Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hall Park Construction Now Behind Schedule

 Here are some screen grabs from the city's webpage on the Hall park.

NOTE: There are no deadlines in the park design contract. Who hires contractors without specifying deadlines, unless you might not want your project done on time? Was Dalager afraid he hadn't saved enough money for the park and that's why they've delayed taking the park out to bid?  Is fear stalling park progress?

It sure looks like some city officials thought that the designs should have been done long ago (Spring/Summer 2010). Their website says Phase I construction begins Summer/Fall 2010!!!! We are nowhere close to awarding a contract.


  1. Dalager prides himself on the proposed Hall Regional Sports Park, it is the most expensive screw up in Encinitas and still costing. He was bailed out by the county when he instigated buying flood plain, ecologically sensitive land for fields. He divided the city in his battle to support the wishes of a small minority. All evidence shows that this plan in not what the majority wants. The Community General Plan Vision clearly shows that this is not what the city wants. The project description, on the city web site has changed about a month ago. On one day they added tennis courts, then changed it to basketball courts and no tennis. The final map does not show room for either. Deceit.
    He has directed Hazelton to attempt to change the general plan, instigate spot zoning and raise the height limit to 90 feet. The citizens around the park, on the notice of these community character changing proposals, that “the planning commission certified and approved the Hall EIR. NOT TRUE. On the city web site, they altered the notice document that was sent out, claiming that it is the original. NOT TRUE. They altered it to read, “approved by the planning commission and/or the city council”, for a while and now changed it to read council only. They have not informed recipients of this official notice of their deceit.
    We would have a Community Park for all if Dalager had acted with leadership vs. partisanship for his special interest.
    He has and is cost the taxpayers maybe $40 million, with delays, division, deceit and not listening to citizens and our city has nothing to show for it. It could cost $100Mil or more after all the not voted approved dept is paid off. for more details of the above items.

  2. Thank you Zolton.
    PS- While I appreciate the work that goes into the Cardiffian blog, it remains one if the worst blogs in creation. Not for the info provided, but for the way it is designed.

    It is difficult to read , the print size is to small, I could go on and on, hire some professional help, if you want to make your points clearly.

  3. The park has already cost almost $48 million. That's $45 million to repay the Lease Revenue Bonds, plus another $2-$3 million for all the design work, EIR preparation (required by law), and legal work to fight the citizen group.

    Jerome Stocks claimed that the citizen group cost the city over $1 million. He gives them too much credit. Remember he and Dalager claim it's only a small number of NIMBYs responsible for the delay.

    Wow! That's one powerful tiny group. It's really due to the incompetence of Dalager and buddies. It ain't over until the fat lady sings, and she hasn't even started warming up yet.

  4. I accept the critique. My apologies. Please fight through the form and share the information.

  5. Zolton, I will do my best.

  6. @10:32 You can go to your menu bar and select view, then zoom . . . increase the text viewing size for your own computer view. It helps. The blog is jam-packed with information, but it is a graphic challenge. So glad it exists and reports so much information the public should know.

  7. Zolton- I sure hope you gave big to Kranz and Barth and fund raised for them as well. They are your only hope and defeating big special interest business, takes big money.

    If you didn't, your just bitching in the wind and your comments mean nothing.

  8. Zolton: Will I be rich?

  9. With the population of Encinitas aging I wonder if we will have enough kids for the soccer and baseball fields. Probably a lot will come from Carlsbad and La Costa where they don't provide enough for their kids. We all know The Park is going to cost upwards of 75 million to build plus at least a million a year in upkeep. Should we pay that kind of money before trying to use our existing school fields?
    When is someone with rational thought going to tell the citizens of Encinitas they bit off more than they can chew?
    Maggie has more than one screw loose, Jim is in the first stages of dementia, Jerome is a lush with a pickled brain, Dan is a bumpkin and Teresa is an idiot. Not one of the sitting Council or any candidate is trustworthy or truthful. And those employed by the City are incompetent from the City Manager to the next person they put on the payroll. Every last one of them.

  10. While SANDAG states we have about 11% of our population being kids, Encinitas web site states 14%, Gaspar states 33% of Encinitas are kids on her flier.
    She said she got the figure on the web?????

    Truth and Transparency
    Barth and Krantz


  12. That's for 2000

  13. School enrollment is down because there are not as many children in Encinitas as there were 10 years ago. The Hall Sports Complex is supported by the Encinitas Soccer League, which is a private business charging lots of money to players, more than half of whom do not live in Encinitas. I have no problem with a lighted sports complex in theory, but I do have a problem with one that is approved despite the fact it violates the General Plan, lights will be shoved through, the scope and impact cannot be supported by the street infrastructure, the scale and design are totally inappropriate for the neighborhood, the public cannot reserve the dedicated fields, the public will be subsidizing private business by paying for the upkeep and the teams pay nothing -- this is about $3k a day -- and the land was purchased with lease revenue bonds, doesn't that mean the investment should yield revenue?

  14. All this bitching for not.

    If you haven't financially supported Kranz and Barth, your part of the problem.

    Did you help Encinitas today?

  15. It's the council majority of Dalager, Stocks, and Bond who have failed to deliver the park. The three approved the park on a 3 to 2 vote, with Barth and Houlihan dissenting. This has been explained on the blog many times over the last several years.

    This thread is only pointing out how dishonest and deceptive Dalager has been in putting the blame for the delay on the neighbors, even when the city has had the green light to start construction since Sept 2009.

    It has been Dalager's unwillingness to consider any changes in the design that would unit the public behind the park. Dalager is the one dividing the community.

  16. Troll,

    Give a few examples. Paste a few links.


  18. I gave money to both Teresa and Tony. I understand that they bought food for some of the group (Kitchen Cabinet) with my/our money.

    I still plan on voting for them, but no more money from me.

  19. Ignore the idiot in the previous post. It is nothing but a poorly edited smear. I don't know if these meatheads realize that they only make themselves look stupid but their candidate also. But then Dan Dalager is not the brightest bulb in the bunch or he wouldn't have the attention of the SD District Attorney. Despite all the hot water he has gotten himself into he apparently approved this kind of campaign mud slinging which only speaks further to his character. I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt on the "mistakes" he has made but this kind of dirty politics on his behalf has made up my mind and the 7 votes in my household. I am voting for Teresa Barth and Tony Kranz. I look forward to seeing what other "deals" have been cooked up at City Hall once the three good old boys are no longer in power.

  20. Sorry to the poster ahead of me. When I wrote my comments there was a phony tony post steering people to another of those stupid videos. Thanks to the bolg they have been removed. That was what I was addressing. I also wanted to mention that Kristin Gaspar was absent again at tonight's City Council Meeting. I suppose that is her choice, however, I find it insulting that I can find time to go to these meetings and a person running for City Council cannot even show up.

    By the way..Tony Kranz was there!!


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