Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doug Long on Bilbray mailer

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This Bilbray mailer I received yesterday is bizarre for several reasons. The cameo appearance of Doug Long (the local plumber who ran for Encinitas city council twice) is strange enough, but the most surreal part though is his conflicting quote with Brian Bilbray himself.

Doug does the typical talk radio/tea party thing and gives shout outs to those socialist/liberal/democrats Pelosi and Obama, citing they and "big government" can't help the economy. He then asks for job creation.

Bilbray then totally contradicts Long's quote by saying this is not a partisan issue.

Bilbray apparently has some kind of job creation plan, although the mailer doesn't say what it is. I'm sure it in no way involves the government thus making Bilbray and his job as our congressman completely irrelevant.

Current unemployment rate in San Diego is 10.6%. California's unemployment rate is 12.4%. I couldn't find any stats for our 50th District.

By the way , why is Bilbray even bothering to send out mailers? Does anyone really think perennial challenger Busby has a chance? Or is Bilbray nervous about the vote out the incumbents mood everybody is in? Will Bilbray's obsession with Arizona and completely ignoring the 50th District bite him on Nov 2?

Naw, Bilbray will win easily. He then will go back to chasing illegal aliens in Arizona and forget all about his jobs plan for the 50th (if there actually is one).

I'm glad the printers are keeping busy though. And the anti-big government Republicans should really stop sending out mailers via the US Postal Service and support the free market like they say they do and have UPS and Fed Ex deliver all their election propaganda to us.


  1. Bilbray is a joke and can't name one thing he has done for the district. Having said that, Busby is a nobody, a two time (or 3)loser, and a claims that she is a member of the Cardiff School Board although she is a fill in (substitute teacher) because an elected board member quit and moved.

    They are both bad choices but Bilbray is a lock. Will someone please run against them next time (no not you Jerome)

  2. I was kinda favorably dispoesed toward Bilbray since he voted against the Wall Street bailout and the $800 billiom porkulus bill.

    But now that it turns out his people are mixed up with Doug Long and Christy Guerin and the sleazy Kristin Gaspar campaign, I'm voting 3rd party.

  3. Bilbray is a fear monger. He's elected by rich and otherwise conservative people who are looking out solely for their own selfish interests, to hell with everyone else. Busby may not stand a chance, but at least she's not a sheisty fucker like he is.

  4. At the congressional debate last week Bilbray had to hire audience members to $45 each. Talk about a loser. If you look at the debate videos - Busby runs circles around him. He represents everything bad about our country.

    And let's remember his comments about Ms. Busby when the Christy Guerin fed sheriff's busted a group of sleepy seniors at a Busby fundraiser in June of 2009. (Oh by the way the Sheriff's WERE wrong and settled for $1.2 million last week and an apology to those affected.) Bilbray: "When a law enforcement officer tells you to do something you have to do it." Bilbray forgot that the officer trampled on the civil rights of everyone in the house and cost the taxpayers more than 1.2 million dollars plus legal fees. Nice going Christy and Brian.

  5. This is about pumping Doug Long for Council. Has Doug Long taken a position on anything of substance other than Prop A and the lease-revenue bond?

  6. what...didn't Doug learn his lesson first time around? he should take a clue from his buddy Dalablabber and look for an honest job

  7. The latest Busby mailer of Bilbray pimped out like Hugh Hefner is hilarious. Bilbray is such a tool. I am sick of getting all these mailers but that one made me laugh pretty hard. We have received over 60 various mailers this month. Insane. I have lost faith in our political system. Blue state and Red state is not working anymore. The system has been corrupted and fixed for corporate wealth. A third party and term limits are needed. LL

  8. Tired of hearing itOctober 28, 2010 8:52 PM

    I totally agree with the third party neither party represents me. As for the unemployment problem just where is the private sector oops forgot there sending jobs overseas and having computers answer phones they must need a tax cut to provide jobs.

  9. Brian's time will come in the next election and he will face a real challenger for his own party's ticket. He has sold out to FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate) interests by not enforcing the law when $trillions were looted from the public - he is on the govt oversight committee. He then sold out to labor getting in bed with Harry Reed to co-sponsor HR413 which was a massive public employee power grab. In addition, he is ineffective and lazy. He has authored no legislation and done NOTHING for anyone. If he was a true law and order conservative he would at the very leastnbe following Issa's lead.

  10. Doug is just less educated Danny. Not right for Encinitas.

  11. Corporate wealth man, down with the big companies, except for the ones that employ so many hard-working San Diegans. I am an artist man so I like to use my creative energy and not work for the man. I may be a public employee with a sweet union gig that picks up all the goodies: vision, dental, full healthcare and a fat pension just like Barths lifetime state employees pension...but don't forget I work hard man. You may see me surfing more often than not but that's because of the damn forloughs that Swaartzangger imposed, the corporate I love his preaching of cap and tax lately...there we go, let's slap a carbon tax on the big corporate behemoths and see what that does to unemployment. I don't have to worry about unemplyment since once you work for the state, you are set bro! Tell all your kids, they don't need to go get real jobs, they can allbe firemen or work for the City of Encinitas, yeah that's it man, pass the weed bro.

  12. You got that right. I am done paying taxes and working for any man. I am working on for the free endless money of the government. My kids are all going to be firemen and government slackers as well. Maybe they'll even be a useless money sucking attorney or Realtor. No more bustin ass for paying taxes. I'm out.

  13. WC-Thanks for providing the link to the Coast News. I also heard the remark made by the Rotarian. He called Teresa a whore. She said "What did you call me sir? Not sure I could have been that nice. If all teabaggers were as intelligent as you seem to be, I would listen more to the message. Thanks for posting your thoughts and ideas. I may not always agree, but at least you are respectful about it.

  14. Kristen,

    The word is confronted, not assaulted.

    THe fact that you asy Teresa's husband assulted you and the quote was attributted to you and published in a newspaper of record is defamatory to Mr' Barths person and reputation.

    An apology is due and I think Mr. Barth would be a gentleman and acept it.

    If not, he should sue you for deformation.

    You are not allowed to publicly accuse an individual as assult when no assault happened.

    It's a classic case of defaming an individual.

    I does provide insight into your character.

  15. Dr. Lorri-

    How dare you lump the low life no-integrity Encinitas Rotary with the Tea Bag Movement. How did you make that jump and why don't you support the Tea Bag Movement and following our US constitution.

    The Tea Bag Movement stands for integrity and getting our county to follow our constitution.

    The losers Rotary members are the opposite of Tea Baggers.


    Danny likes working with DA.

    "It's been fun working with DA"

    Like Disneyland fun?

    these problems are all your own doing, unless you can convince me that Tesea made you not report the 100k loan.

    That Teresa made you vote to waive $225,000 in developer fees to reward your friend who made you the loan.

    That Teresa made you take the aplliances for darn near free.

    That Teresa made you vote to reward that guy as well.

    There is slime here, but it is self inflicted slime, not brought on by any political enemy.

    You would do best to stop talking publicly about the issue as you a provide a contributing case of no remorse which will just add to the punishment.

  17. Maggie and Teresa have waged a high stakes war against their counterparts.

  18. Tea Baggers are Good. Rotary and Dalager are Bad and killing our City!

  19. Billbray... he is a loser. Bigtime loser!


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