From the Wave Blog: According to the 9-30-2010 460 on file with the San Diego County Registrar of Voters; the proponents of the $150 million dollar facilities bond Proposition P, (that the Encinitas Union School District has placed on the November 2 ballot) the Committee for Encinitas Schools has raised $38,700 from only 8 donations; 6 out of 8 of these donations are from vendors of the district, legal firms, construction companies and consultants that will benefit most by passage of Prop P. The vendor’s investment $38,500 has a financial return of $150 million dollars over 30 years. The remaining $200 balance of donations is by two incumbents. Our we to understand that, out of the thousands of families with students currently enrolled in EUSD not one parent of one student donated even one dollar toward the passage of Prop P?

Don’t let six vendors and two incumbents mislead you into assuming $150 million dollars in debt for buildings. Defeat Prop P and ask the school district to return next spring [with a better measure].

Loren Nancarrow works for Sequoia Solar now. He signed to the Prop P ballot argument too.

Anybody know who the contributors are? Sequoia?

I wonder if the district is going to have an open and competitive process for the solar and farm contract, if P Passes? Anybody want to email the district directors to find out? ... Bill?