Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Even More


ENCINITAS-After voting favorably for friends who have business before the city, our Mayor, Dan Dalager, has shown us the tip of the iceberg of corruption at the “pay for play” City Hall.

Encinitas citizens to hold elected officials accountable for fiscal mismanagement, ethics violations and questionable practices at City Hall.

Concerned Encinitas citizens to hold press conference at City Hall
505 S. Vulcan, Encinitas, CA 92024
Wed., October 13, at 5 p.m. just before the regular City Council meeting.

Several issues are paramount:

Corruption and questionable ethics at City Hall
·            Mayor Dan Dalager exchanges favors for votes
·            City insiders influence business and development votes through council and staff decisions
·            Department heads falsify city reports to influence council votes
·            City withholds or stalls citizens’ access to public documents, in violation of federal and state open records laws
·            Non-competed contracts with city vendors, cronyism, and non-competitive appointments to city management and staff positions are business-as-usual at City Hall

Fiscal mismanagement to the tune of $25 million!
·            Millions in mismanaged city funds
·            Delayed projects causing infrastructure decay
·            Unnecessary expenditures wasting taxpayer funds
·            Overpriced land purchases as favors to council friends
·            Double-dipping city employees
·            Contracts allowing employees to spike their pensions
·            Non-competitive contracts with consultants and vendors

Unsustainable pension obligations of hundreds of millions of dollars!
·            Pension obligations to city workers who make over $100,000 in base salaries will cost over $200 million.
·            Some employees “spike” their benefits by increasing overtime in the last year in order to receive a higher pension
·            Taxpayers are stuck with the bills for the lifetime of pensioners!

Documents show inflated salaries, rampant fiscal mismanagement, unsustainable pensions, and violations of state laws.

Encinitas citizens rebel against the corruption at City Hall and will protest to let the City Council know that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Encinitas Citizens will hold a press conference at City Hall and will issue a formal demand that the Mayor step down and the city’s books be opened.

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  1. Get the word out. Dalager and Stocks, and Guerin caused this mess with the council majority control in 2005.

    Dalager promotes corruption at City Hall. Get the word out we much take our City back from the Crooks. Draining our tax money off for their own millions in profit. Its stealing your money and your children's future.

    Thieves and crooks. Vote out Duke Dalager in November. Tell 10 people you know about the hundreds of million of dollars give away to the crooked few. It has to stop.


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