegations to punish
political foes is outrageous.

But Barth not only won't repay taxpayers or apologize, she still thinks
she's the victim - and she's criticizing city officials for undertaking the

What bilge. If officials didn't launch an investigation, they risked
allegations that they

covered up a formal harassment complaint against the mayor and a councilman.

The list of people Barth should apologize to keeps growing.


  1. Sick of the CrapolaOctober 20, 2010 4:52 PM

    What crapola anyone who's been to a city council meeting has seen what really goes on and knows different if of course they're attention. As for the cost just what do we pay are city attorney for? It' time to send the boys packing

  2. anyone who pays attention knows:

    1) the boys ran up the bill to pin it on Barth as a campaign smear.
    2) Dan is totally sexist (please stand up if you have firsthand experience)
    3) thinking the submission would help is Barth's only mistake in 4 years. Dan made costly mistakes quarterly if not more.

  3. No one is going to stand up and tell about a harassment experience and be dragged through the public mud at this point in an election. Get real.

  4. Too bad they didn't step forward earlier.

  5. Barth did as she was trained to do and made a complaint of what she witnessed. The boys ran up the bill and they refuse to release unredacted bills to show who the attorneys were talking to. Stocks then used the bill to berate Barth for political purposes. The law in California is that an investigation must be done. No investigation was done -- don't you think Dalager would be the one crying to be exonerated?

  6. are you saying that the city's policy was for a council member to file a complaint?

  7. I received this e-mail as well. My husband received one from Does anyone know who that person is? Dan's e-mail was a different one, attacking Teresa on another issue. This seems to be worst attack on a candidate that I have seen in my 25 years of living here.I wonder why?

  8. Any mangerial employee, or an employer's agent such as councilmembers, who witness conduct that could be sexual harassment must report it and the employer must investigate the allegations. That is what the council and all supervisory persons were trained to do. Apparently Barth is the only person who has the courage to stand up to the good ole boys and follow the law.

  9. Is Mel Glenn a real person?

  10. Enough Is EnoughOctober 20, 2010 8:18 PM

    Anon 7:35 "Is Mel Glenn a real person". Highly unlikely. Robocalls, glossy fliers funded by unidentifiable supporters, e-mail spam from a free gmail address. The motus operandi is clear. Use the huge advantage in funding from developers and sources outside the city to overwhelm the electorate with disinformation. The tactics they are using are well-known in dirty politics. We are being subjected to a political info-mercial paid for by people who will do whatever they think is necessary to retain power.

  11. Did you guys know Tony beat up a guy? Oh no! Guess his chances are over. We need to concentrate on Teresa? What do we do now?

  12. This is a recycled opinion piece, it is dated May 15, 2010, but how many people will notice who got the email? The piece is full of misinformation, there was no investigation, the City hired a LA law firm to massage a legal opinion so that they didn't have to investigate, and it took around $15k for the attorney to sell his soul. Sad.

  13. Big Brother at it's worst. It is bad enough with all the crap being stuffed in my mail box. Now I'm getting this bullshit and it's getting past my spam filter. Who the fuck is Dan the solar guy? How do they think this kind of crap is going to make me vote for them? LL

  14. They don't care about you. They are appealing to the unaware and uninformed - not typical of most people on this blog. People who will vote for James Bond because of his last name, or Kristin because she is young and blonde. The problem is that that may actually be a majority of the electorate.

  15. Gaspar, Dalager and Stocks certainly know exactly who is behind the robocalls, who is paying for the glossy fliers full of distortions and the anti-Barth e-mail spam. It is the height of cynicism for them to think they can manipulate us in this way. Will they ever come clean, let us know who is actually pulling the levers? No. The only thing they care about is maintaining power - dirty politics is absolutely justified in their Darwinian view of politics.

  16. They've got the guns, but
    We've got the numbers

    If a small band of concerned citizens can defeat the flood of developer and union money, my faith in small-town democracy will be restored.

    I can hope, can't I?

  17. For anyone who has ever sat through one of those city council meetings it doesn't take any leap of imagination to fathom Mr. Stocks being quite a nasty piece of work behind the scenes.

    His sarcasm, arrogance and contempt for anyone who does not share his opinion in these meetings is obvious to anyone breathing. It took courage to stand up to that and file a complaint. The fact that the city attorney was too lazy look up the answer himself and decided to farm it out and ring up the bill was not a decision made by Teresa.

    The Dalager and Gaspar team must be getting nervous that it's becoming more apparent that their candidates are one ethically challenged and the other substance challenged.

  18. I'd like to see a picture of the guy here on the blog who charged the city that much for his services, actually. Outrageous. And not Barth's fault at all. One sentence: "She's not an employee" was the sinkhole telling her she didn't have a case. That took over 15 grand to determine? Highway robbery. Let's request a different attorney next time, Encinitas.

  19. Did anyone watch tonights council meeting? I heard that a large crowd came out in support of Dan and that someone reported by attacked by Tony - any truth?

  20. I saw the meeting last night. TWO out-of-town tea partiers accused Kranz of confronting them at a rally in San Diego.

    TWO local boys defended Danny and asked Barth to run a clean campaign!

    That's just four people turning out to support the boys.

    The week before nearly 150 people showed up to ask for Danny's resignation and now the DA is looking into his FPPC violations.

    Desperate and pathetic.

  21. who were the 4 dalager supporters and what did they say?

  22. I replied telling him to remove me from his spam list. It is a $16000 fine for each email he sends to me now. I will file for damages.

  23. The price of winning at any cost is this: there is a cost. After the election is over, there are 4 years for the winner to walk around town and face both supporters and those who didn't vote for you. In the past, I have tried to be civil to those who won.
    However, this time, if Dan gets re-elected, I will shun him and boycott those businessess that had his campaign signs in their windows. It's time to draw the line. I thought politics hit a new low with the robo calls last year that suggested Rachelle Collier was a drug dealer. That was silly, but this year, the statements and mailers sent out by both Gaspar and Dan are thuggery.

    Shame on you both. You are disgusting people.

  24. I think a lot of us feel like 8:43. The Dalager/Gaspar people have crossed the line.

  25. Boycott "Concepts" at 215 D St. Dalagar sign in window.

  26. Did anyone notice that on the mailer of the Hall Property Sports Park sent out by Gaspar and Danny, 2 of the Parks and Recreation Commissioners names are there. Doug Long and Steve Valois are both on the "hit piece" about the Hall Property. Maybe they should not be reappointed.

  27. I noticed the Dalagar sign removed at Ford Chevrolet

  28. Dan -
    undisciplined, unfocused and untrustworthy -- that is, fundamentally unqualified for the office

  29. Last night Diane Bond spoke about city violations and failures regarding harassment. The city is essentially ratifying and condoning sexual harassment. On behalf of working women, re-elect Teresa Barth.

  30. I will personally pay Teresa's legal bill if in return the City Employees, the Hall Park Developers, Dan, and Jerome cover the $10s of millions of dollars in unfunded pension liabilities and street maintenance that they have racked up.

    Charlie McDermott

  31. Boycott businesses hosting Dalager/Gaspar signs.

    Intimidation goes both ways.

  32. Boycott Encinitas Ford - let them know you're no longer doing business with them since they support crooks.

  33. Got another spam email from someone who calls themselves Pam in the 'from' but then calls themselves Dan in the body of the email but then calls themselves in the email address.
    I think I will call myself Charley but sign this post Roberta.

  34. 10:24,

    I just told Encinitas Ford here that I am a regular customer who will have trouble doing business with them in the future as long as they support these crooks.

  35. I've just received the 3rd slate mailer paid for by Dalager and Gaspar. The 3 organizations are:
    1) The Voter Information Guide
    2) The Council of Women Voters, and
    3) The Coalition for Senior Citizen Security

    All 3 mailers suggest they are supporting the Democratic party and progressive state initiatives. They endorse Jerry Brown for governor, Barbara Boxer for senator, and Prop. 19, the marijuana legalization initiative. One even includes critical remarks about Meg Whitman. And lo and behold, they also contain endorsements of Dalager and Gaspar, with asterisks indicating both candidates helped pay for the flier. This is the height of cynicism. Dalager and Gaspar are willing to totally contradict their basic principles and beliefs, relying on voter ignorance to get a few more votes. All three mailers include a phrase such as "take this with you to the polls" - in other words, if you're in a rush and just want to know how Democrats and progressives are voting, just take this with you and fill in the dots accordingly.

    This is a blatant attempt to overwhelm the voter with misinformation. It is an overt threat to democracy, and a perversion of free speech. We need to bring this to light, expose it, bring it forward for all to see. We can't let people win an election this way. This is a travesty.


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