Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good 'ol Boys to the Rescue

The fppc has suspended its investigation of Dalager.

“In this instance, we have suspended our efforts so the District Attorney’s Office can exercise its options,” said Roman Porter, the commission’s executive director. From the UT.


  1. The Dalager/Gaspar folks are getting desperate. Last night at the City Council meeting, an individual accused Tony Kranz of assault at a political demonstration in Hillcrest earlier this year. I called Tony and got his version of the incident – I am sure he will comment further when he has a chance to review the tape.
    Tony indicates he was in Hillcrest with his father when they came upon a political demonstration. One of the protesters was holding a sign with the President's picture and Hitler's picture. Tony asked the protester what comparison was intended by the two pictures. The protester shoved his sign into Tony's face. Tony swatted at the sign, breaking the flimsy stick attached to the sign. There were no claimed injuries at the scene or in the demonstrator’s comment before the City Council. Besides the still photos of this incident, there was a video up on You Tube. The video was pulled from You Tube just prior to the demonstrater commenting before City Council
    The Police were at the scene and took Tony's name and told him that in their opinion, that if the demonstrator filed charges, Tony may have to pay for the stick holding the sign. There is no Police report known to Tony.
    So the Dalager/Gaspar camp will attempt to paint Tony as a violent pawn of Move On, with a dislike for the 1st Amendment. What this incident shows is not Tony's response to the demonstrator’s political opinions, but a response to the physically intimidating act of getting a sign shoved in his face. Swatting the sign out of his face was not a political act, but a physical response to a physical act. The facts of this case are such that “assault” is not an accurate description, either legally or in a dictionary sense. The Police apparently agree with me, as Tony was not cited or arrested. If Tony, a much larger man than the demonstrator and trained in the National Guard, had assaulted the demonstrator, he would have been able to do a much better job than accidentally breaking the flimsy stick holding the demonstrator’s sign. This incident demonstrates Tony's restraint – not his recklessness. So there are no free speech issues here, there was no assault, and the sole casualty was a broken stick.
    I would hope that anyone with a full video of this incident will come forward so we can all see exactly what happened. I leave a discussion of comparing past or present Presidents to Hitler for another time.

  2. Here's the game plan, guys.

    Keep a lid on this Dalager thing until after the election. Bombard the sheeple with mailers and road signs. Most of them don't even read. They'll just think those Dalager and Gaspar names on the ballot look mighty familiar, and they might as well vote for them.

    Then if Danny has to go off to the pokey after the election, our council majority will be able to appoint Christy Guerin to fill the seat.

    And the unions and developers will be able to have our filthy way with Encinitas for years!


    Oh crap, did I just say that out loud?

  3. Herb,

    That dog won't hunt.

    I have seen the Hitler guy on several occasions.

    His message is offensive but he is not an aggressive guy.

    Let's face it: Tony got offended by an offensive sign, and went too far. BFD.

    Vote for the anger management guy and the girl who cried, "Harrassment!". It's important.

  4. Tony's actions seem kind of patriotic to me. If someone is comparing Obama to Hitler, I find it insulting to our President, whether I like him or not. Hitler was a psychopath. who only loved his dog. Obama is not a psychopath and loves his family, possibly including his dog. What say you Dr. L?

  5. That make about as much sense as Danny purchasing the kitchen applicance not for himself, but to increase the economic stimulus.

    It's too funny that we all come up with "silly excuses" to protect the one's we want.


  6. Pleaze don't tell me that they have an actual photo of Tony flipping someone off!

  7. Herb,

    How would you spin this story if it was actually Dan who did this?


    Glen Davis

  8. Dan's in hot water so the boys bring in the tea bagger to crazy things up enough to distract everyone.

  9. Glen,

    Dan's not denying anything. When given the chance he's hung up on reporters.

    This accusation against Tony is brand new, although the incident happened when?

    If Tony hangs up the phone, apologies, and then tries to avoid explaining what happened then Tony should get out of the race if he did something illegal.

    Were any charges filed against Kranz?

  10. I was there last night and the man showed photographs of him and Tony standing next to each other and one of someone in a car who he said was Tony. This guy said that he was protesting on public property in front of a coffee shop and the coffee shop owner told him to leave and he said no, I have First Amendment Rights, and then Tony came up and broke his sign. Then a little woman stood up and said she took the photos. He never showed a picture of his sign, even after it was broken -- don't you think he would have had photos taken of the "assualt" and his broken sign if these facts were true? He is a nut job.

  11. Glen, who's doing the spinning?

    Is it true that police were on the scene but did not arrest Tony?

    Hey, if Tony did something wrong and the police let him off how come these protesters are not at San Diego City Hall at oral communications asking for the cops' badges?

  12. Oh my,
    Second verse just got worse. A whole lot worse for Danny Boy.

    This is very serious and Danny knows it.

    Instead of contemplating a fine or a warning letter from the FPPC (see Jerome. Maggie, Pam Slater Price and Bill Horn +hundreds of others) he is now contemplating an indictment and potential jail time from the DA.

    Encinitas now has a sitting council person that is under investigation by the DA causing the suspension of the FPPC investigation.

    The DA will now subpoena California Community Bank records and determine if any of the banks “new” clients had business in front of the council and did Danny recuse himself from those votes.

    One could easily see Danny scouring the agendas and upcoming dockets for potential new customers. What would you say if you had a mutli million dollar project/vote scheduled to come before the council and the mayor asked you to open an account? The answer would be to open an account at the bank! Viola! Danny gets a commission.

    The DA will now subpoena all the records in the $100,000 personal loan from Daniel Shelley. Mr Shelley was the prior owner of a 10 lot parcel and testified to lower the permit fees by $250K for the new owner. Mr Dalager voted to lower the fees by $250k and lost the vote.

    As a developer I can tell you that the odds of Mr. Shelley not having monetary interest in the outcome of that issue is less than 10%.

    That’s why he was there testifying.

    The standard investment RE deal is a 10% earnest payment a 10% annual payment (both non-refundable) and then the balance once the project clears all regulatory hurdles. This is done because if you buy 10 lots but the regulatory agency only approve 5 houses you have grossly overpaid for the land.

    The other probability is that Mr Shelley was carrying paper. The new owner pays a down payment, and Mr Shelley carries the remaining loan as a personal loan until the development is built and sold.

    Mr. Shelley is comfortable making personal loans as we know.
    If either of these scenarios is true, Mr. Shelley had a monetary interest and Danny will will be hard pressed to stay out of jail as he lobbied in his position of power to waive $250,000 in fees (sound familier Duke fans?)

    If Mr. Shelley had absolutely no personnel interest in the property or loan/financing then Danny will only be guilty of a form 700 filling error and not recusing himself. That will only warrant a fine or warning letter from the FPPC.

    The appliance deal is smaller potatoes but speaks to a pattern and lack of ethics.

    Danny is in serious trouble now. The DA would have not opened a case with light evidence.

    Encintias fasten your seatbelts, this is going to be like Frank Lopez in Vista.

  13. I don't believe there has been any "charges" to either Danny or Tony.

    What ever happen to innocent until proven guilty?

  14. Jerome Stocks, Kristen Gaspar, Danny Dalager and Mike Andreen have all expressed indignation on the cost to taxpayers of $15,000, due to an investigation cause by the actions of Teresa Barth.

    Jerome famously waved from the dais his home made prop, an oversized envelope with the word confidential written on it, and decried the waste of taxpayers money by Teresa’s action (filing a claim) causing an investigation.

    Well Jerome, Kristen, Mike and Danny, where is the indignation and envelope waving now?

    Danny is under investigation of his own actions costing the taxpayers 10 fold the amount of money of Teresa’s actions.

    By his actions and his alone, He has caused the tax payers to spend what will be I’m sure in excess of $250,000k in both an FPPC investigation for months and now a DA investigation, both investigations funded by our tax paying dollar.

    Teresa, Maggie, and any other of the “opponents to the status quo” did not take the compromising position at the bank.

    Teresa, Maggie, and any other of the “opponents to the staus quo” did not take a private loan from an active developer of 100K and then vote to waive $250k.

    Teresa, Maggie, and any other of the “opponents to the staus quo” did not fail to disclose that loan

    Teresa, Maggie, and any other of the “opponents to the staus quo” did not take a bro deal on appliances and then vote with the gift giver against the city.

    These actions belong to one person and that is Dan Dalager.

    Those actions have resulted in the taxpayer paying for massively expensive investigations, the result of which we do not yet know.

    Where is the indignation about this?

    Or is your moral compass and financial indignation just about your enemies and not your friends.

    Jerome, I hope to see you commenting from the dais on this waste of taxpayers dollars waving an envelope with DA investigation written on it, condemning this waste of tax payers dollars due to Danny’s and Danny’s alone, actions.

  15. I don’t care if Tony fist fights in the streets and I agree innocent until proven guilty. I also agree with Glen and others that Herb’s write-up is a real spin job – Herb may be right, put the spin job would be apparent to an eight year old. I don’t know when this incident supposedly happened, but here is a question, why is Tony “coming upon" a political demonstration in Hillcrest when we is trying to do Gods work campaigning to replace a loser on the Encinitas city council?

  16. It is recorded. The recording clearly shows he is not innocent in both cases. Dan voted for the parties who had business before council and he did not recuse himself and did not report the gifts.
    Seems like the proof is already out there.
    Did you see the recorded council meetings? They exist.
    He has, by his recorded actions, shown that he can not be trusted to not vote in favor of those who have offered him goods and services and not disclose those gifts and services.
    The point is he DID these things. He does not deny he did.
    How can you? Having a mayor that has proven he can be bought, doesn't matter to you?

  17. Dan's problem is that he admitted doing what he did. It is hard to take that back, once it is out of someone's mouth. Therefore, he has already admitted guilt. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

  18. The credibility gap widens!!

    How can anyone possibly make a comaprison between our mayor, who is currently under investigation by the DA for 3 seperate issues that enriched him personally at the expense of the citizens he serves, with this silly incident with Tony? The notion that this guy stuck a sign in anyone's face--particularly since it was comparing Hitler and Obama, would evoke a strong emotion from anyone. Personally, I think it was Tony who should be filing the assault claim on this moron who would do such an inappropriate thing in front of Mr. Kranz and his father! The idea that this is an expression of free speech is just another variation of the minister who threatened to burn the Quoran in Texas, and caused rioting and several deaths in the Middle East! I think that such actions are more in line with shouting "fire" in a burning building than an expression of Freedom of Speech!

    Then the Dalager/Gaspar campaign keeps claiming that Teresa Barth owns Encinitas 15,000 or 17,000 dollars for complaining about inappropriate behavior that could be construed as sexual harrassment. Teresa Barth is no more responsible for the money that Phil Cotton wasted on this investigation as she is responsible for the 3 crimial investigations into Dalager's quid pro quo dealings! And just to highlight how unbelievable Teresa's original claim of harrassment wass, a Gaspar supporter called Ms. Barth a "whore" during the last candidate forum, which was witnessed by many of us and captured on tape.

    In addition, Dalager and Gaspar have sent out material that could fall under the category of libel. Then Ms. Gaspar (of "the prestigious Water Cronkite School of Broadcast Journalism at Arizona State University") said that she had nothing to do with the slate mailer which indicates that her campaign paid for!!

    Give me a break!! We want reasonable people who us their freedom of speech to answer questions on political stances and issues pertaining to the election. Let's distinguish between the alleged crimes that the DA is investigating and the verbal assault on Teresa Barth at the last Forum and the illegal mailers that Dalager and Gaspar have sent out with claims that Teresa and Tony are responsible for these wackos and potty mouthed Dalager/Gaspar supporters!

  19. 11:46 "Gods work"? You mean THEE God? The Almighty? Big Daddy?
    I didn't know we had such a lofty task placed upon us!!

    (God DOES have a sick sense of humor, doesn't he?)

  20. Too Pig to Jail?

  21. I think too many people suffer from situational ethics on this blog. As a casual browser and participant, it seems that the majority on this blog are willing to forgive and forget for some like Kranz (that they support I presume) and do not allow the legal process to take its course before hanging someone like Dalager. Are accusations made by Dalager's political enemies any worse than a video and pictures of an enraged Kranz? I'm not sure. But a picture speaks a thousand words and that picture of Kranz flipping the bird says an undebatable lot about his temperament. I'm not sure I want someone with such little tolerance for differing and even offensive opinions on the city council. Kranz may be an ok guy, but just not well suited for political office. Just like Teresa, who clearly has a very thin skin.

    P.S. I just received an email with the following link on the Kranz incident. The images are disturbing.

  22. 3:18-How much did the "MAN" pay you? avo surf

  23. 3:18-Dalagars 'enemies' didn't do shit.Danny just flat-out fucked up and got caught.Show me the eeeeeevil Barth/Kranz hit pieces.....Oh yea, thar aint nun.
    You are a fucking corporate troll/whore.You have no idea the kinda shit Barth has had to put up with.
    P.S. fuck you asshole

  24. "Are accusations made by Dalager's political enemies any worse than a video and pictures of an enraged Kranz?"

    Well, first these, accusations are more than accusations. It is that citizens have seen the recorded transgressions and are appalled by HIS actions. These are, mostly just citizens, not political enemies.
    As for Tony being recorded being angry at an Omaba image pushed in his face that is comparing Obama to Hitler, gee, what is wrong with that? Tony seemed to react as I would.
    Any way, the answer is yes, of course.

  25. I can't remember when Encinitas had such losers on the council and running for office. Every last one of them!
    But then again a lot of losers have moved to town in the last 30 years.
    Don't forget to drink the Kool-Aid this November 2.

  26. I don't think the FPPC or the district attorney is going to be taking up the case of Tony Kranz breaking an Obama-Is-Hitler sign anytime soon. Why? Because the impact on the overall public trust is inconsequential. Dalager's actions go to the heart of the trust implicitly placed by the people in their elected officials. Any suggestion of moral equivalence between these two actions is misleading at best.

  27. How would I "spin" this if Dalager had done the same thing ? Exactly the same way. There is no real connection to the campaign, the total damages were a broken stick. Tony told me the incident happened, he didn't try to hide it. I imagine he was mad at the time - I would have been. I wish [and I'll bet Tony does to] that this incident never happened. But how would Dalager have responded if he was on the hot seat for this exact same act ? First, he would deny it ever happened and if that didn't work he would claim it was all started by NIMBYs and obstructionists. If he found out about the video of the event he would say it was fabricated. [Doesn't anyone wonder why an apparent record of the real incident was pulled off You Tube?]. If those didn't work, Dalager would continue to lie, refuse comment, and hope his opponents didn't have as much money in their campaign war chest as he apparently does. Where does the money for the flood of deceptive mailers come from? There doesn't appear to be enough total money in his last 460 to pay for just the mailers, so are we only going to find out after the election? It wouldn't be the first time Dalager has withheld information from the public. My point is that Tony will come forward and will tell his story. Would Dalager have been as forthcoming ? I don't think so.

  28. Form 460 reporting campaign expenses and contributions from Oct 1 to Oct 16 was due today at City Hall at 5:00 pm. City Hall is open tomorrow so these should by posted on the city website. We will then see what Dalager and Gaspar are reporting. All the mailers so far should be accounted for as they came out before Oct 16.

    The next reporting doesn't come out until January 2011. Gaspar and Dalager may withhold certain expenses and contributions so the information doesn't becomes public until after the election.

  29. 3:18 = paid blogger...

  30. Question:

    Will the DA investigation be influenced by high ranking members of the Sheriffs Department?

  31. I voted for Dalager in past elections. Not this year.


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