Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dalager No Longer Hanging Up on the Press

Dalager, who is running for re-election in the Nov. 2 election, said he thinks the complaints are politically motivated. He said he's hopeful the investigation will be completed before voters head to the polls.

Blogger's question: Why hasn't Dalager just been open with the public about all the facts and directly address the open questions with voters?

"These things, they're just used as a way of smearing a person," Dalager said, "and they can't be cleaned up until afterwards." From NCT Dalager says DA's office is investigating complaints.


  1. He's scared as he should be. Are they also looking to his lot split and banking pressures?

  2. the DA is part of the political elite. She'll protect Dalager or drag the investigation out past the election so Dalager can get elected, step down, and the Wall of Sausage can appoint Christy Guerin to replace him. Won't that be fun.

  3. Yeah, what's up with the lot split? I saw he cut his assessed value in half down to under $100,000, meaning he pays only $1000 a year in property taxes on his house.

    I wish I could get a sweet deal like that.

  4. He welcomes the investigation... sort of like an unexpected christmas parade, opps, christmas present.

    This is very serious and Danny knows it.

    Instead of contemplating a fine or a warning letter from the FPPC he is now contemplating every monent of his days, an indictment and potential jail time from the DA.

    Encinitas now has a sitting council person that is under investigation by the DA causing the suspension of the FPPC investigation.

    Thats a first for us and boy are we proud of Danny for bringing this shame to us.

    The DA will now subpoena California Community Bank records and determine if any of the banks “new” clients had business in front of the council and did Danny recuse himself from those votes.

    One could easily see Danny scouring the agendas and upcoming dockets for potential new customers. What would you say if you had a mutli million dollar project/vote scheduled to come before the council and the mayor asked you to open an account? The answer would be to open an account at the bank! Viola! Danny gets a commission.

    The DA will now subpoena all the records in the $100,000 personal loan from Daniel Shelley. Mr Shelley was the prior owner of a 10 lot parcel and testified to lower the permit fees by $250K for the new owner. Mr Dalager voted to lower the fees by $250k and lost the vote.

    As a developer I can tell you that the odds of Mr. Shelley not having monetary interest in the outcome of that issue is less than 10%.

    That’s why he was there testifying.

    The standard investment RE deal is a 10% earnest payment a 10% annual payment (both non-refundable) and then the balance once the project clears all regulatory hurdles. This is done because if you buy 10 lots but the regulatory agency only approve 5 houses you have grossly overpaid for the land.

    The other probability is that Mr Shelley was carrying paper. The new owner pays a down payment, and Mr Shelley carries the remaining loan as a personal loan until the development is built and sold.

    Mr. Shelley is comfortable making personal loans as we know.
    If either of these scenarios is true, Mr. Shelley had a monetary interest and Danny will will be hard pressed to stay out of jail as he lobbied in his position of power to waive $250,000 in fees (sound familier Duke fans?)

  5. Former employee of GasparOctober 23, 2010 9:22 AM

    This is really a sad time for Encinitas in my opinion. Not only have I lost all trust in Dan, who I used to really like, but Gaspar and Gaspar Physical Therapy now has a bad taste in my mouth. As a former employee of Gaspar Physical Therapy, I am saddened that Paul would let HIS political aspirations cheapen our City. Yes, I think that this is what it is all about. He wants his wife on the Council so that HE can gain. Gain what you ask? How about zoning for more locations, getting more Scripps doctors to refer to him, and an few other things that I don't feel I can disclose. Even though I no longer live in Encinitas, I feel sorry that all of you are going thru this so 2 people can gain. However, I honestly think you may want to look into Paul's ambition, perhaps at his wife's expense. It would not be the first time this has occurred.

  6. I was interested in what the former employee of Gaspar had to say. I had an unfortunate experience with them.
    I was referred to them and I gave them my insurance card. I spoke with an assistant for a few minutes. I was billed $125.00 for visit and another $90.00 for my few minutes of non-advise and no physical therapy. I then received the bill from my insurance company telling me that Gaspar was not on the approved list of Physical Therapy Companies. They knew this when they took my card and said nothing. Had I known this I would have gone somewhere else so they said nothing and it cost me $215.00 for nothing. I would never go there again and when I saw that Kristin Gaspar was running for City Council, I couldn't forget how her company mislead and ripped me off.

  7. It's pretty simple to see all the large Dalager and Gasp-her signs are on large parcels of land i.e. it's not about the park it's about development. The park is wanted by all the candidates the wedge issue they're making the park is just to confuse the issue.

  8. Lord, I can't wait for this "silly season" to be over. On all sides of this election it has brought out the mud. This has been the worst ever (with the possible exception of David Meyers and the clown, thanks David).

    The biggest looser has been truth itself. Let's take a deep breathe...

  9.'re pathetic.

  10. How much is this investigation going to cost the taxpayers? Lots more than $17,000.

    Will Dan apologize and pay the County back?

  11. Good point leftcoast. Breath taken.

    What are the issues in this campaign that we should care about?

  12. FYI,

    The leucadiablog has a long track record of deleting comments by persons posting under other's names. We frequently remove posts that have Jerome Stocks name on them, at Jerome's request, when they are not his posts.

  13. Left Coast,

    What are some of the problems you've seen in this election and how can they be addressed in the future?

  14. Has Jerome ever posted somthing on this blog with his name on it? I know several posts were tagged as his due to the late night misspellings and ramblings.

  15. who is "danthesolarguy" sending spam emails out bashing Teresa and Tony? Don't know how he got my email address.

  16. 11:31 for your information,
    there WAS a post at 10:23, and it was vile. So there.

    Thank you Kevin for keeping some sense of sanity on this blog and removing that piece of #@*!!*.

  17. I didn't remove it. I am guessing it was removed because the poster was posing as someone they were not.

  18. Negative campaigning is tearing the city apart.

    I think that once a campaign goes off the issues or starts lying in an election that we all should just walk away an bury our heads.

  19. For every issue from transparency at City Hall, underfunded retirement obligations, to the development of the Hall Property there are undisputed facts, well documented and generally observed by all.

    But the facts are spun to absurdity when the spinning serves the objectives of the party seeking to be elected. There are many examples, but a really blatant one is the Dalager/Gaspar "checklist."

    I would love to one day see someone run for office who only told you their qualifications and ideals rather than chop the opposition to make themselves appear superior. Good grief, have the balls to stand on your own character.

    I know to expect this kind of behavior in the silly season, I just find it shameful and childish that adults stoop to this level to be elected to offices in which we desperately need to trust them to be truthful and honorable.

    Danny, I hope you read this, I'm really disappointed in this years antics. I used to believe...I no longer do.

    End of rant, out.

  20. Left coast,

    Have any of Barth's campaign publications even mentioned Danny?

    Danny's followers must dispute transparency issues, the hall park funding problem, and the pension problem. Why would they back Dalager if they thought those issues were true?

  21. We all should be embarrassed in Encinitas. Why have so many people gone crazy?
    All have the right to speak their mind at election time. That is healthy. Unfortunately, one side is vigorously and boldly, offering untruths, innuendos, unfounded personal attacks and lies to the public, amongst some facts, to deceive the public.
    Shame on the Dalager/Gaspar political machine.
    What we see from one side is ugly and slimey.

    They should be embarrassed.
    Vote for truth and transparency. Vote for Barth and Krantz.

  22. Interesting question on Dalager's lot split. His map expired in Jan. 08. Can he still get the property tax benefit of a lot split if the lot split is no longer valid?

  23. I'm getting the danthesolarguy emails too on an old address that I haven't used much in four or five years, although the account is still open.

    I suspect my email was taken from lists out of City Hall. Does evil Jerome Stocks have his hand in this?

  24. Anon 8:19- Can you tell me if you have ever been a patient at Gaspar Physical Therapy? The solar guy sent one to an old e-mail address on me as well. I was a patient at Gaspar's a few years back.

  25. I've not received an email. I am on voter rolls, my email is with city hall functions. I have not ever been a patient of Gaspar's offices. Not particularly scientific, but just sayin' . . .

  26. To Anonymous at 10:36

    I have never been to Gaspar physical therapy. That's why I'm suspicious of city hall. I have never given my email address to the registrar of voter.

  27. I received the e-mail regarding Tony Kranz and it was addressed to my 99 year old mother. I could not figure where that came from as she does not have a computer. However, the light came on just a minute ago when someone mentioned being a patient at Gaspar. She was a patient there and I had my e-mail listed for a contact for her.
    Not only am I appalled that this nasty piece of slime was sent out I am outraged that they used private patient records to do so.

    Kristin Gaspar and Dan Dalager should be ashamed of their underhanded tactics in this election. These are not people that I want representing me in City Hall. It speaks to their character that they are unwilling or unable to haul in their attack dogs.

  28. what's up with those emails.... It took me to some crazy link. About Barth and Tony Kranz

  29. If Gaspar is using personal e-mails without the consent of the patient it is against the law, period. If anyone can prove this, I will look further into it. I have spoken to Paul twice, as I think my records were used. He said absolutely NO he would never do that. So we have to take him at his word, unless we can prove otherwise. It is a very big deal to use patient records without consent and people can lose their licenses and go to jail over it. Therefore, we have to have proof, not just speculation.

  30. As I bump up coast hwy looking at missing trees which elderly walking in the street instead of on sidewalks it's a funny thing I don't even think about Dalager fields. I would prefer to see our roadways maintained Leucadia Blvd finished drainage fixed at grade rail crossings and way side horns. How I'm not against sports I coached soccer for eight years had a blast and I think team work is a great thing for kids to learn. I just happen to think we could solve the so called field shortage working with the schools as well as building a community park.

  31. Regarding Gaspar patient records: My mother does not have an e-mail address and I know that I was listed as her contact in the case of emergency. Other than records at Scripps, I can not think of any other place that would have tied my -mail address to her name. I know this is difficult to prove but considering the rest of the misinformation, lies, and mud being slung, I cannot help but think using patient e-mail addresses would not be beyond them.

  32. Dalalger is suddenly emboldened by his handlers, who have told him that he is invincible. He may actually believe that it is all a scheme to get him - he isn't very bright, as you know. Plus all them purdy signs with his name on them - yeeehawww- that must be what popularity is all about!! The developers and land barrons want their monkey in office - they have some more trinkets to trade for votes from ol' Danny the Crook.

  33. Of course Gaspars have everything to gain - the small town politics is rift with personal ambition and self profiting. Gaspar's businesses should be boycotted - these people are not public servants, but parasites at the public trough.

  34. It is absolutely appalling that either Dalager or Gaspar could be elected! Their sleasy campaign mailers that no one can identify the source of nor do either of these candidates claim to know, the big developer money and kick-backs, the Gaspar association with medical interest groups, the smear campaigns attempting to malign Barth and Kranz - the list goes on. Should either Gaspar or Dalager manage to get into the city council seat, Encinitas will suffer long-term damage. This election is a test of the awareness of the voters - and whether rationality can still rule. Don't hold your breath...

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  36. Dalager is a disgrace to the community - all those that will vote for him endorse a person devoid of ethical balance and completely lacking any leadership qualities. It is a testament to the inability of the electorate to vote for the most capable people to serve the community interests. Now it is time for the DA to investigate Dalager's behavior - shocking!

  37. Hi folks, please do not believe what you are hearing about me this election period. Click on my name in blue above to see the negative press but know that I am not a bully that they just caught me on a bad day and we all have bad days!

  38. Someone recently asked me is I was as much of a bitter meat head as I was reported to be and this is what I told them. I am a child of the 60's where speaking up against authority set the tone for the rest of my life. Instead of getting a real jobs working 'for the man' I screwed off in the Air Force (safe to join since no one gets killed in the Air Force) for about ten years, then I worked some odd jobs, then I helped my mom with her childrens book, then I moved to Leucadia and took over my mother-in-laws home and now I sell paper (and don't tell anyone that paper is made from cutting down trees in OTHER environments, not the new environment afforded me by my wife's mother). I like Leucadia cause its filled with old hippies just like me that listened to the same music, went to the same concerts and smoked the same weed. Nowawdays we all drive the same car, shop at the same stores and rant about the same thing. Most of my peers have lots of money since they saved well 'working for the man' or themselves and can finally afford to bring back the counter-culture of the 1960's. ALL of our kids are new-age hippies thanks to our ranting to them about conservatives and those that work for themselves or private companies. My kids are artists and I want them to work for the government as many of my peers do. I want them to express themselves since the world is about feeling and not working too hard or taking any risks! Lastly, YES I do wear a bolshevik goatee (Lenin...duh) and wear counter-culture shirts that show off my big guy physique. End said, yo know where I can coming from.

  39. looks like Phony-Tony is back. He has been a very busy boy. Editing lying videos, composing stupid posts and trying to pass himself off as Tony Kranz. I suppose this Dalager supporter thinks this helps his candidate.
    If this guy had two active brain cells I will be greatly surprised. Go back to your cave and stay out of my e-mail box.

  40. from googbuster: guilty of all of the above: videotapes. cool posts. but not impersonating tony.

    though i did think that was funny.




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