Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Groovy Music at Ducky Waddles Thurs evening Oct 28

Click poster for large view


Encinitas, CA

James Call, Joyce Rooks and Marcelo Radulovich, in concert
performing Improvised Experimental Electronica, with Cello, Organ,
Theremin, computers, various percussion and sound effect devices.
Thursday, October 28th, Ducky Waddlke's Emporium, 414 N. Coast Hwy. 101,
Encinitas. Admission $10.00, Seating is limited. Call for reservations,
For additional information on Improvised Experimental Electronica , contact
Jerry 760-632-0488 or visit

Ducky Waddle's Emporium, North Coast San Diego Art Gallery, Book Store
and Center for Cultural Studies.


  1. Dalager sucks. He will probably try and tax the event to pay for all the City's Huge pensions he approved!

  2. pro·pri·e·ty/prəˈprīətē/Noun
    12:35 & 12:47
    conformity to established standards of good or proper behavior or manners. 2. appropriateness to the purpose or circumstances;

    Take a break everyone and get thee to The Duck Thurs.

  3. I actually clicked on the fake "Tony Kranz" link and watched the silly utube video, "signgate." What a bunch of piffle. Our mayor, Dan Dalager is actually being investigated for taking bribes by the District Attorney's Office. That's serious. This stuff amounts to nothing.

  4. Hey Dr. Lorri, can you offer some free medical advice to the idiot that keeps posting these videos on the blog? Obviously, Baby needs a lot of attention and needs to be wiped frequently.

    On the other hand, the clown prank helped get Maggie Houlihan elected, so keep bringing it on Babycakes.

  5. The poster art is wonderful. Who did the work? Impressive.
    It is nice to have some positive, happy activities in Leucadia.
    Support our local artists and businesses.
    See you on the streets.

    Would someone please put a "IS AS BAD AS" sign between the Dalager and Gaspar signs on the fence on the vacant lot in northern 101.
    Thanks again


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